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Re: Question regarding 1992 MCMXCII flexi flyer (Wax Promotions)

Posted by Arie ( on 07:10:18 21/March/06

In Reply to: Question regarding 1992 MCMXCII flexi flyer (Wax Promotions) posted by Arie

To follow up on the rumour that the tracks would be by The Prodigy, there are actually several stories going round.

The first one is that this flexi disc would contain four versions of The Prodigy track called We Eat Rhythm. As stated before, the flexi disc only contains two tracks, not four. Second of all, the two tracks on the flexi disc are not versions of We Eat Rhythm; they simply don't sound like We Eat Rhythm and I've had this confirmed by official sources.

The second story is that the tracks on the flexi disc are the track Trouble At Sandy Heath by The Prodigy and either a remix of this same track or a different Prodigy track. Now I haven't listened to my flexi disc for ages, but if memory serves me correctly, both tracks sounded completely different, not like they were the same tune in two different forms. Second of all, the tracks didn't sound like The Prodigy to me. I'm abroad for my work, so I can't check the music either at the moment to freshen up my memory.

On the back of the flyer, you can see some Prodigy track titles mentioned. One of these is Trouble At Sandy Heath. It's a track which they used to play live only and which has never been released in any way... unless it's on this flexi disc. But like I wrote above, it doesn't sound like The Prodigy to me. Looking around the Internet, people claim though that the music on the flyer is by The Prodigy. On this web site as well, in the FLYERS.TXT file for instance. But no one lists which tunes would be on the flyer then and that is what I would like to find out.

Well, this is all my knowledge about this flyer. I still doubt that it's Prodigy music on the flyer, but what is it then? Or is it Prodigy after all? Who can clarify all this? Who knows more? I hope someone can help.

Thanks in advance!



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