rezerection flyers and video bundles on ebay for sale

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Posted by STEPHEN ( on 15:10:37 24/May/09

ive put some rezerection flyers on ebay just to see if there is an interest in them, still finding it hard to believe that they have a money value, its on auction starting at 99p and looking at the prices some people want just for 1 flyer then you are getting a bargain. also have a rez event 2 package with the video, flyer, newsletter preview and 1 audio tape again starting at 99p
im about to open an online shop to sell my old records andam thinking of doing a flyer section but im not sure if its worth the amount of time id have to put in it, ive gathered hundreds of flyers over the years from 1993 to present, if anyone is looking for a flyer they want feel free to email me and ill try help

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