Re: Starlight rave flyer 1991

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Posted by Wigs - ( on 18:12:53 05/July/09

In Reply to: Starlight rave flyer 1991 posted by anton

: hi there does anybody have a decent scan of starlight may 1991
: the link pic is v.small, anything a bit clearer will do.if anybody does just email it as an attachment. im a birmingham lad who used to rave here during late 90-late 91'ish. something to show the grandkids oneday lol. p.s thanks for the replies to my last msg
: ant

I'll have a dig around, but I'm not sure if I've got that one.

There are a couple of 1991 Starlight flyers on Ebay if you wanted originals, but unfortunately not that one at the moment.

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