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Posted by Dean From The Cheesy Quaver Raver Shop ( on 09:36:09 26/July/09

In Reply to: ebay flyers posted by dax

This free 99p listing feature is causing me problems aswell. I cannot compete with these other sellers who are listing multitudes of flyers free for 99p as I have shop fees to cover. My sales have dropped dramatically since this bright idea from ebay came in. Its now to the point where the shop isnt actually making any money anymore. People are less willing to search for flyers in the old method, and even when they do they get 4000 pretty average flyers that hey dont really want. Ebay have got it massively wrong here, they have essentially nearly ruined me already, I will give it another month, if it doesnt pick up then the flyers go into storage.

I have phoned ebay on several occassions telling them what they have done and they tell me that my comments have been noted but as of yet no change. Either way i think it may be too late for my shop.

What I dont understand is that ebay are actually making some serious money out of me as a seller in fees. They may zip all out of the 99p brigade but yet they are still happy to see me go up the wall. So the previous persons comment was slightly incorrect, its not shop owners that are saturating ebay with flyers, its private sellers who have websites elsewhere that are doing it generally. Now its free, it pays to. Nothing against them, I understand why they are doing it but it is essentially ruining it for everyone, sellers and buyers alike. Good luck everyone...

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