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Posted by Weed ( on 03:48:56 11/October/09

In Reply to: Help needed please! posted by Harves

: I am tring to track down an early 90's flyer. All I can remember is that it was plain bright yellow with a black man and white woman facing one another and the woman is licking the mans nose.
: I thought it was Fantasia but can't find it!

hi Harves,

sorry, nothing immediately comes to mind -- it's a pity you can't remember how old you were at the time, cos this would date it to within a year

can you remember where you were living at the time? (if not the town or the county, then even the country would help) (very few flyers had nation wide distribution)

when you say "Fantasia", i presume you mean the English Fantasias, and not the US ones from New York and New Jersey? in which case are you thinking of the London 1980's Fantasia events? or the Herts & Suffolk events? or the 2 Fantasia events held at the Eclipse in May 1991?

or did you mean "Fantazia" as in, Castle Donington, One Step Beyond, Club Tour etc?

is there any one else you know who might have seen the flyer? if so maybe they'd remember approx how large it was? (postage stamp / postcard / A5 / A4, the usual size of Fantazia flyers / A3 / poster size)

do you remember if there was any writing on the front of the flyer?

do you think the flyer was single-sided or double sided?

can you remember the orientation of the flyer? (landscape / portrait / square) and whether or not it was a die-cut (shaped, eg triangular or with curved edges)

when you say it was "plain bright yellow", i presume that was the background colour?

can you remember the likely origin of the graphics? (eg photo / painting / drawing / computer graphics)

was it a cartoon? or a caricature? was it funny? or erotic? was it clebrating an event? (eg halloween / christmas / easter / midsummer's day etc)

do you think it was a club flyer, or for a large rave? what type of music do you think most likely? (house / techno / hip-hop etc)

is it more likely to have been for a day or for a night event? an all-nighter? or maybe a weekender?

did it show the whole of the man and woman, just the top half, or just the faces? can you remember how they were dressed (or indeed whether they were dressed)? (casual / formal / costume / hats / scarves / boots etc)

did you just see the flyer, or did you actually have it? do you remember seeing any other copies of it anywhere? (ie was it a common flyer?)

do you think the flyer came from a record store, or was it more likely to have been a hand-out at an event? or perhaps it belonged to a friend?

hope some of the questions might jog your memory :)


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