Re: destination moon flyer

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Posted by Weed ( on 01:50:40 16/February/10

In Reply to: Re: destination moon flyer posted by sy wager

hi sy

: 1988
: trevor fung djed, + danny rampling in london
: called, i think "human nature" or maybe "super nature"

"Super Nature" (presented by Enter The Dragon), Town & Country Club, London NW5?
27th Aug 1988 - Colin Faver & Trevor Fung (no mention Of DR)
pics of both sides on the August 1988 page of the Hyperreal Gallery -

(click on the pics to get the full size images)

: cant find a single bit of info about it on the net

if you're just looking for info, then maybe u shd download the hyperreal flyers database -

it'll save me having to look stuff up for you lol

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