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Posted by Mal - Sterns 75 ( on 09:20:10 20/February/10

Morning all, been a long time since I posted special hello to Weed, Beach, Phat Dave and all.
Right having a clear out and if anyone is interested would like to swap the following for a small batch of flyers from anyones spares who's up for it. min of 20-30 and can be anything from any dates you don't want or have double of.

World Dance Cd's - Proffesional and brought from a source with artwork, these are no longer wanted and would cost you £6 each.

30.07.94 - Mickey Finn, Kenny Ken, Dr S Gachet, Ellis Dee
05.11.94 - Ellis Dee, Grooverider, Slipmatt, Hype, Mickey Finn, Dougal
05.02.94 - Hype, Ellis Dee, Mickey Finn
02.04.94 - Swanee, Dougal

I'm 100% kosher poster on here will vouch for me.
If interested first come first serve -

Mal - Sterns 75

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