Recent Flyers if anyone wants to swap

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Posted by Malgossno1 ( on 21:19:54 27/March/10

Hi all, i have some recent event flyers to swap, sell ect if anyone is intrested please say -

Not to everyone's taste but here i have acouple of more recent flyers i have if anyone is intrested in trading

WestFest 2009 Saturday 31st October - Booklet, Flyer
Slammin Vinyl NYE 2009 31/12/09 Booklet, Flyer
The Pleasuredome, The Big One 21st Birthday Sat 6th June 2009, Fantasy Island
The Return of The Ultimate New Years Eve Party, Thursday 31st December 2009, Fantasy Island
Raver Baby Event 14 Saturday 5th December 2009
Raver Baby Event 12 Friday 30th January 2009
Orange Reunion Boxing Day Saturday 26th December 2009
Slammin Vinyl NYE 2008 31/12/08 Booklet Flyer
Uproar Goes to the Dam Weekender 2009 Friday 16th to Sunday 18th October 2009
Payback Saturday 4th July
Uproar Reach for the Sky Saturday 14th February 2009


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