Here are acouple of tape packs i am selling

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Posted by Malgossno1 ( on 16:21:54 29/March/10

Here are acouple of tape packs i am selling - £10 each inc P@P

Futurevibe NYE Fri 31st Dec 04 Skeg
Hardcore Heaven - Technology
Slammin Vinyl April 6th 2002
Slammin Vinyl 23rd May 1997 Bagleys
Fusion Chapter 1 Rythm Station 6 Pack
Adrenalin Hastings & Blandford 8 Pack
Slammin Vinyl 4 Pack Bagleys Fri 21st Nov 1997 oldskool
The Ultimate Collection 4 Pack
Slammin Vinyl NEC NYE 2006
Slammin Vinyl Sat 2nd November 2002
Slammin Vinyl NYE 2004
Slammin Vinyl Sat 10th Aug 2002

Hardcore Heaven Valentines Day Special 2004, There are 5 Tapes missing from this pack, Tapes Present Are-scott brown, dougal, mark eg,m zone, breeze, billy bunter side A & side B jon doe, Side A d-ice & reality
& Side B simon underground

Hysteria 34 DnB
Uproar A NewBegining Friday 13th June 2003
Dreamscape Pinch & Punch
Helter Skelter Timeless DnB
The Spirit of Raindance 8 Pack Limited Edition
United Dance Bagleys Hardcore 12pk 28th September 2002
Helter Skelter Energy 99 DnB
Uproar Winter Wonderland Sat 4th Dec 2004

if anyone wants any info on any of the packs just ask and there maybe 1 or 2 of these packs with a tape or 2 missing.......


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