UK Acidhouse, Still with lots of Flyers and many other items 2go.

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Posted by DJdejavu - Flyers2go ( on 16:55:56 21/June/10

Still with lots of Flyers 2go, Also many other items,
Flyers, Posters, Tickets -
Newspaper Articles -
Newsletters, Mailouts & Leaflets -
Music & Club culture Magazines, postcards -
Records, Tapes, Audio & Video -

If anyone is interested & for information and details, please contact me.

(My own years and years of accumulation with my own personal experiences)

All items are 2Go & sorry no trades/swaps..
Most listed some of them are online to view from the LINKS..

Many Thanks and Enjoy..
DJDeJaVu aka Flyers2Go - Ukacidhouse

Posters and first list of flyers..

Images of over 300 of these items...

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