Rare flyers on Ebay and on ravereunited.co.uk

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Posted by THERAVECAVE ( on 11:14:31 27/June/10


Added about 10 rare flyers from 1989 onwards to Ebay last night. 7 Day listing. Use the link below to view:


Samantha at www.ravereunited.co.uk has kindly set up a gallery of some very old and rare flyers of mine. Some of the flyers have sold and some I don't want to sell but most I am willing to part with for the right price. Please contact me on the email address above with "flyer enquiry" in the subject if you want to purchase any of them. Most of the flyers I only have one copy of so it's first come first served.

You can view the gallery using the following link:


Samantha is also selling her book on this site. It contains original photography taken by her at various raves from 1989 onwards. Please support the scene and her by buying the book at her website:



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