Re: 1000s of FLYERS 1989-1997

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Posted by phatdave ( on 14:19:55 20/October/10

In Reply to: 1000s of FLYERS 1989-1997 posted by dj_gyr8

: Hi, I'm thinking of letting someone else enjoy my huge flyer collection. Its pretty much all the big raves from 1989-1997 plus loads of little and obsure events. I really loved the artwork, so it includes all the great artwork from BITD. There is even the odd ticket and membership passes etc.
: I don't want to spend hours (days / weeks) taking pictures of each flyer, grading them and listing on eBay etc, so how shall I sell them?
: I'm guessing 1 big job lot on eBay?
: Whats it worth? I'm guessing its one of the biggest collections ever...

Hi dj_gyr8,

A good way to start would be to find approx number of flyers, by year if possible. e.g. 100 from 1990, 300 from 1991 etc. Back this up with as many pics of the flyer bundles as poss.

Might be worth stating where pick up is from and or approx weight for delivery.

This should all help if you decide to put as a job lot on ebay.

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