Re: 1000s of FLYERS 1989-1997

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Posted by Weed ( on 01:59:15 21/October/10

In Reply to: Re: 1000s of FLYERS 1989-1997 posted by phatdave

hi dj_gyr8,

yes, what phatdave says makes sense

if you've got any rare flyers or flyers that are in great demand,
and if you have the time, then it's worth selling those off separately --
you'd probably get more for half a dozen really sought after flyers,
than for the rest of the collection sold as a single (unlisted) item --
generally, the larger the collection, the lower the price per individual flyer

also it's worth stating the condition of the flyers,
especially the older ones (89-91) which are getting hard to find in Mint condition --
if they've been kept in folders out of the light so they're not creased or faded,
then they're going to be a lot easier to sell

PS it's certainly a sizeable collection!
but 'huge'? hmm... i'd call over 30,000 huge lol

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