Re: Classic Rave flyers from 88 / 89

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Posted by Kev ( on 17:45:19 25/October/10

In Reply to: Classic Rave flyers from 88 / 89 posted by Malachi

Hi Malachi

If i were you i would definitely list them all on here (or post pics on wigs' site - Its All About Flyers - its free to join & use/post pics & messages) This will drum up interest & should get you the highest prices for the flyers,this would be better than going into deals before everyone else has had a chance to see what you have.
Then it will be up to you weather you go down the ebay route (safe but ebay fees) or do deals privatly.
I'd be really interested to see what you have so look forward to possibly seeing a list & or pics on this or Wigs' site :)

: Hi, I have found my old box of flyers from back in the day. About 180 all the classic names The conditions : Ruffly 55% are mint 35% are slightly warn and lightly folded. The last 10% have been folded and have tape marks from being taped to the wall in my old bed room back in the dayz.
: Sunrise various,
: Energy various,
: Confusions various,
: Spectrum Eye fridays,
: Excalibur,
: Coozz various,
: Land of oz,
: Method air,
: Rage,
: Yikes many,
: Hysteria,
: Genesis many,
: Evolution various,
: Rush,
: Empathy,
: Freedom various,
: Troll,
: Slough centre various,
: In search of space,
: Flying,
: Biology,
: Hypnosis,
: Back to the future,
: Mud club various,
: Unit 4,
: Voodoo various,
: Livewire various
: and many more.
: Can anyone suggest if I was to sell them, should it be together as a collection or sell them 1 at a time, I have no idea.
: I also have memberships cards & vips passes for : In search of space VIP, Energy VIP, Hypnosis priority membership x 2.
: Looking forward to getting some feed back.
: Malachi

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