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Posted by bdf ( on 11:54:41 04/November/10

ive been reading the stuff posted on its all about flyers forum and im still none the wiser cant speak about why he as changed user name but that in its shelf is not that unually as other sellers use different user names im not questioning peoples own judgement or honesty about what there own opinions are about seller cause if there not happy with purchases then there entitled to there opinions and rightly so sellers should be outed for palming shite off if flyers he sold me are fake then we may aswell give collecting up cause there as good as originals if they are snide the blokes in the wrong bizz and is wasting his time faking flyers as he should be counterfeiting legal documents or even money there that good well the ones hes sold me are so i cant understand were people are coming from about quality of flyers he sold as the stuff hes sold us looks like the genuine flyers and if faked hes done an amazing job in doing so like people have posted you usally can tell if flyers are dodgy poor quality differing colours thats why i find comments about shoddy reproductions as he is from a printing background hard to believe cause i think he would be on the money when reproducting cant beleive someone would be so blatent or careless ie photocopying exsisting blemishes/fold lines and blu tack marks dont think you would be that brazen or stupid would you not saying people are lying cause the stuff ive got looks like theve been done professionally and if they was iffy im sure people like weed and phatdave would see them for what they are esp sunrise related flyers so why risk being exposed as fake seller for sake of few quid when your rep is going to take a hammering and the end result will be nobody will touch you with barge pole looking forward to your replys anf if anybodys got any hard evidence plz feel feel to enlighten me


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