Re: snide flyers

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Posted by Weed ( on 18:08:35 05/November/10

In Reply to: Re: snide flyers posted by RIZZO

: Your Sunrise 1,000 flyer sounds good to me Glenn, with 'Tony Sunrise' sig on A6, pink card. I checked mine against the one on Weed's site and if anything, the one Weed's got looks pony - poorly cut, misaligned border around edges, no sig, Sunrise 1,000 font different to other Sunrise flyers i got.


sorry, can't help with this one -- i don't have the actual flyer
i think the pic in the guide comes from a July 2006 eBay auction
(it may have been cleaned up / 'photoshopped')

thanks for info on background of Sunrise flyers


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