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Posted by bdf ( on 18:56:51 08/November/10

In Reply to: glowing flyers posted by bdf

: this tilting tecnique can be used when viwing flyers on facebook and ebay so i presume it works on most flyer images it works on my facebook images even on the sunrise and amnesia albums best viewed using lap top at night think you can get them glowing best under lamp light check it out for yourselfs and tell us what you think

i see a few of you seem confused to what im on about so im gonna give you all a step by step lesson in how you can get your flyers to illuminate

1 all you need is a laptop a commfy chair and a lamp

2 make self commfy and open lap top as far as poss without breaking it and face screen to celling on lap whist in sitting position

3 select images and view and watch your flyers illiuminate you might have to adjust head to get better view of image but its really that easy try spectrum as they really illum to start then once you know what looking for view all your flyers like this as nearly all my collection illinates when viewed this way


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