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Posted by rosco ( on 19:12:10 22/January/11

In Reply to: Re: Ny Sushi posted by Weed

Hi Weed, I'm sorry I can't Id this although I would guess they are the same flyer.If you have any spare TDR flyers let me know
: : I am after the ''coming to Sheffield'' flyer, I think it was a summer ski village event. Any joy just hit me up
: hi rosco -- sorry i don't have spare of this, but wondered whether you could help with id
: there's 2 NY Sushi "Come To Sheffield" flyers in price guide (18 Jun and 20 Aug), both with the same pic
: info came from eBay sales, so may be wrong
: do you know if there's just the one flyer, and if so which is the right date?
: and do you know for certain what year this was?
: thx
: (i checked beach's site, cos i think he's into Designers Republic but i couldn't see any Sushi flyers there)

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