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Posted by brainstraininfosearch ( on 08:57:23 20/March/11

Hello again WEED & forum.

Just wanted to thank Weed for your response and helpful info. I am also hoping somebody had any original Brainstrain/Gallery Flyers they would part with or possibly scan. But anyway, for anybody innterested LOL here's what i've got at the moment...

Pretty tough order finding much info on this promotion but there's a few interesting facts sourronding the events. What i have found out is that it was held in the bowels of the Old Poplar Library which sits awkwardly along with little known Bromley Hall (interestingly Henry Vlll's East End Tudor Love Nest!! LOL) on the corner of Gillender St E14, a mainly industrial area. The Library is currently being renovated as part of the multi million pound Leaside regeneration scheme but remained disused for many years. IIIrd Generation took advantage of the huge lower level conceiled rooms and large Gallery spaces the Library has (Hence the name 'THE GALLERY) albeit illegally. The 'Gallery' & 'Brainstrain' were separate promotions but both were based at the same premises. The 'Gallery, in part, was an Acid House promotion backed by now Legendary Drum & Bass DJ Bryan Gee who had moved to London from Bristol in the early 80's to East London & established his own soundsystem Kleer FM & became a seaoned DJ & small scale promoter, though it was his chance encounter at a seminal Tower Bridge Acid House club that would change him from spinning his eclectic Jazz Funk Reggae to Acid House. Bryan headlined all the 'Gallery' events alongside his friend 'Pete Stewart' who'm he had met along with Jumping Jack Frost whilst spinning their first House Music sets at the Seminal 'Carwash' Raves nr Lambeth Bridge promoted by 'Tank' in the summer of '88. 'Shock' was a seasoned/seminal Acid House DJ who had being spinning at early Acid parties, including all 3 from this flyer gallery page -


He was also a 'Gallery' resident & is listed on all their flyers

The earliest recorded date is a flyer dated January of 1989 but the first parties were held right on the tail end of 1988 and ran through early to mid '89 -



Promoters 'Brain Strain' began appearing at 44 Gillender St in early 89' running alongside ''The Gallery'. These are the recorded dates -

*BRAIN STRAIN - THE LEGEND CONTINUES - CHAPTER 4 (IIIrd Generation) - 15 Apr 89 - England

*BRAIN STRAIN (IIIrd Generation) - 29 Apr 89 - England

I am cautious to say that there were previous events before the Apr 15th date, though it states 'Chapter 4' promoters often did this to make events look 'legitimate' & also to make the event look like it was successfull & in demand -


No other apparent parties took place from either promotions after mid 1989 going purely by flyers althaough i am not 100% sure (ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED :) Maybe the venue had become sussed!? 'Brain Strain' held a final event on Darnley Rd in Hackney Wick in May of 89' -


....along with 'Rio' promotions (I cannot find any info about them).

That's about all i could dig out at the mo but have a few connections with that part of London so hoping an old raving friend could shed some light.

Finally was hoping if anybody had any scans of existing 'gallery/brainstrain' flyers on this site or any unseen ones!!?? a few of the scans are quite poor. I'd be most appreciative.

Anybody who can add anything to this rather incomprehensible effort so far i'd be grateful ;)


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