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Posted by lew ( on 22:46:40 03/April/11

old flyers on ebay.

i just had a rather unpleasant and rude email on ebay from a collector. it just stated

" why are yoou selling fakes for ? "

rude aye ! no hi !

ive no contact with this person, from the sound of it want any, or have ever sold a print without clearly stating it is a print. so put it down to malicious tactics to discredit the competition or the dude just being malicious. a vile tactic. same tactics used by promotors if you think about it. so thought id address it asap.

folks all flyers are genuine.
rave cave, phatmerdia, roach material and countless other top reputation collectors can all verify im honest snd truthfull. unlike many who full of something else. heh.
best regards,

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