Box of flyers

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Posted by Malgossno1 ( on 16:57:30 09/October/11

Just posted this on its-all-about-flyers

Ok i have given up collecting flyers and rather than put these on ebay and get robbed by there ever growing price rates i would rather someone have 1st dibs on them here.

Im not sure how many in total but there is well over 100. These flyers range from mint to good. Years from 90s to present day.

Please do not ask me to state certain flyers as i simply cant be bothered to go through them :))

Events such as - helter skelter - orange - vibealite - hardcore heaven - evolution - hysteria - diz - uprising ect ect

Only asking £10 for the lot and what ever it would cost to post them. If you wanted to sell them on you know your going to get more than a tenner for them.

Pm me if interested.

Thanks for looking

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