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Posted by Weed ( on 21:27:04 07/December/11

In Reply to: Re: Rave Flyer Flyers Collector History Page *Help Needed* posted by Blayboy

: On the topic of the Sunrise - A Midsummer Night's Dream - 24th June 1989 Flyer... I seem to remember u saying it was also a good early example of computer software being used effectively ... Don't suppose u can go into anymore detail about that?

it was probably in relation to the general changes in flyer design which took place in 1989 as people increasingly used photocopiers and computers to make up their own flyers, rather than relying on professional printers

the spread of office computers towards the end of the 80s meant that desktop publishing was becoming popular, and this together with decent software such as Ventura, Quark Express and Adobe Illustrator with their numerous fonts, effects, and filters, and the ability to reproduce any part of the content, gave a generation of designers the chance to be creative in a new media

at the same time programmes were being written to draw fractals and other mathematical patterns previously unexplored, because the calculations were too time-consuming to be done by hand

flatbed scanners and colour photocopiers became available to consumers in the 90s, and now photos, magazine images, newspaper cuttings, postcards etc could be effortlessly manipulated using Photoshop and integrated with text and backgounds

what in 1985 had been but a dream was by 1995 standard practice :)

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