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Posted by 808raver ( on 16:55:41 15/December/11

Hi what a great web site,
I started raving in 88 in south London but did not start collecting flyers until 89 and then only a few but from 90 onwards i collected them with a passion not just flyers but vip passes letters and all sorts anything to do with ravin. I see that 88 and 89 are the rarest and the most sort after its just a pity that i did not get all of what i could have then anyway i have maybe 2500-3000 flyers from 89-99 or maybe later but mainly 89-95. I just was thinking if there are collectors out there that dont have a flyer that they really want and i have a copy or maybe if i only have one and i dont mind letting it go then i may sell it but i would like to hear from other collectors to see how good my flyers are there cant of been that many people that was as mad for collecting as me or maybe im wrong and we were all mad lol. Also any storage tips if you want me to look and see if i have a flyer then please state the size or shape name and date as this is how ill be able to find it
thanks for reading and hope to hear from other mad collectors soon
808raver (andy)

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