Re: 250, 000 new and old flyers for sale

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Posted by Tav Moor ( on 14:40:02 04/March/12

In Reply to: Re: 250, 000 new and old flyers for sale posted by Wigs

: Dear Tav,
: First of all as they say on Dragons Den, let me clarify my position. I m out . I wish you well with your sale, but I would like to offer some (hopefully) constructive advice.
: I m my experience flyer collecting is a fairly niche market and therefore most collectors either collect specific promoters or years. There are very few that collect on a large scale covering all years. I collect for specific promoters and therefore require relatively few flyers to complete my collection.
: Your valuation of £4.00 a flyer regardless of year is not based on reality and is quite extraordinary. Yes, flyers have become more sought after in recent years, but any flyers after 1992 see their values drop dramatically and in fact many are practically worthless. Believe me I wish they were worth as much as you believe, but they are not.
: To give you some examples of recent transactions on ebay (these were on 27th & 28th Feb 2012)
: 230 flyers sold - £31.99 = approx. 14p per flyer
: 344 flyers sold - £50 = approx. 15p per flyer
: 150 flyers sold - £6.49 = approx 4p per flyer
: I also record statistics of flyers sold on ebay on my own site and between January 2010 and December 2011 there were just 1,116 flyers sold (on an individual basis) with a value greater than £3.50. That is across all flyer collectors in the UK buying on ebay (that s how small the market is). If you look at ebay there are many flyers listed that sell for just 99p and there are more that do not sell at all, even for 99p.
: Consequently the chance of finding someone willing to pay £1million for your collection is, let say unlikely. What would / could anyone do with them? There is clearly not a market big enough to resell them. One ray of light for you is there have been a couple of new buyers appear on ebay in recent months with deep pockets, but their main focus seems to be on 1989 flyers.
: Good luck, but to be honest I think you will need more than that.
: Wigs
: P.S Feel free to check out that statistics for recent years on my site (link below

Hi Wigs,

I do appreciate your input. If you email your Wants Items list, I can see if I have the remaining flyers you're looking for. Also, once your flyer collection is complete, would you be interested in cllecting other flyers?

If so, how many do want to go for, what companies and brands, and how much do you want to spend today?


Tav Moor
075 539 63100

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