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Posted by Weed ( on 05:09:52 02/July/12

In Reply to: have flyers not listed posted by lyricalist

: hi was just looking thru your site and i have a few flyers that aren't listed??

hi lyricalist,

yes... as it says "this guide contains info on approx 3% of an estimated 100,000+ collectable UK flyers"
so it's not exactly complete :)

and that estimate was done a long time ago
and the guide's not been updated for about 4 years
so it'd be surprising if you didn't have some flyers that weren't listed :)

there's a backlog of old price info on another couple of thousand flyers waiting to be added
but it's hard to see it happening soon

there's more chance of your flyers being listed in the (downloadable) text database at Hyperreal
this contains details (but no price info) on about 28,000 UK flyers
there's an update due in the next few weeks which will includes another 1000 flyers
but there's still be lots of gaps, especially for 2000-2012

scans/info for any 1988 flyers not in the new updated database would be much appreciated

hope this helps :)


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