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Posted by phatdave ( on 16:39:05 23/November/12

In Reply to: Flyer Collection posted by JM

: I have a collection (about 2000 flyers from the early 90's) in individual plastic sleeves, in folders stored in boxes in the loft.
: I would describe most if not all as mint(filed away on day of recieving)
: What would be the best way to get rid of these?
: Cheers

You have the choice of ebay - single flyer sales which is time consuming, or bulk sales which will 'get rid' of them quicker. Or selling privately which can earn more $than ebay if you have sought after flyers, you'll find a lot of collectors on the link below...

Get some pics together along with approx numbers. Try and sort in sections of years / promoters eg: Fantazia, Dreamscape, 1991 / 1992 etc... good luck!

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