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Posted by admin ( on 03:05:27 09/February/14

All 34 posts in the "Rave Flyer Collection For Sale" topic have been removed from this board for the reasons below.

* The seller's intention was not to sell rave flyers to readers of the board, but to gain visibility for the sale in search engine
rankings. This explains the strange wording of reply posts by the seller. They failed to answer specific questions but tended to
restate the original sales post, so that when read alone they would still contain all the necessary information for the sale.

* In the past such posts have been used to give credibility to sales being advertised elsewhere, using phrases along the lines of,
"as advertised on raveflyers.co.uk".

* The post claimed to contain flyers from 1987-2014, but despite consistent requests the seller has not provided any evidence that the
collection contained any 1987-1991 flyers, which are those most likely to be of interest to collectors. A subsequent post by the seller
said that "Possibly, 60% are before the early 1990s...", a claim which despite being incredible was not retracted when challenged.
It is usual to illustrate the value of a collection by listing or showing scans of the rarest flyers in the collection, rather than common
ones which most collectors will already have. This indicates that the sale is aimed at a rich casual buyer with little knowledge of the
rave flyer market rather than users of the message board.

* Despite repeated requests no photographs of the bulk of the collection were shown, and requests for viewings were rejected. No offer
was made to use escrow (where the money is held by a third party), which is a standard way of buying unseen high value goods, as this
gives the buyer a set period to evaluate the goods before releasing the money to the seller.

* In the past the seller has claimed grossly exaggerated values for flyers. In 2003, a press release from the seller claimed a value of
100,000 for a flyer, even though it was common knowledge among collectors that the flyer was regularly available on eBay for 10 - 50.
Without being verified independently the stated value of the collection can not be trusted.

* The seller has previously used shilling and spamming when trying to sell their flyers. This makes it even more important that any new
attempt to sell flyers should be absolutely transparent in order to reassure prospective buyers.

* The seller has not advertised the sale on  its all about flyers, which is the biggest UK rave flyers forum. It is hard to understand the
reason for this, other than that the seller did not want their sale offer to come under the scrutiny of serious collectors.
A discussion there about the sale can be found at  Not Again!!.

Apologies to phatdave, Muldoon77, Wigs and UK Acidhouse for their posts being removed and to others who were following the thread.
Apologies to the seller if they do indeed have a collection for sale and the details posted about it were accuarate.

Please email me if you need info on the original sale or the seller's contact details.

Weed - weed@wussu.com

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