Re: Requesting Weed

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Posted by Carriah ( on 13:56:52 07/April/14

In Reply to: Re: Requesting Weed posted by Weed

: : Appreciate it. You've been a great help.
: : Power to the people man, and thank you.
: my pleasure :)

Hey weed, I have court in about an hour and I doubt that I will be leaving for atleast another month.
By your website, I can tell your a fairly busy person, but I was wondering if you would be interested in producing a message board, like this one, 10-15 USD.
I of course would not be able to pay you immediatly, and have no way to ensure you that I would, other than my word.
The message board would be used for me to communicate with my friends from crisisX, and one or two real life friends for the remainder that i'm in here.
I would also need it to be hyperlinked on your website.

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