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Posted by elissa ( on 19:08:09 17/April/14

In Reply to: Re: WYATT!! posted by Carriah

: : : : This stupid website confuses me lol so idk if my first attempt to send msg worked or not but if not then duuude, I got ur letter and I was so fuckin happy! Wtf u mean u didnt learn much? You better! You being in jail is putting me through hell. Not being able to vent to my bestfriend on the daily suucks. I miss u.
: : :
: : : Hey (:
: : : Glad you got it! So whats up? I'll be on Monday-Friday (except this friday) from 8:15-2:40 on and off.
: : : Like I said, Going to rehab soon.
: : ....
: : Omg im actually talking to u :') where u gunna be in rehab at?
: : Is it cuz u wanna or cuz u have to?
: :
: Yeah you are (:
: I'm going to rehab in ACT in topeka, and its a bit of both.
: Idk what i'm gonna do when i'm out, if they try to put me in a placement ima jet.
: You should still wright me a letter :)
: I really miss you btw. And once I go to ACT i should be able to sneak my way onto facebook.

I will write you a letter:) and when u get on fb ur gunna have some reading to do. Just a little lol.I really hope u stay clean. Ill tell u bout me when we talk more privately. Im tryna change..ever since I moved back to iola I dont hang out with any one I used to.

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