Massive Flyer Collection - How to catalogue

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Posted by Ravenseed ( on 17:58:26 07/May/14

Hi all,

I recently dug out several boxes of old flyers I stored years ago from my loft. I have some really old and very rare flyers dating back as far as 88. Majority are from 90-96 era. I would say 70% are mint with the exception of the blu-tac marks on the rear corners. 20% may have a fold down the middle and 10% are not good condition. I probably have around 1000 - 1500 at a guess (I haven't counted). But I have 3 old Walkers crisps boxes full of them, so maybe even more. Some I have many duplicates. I even have some old ones from L.A. when I lived there around 92 (only around 50) but a few have known UK DJ's and bands (The Prodigy are on a couple, I guess they toured LA around that time). Anyway, I want to scan them all in and catalogue them. I may consider selling them but one step at a time. Can anyone recommend what info I should catalogue when doing it...because I'm only doing it once. I guess condition is the main thing. If there is a standardised or most useful way for me to catalogue them all please can you let me know. Once done I will get them all up for you to browse through.. but I know I have some real gems here ;)

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