Re: Massive longshot but hey... (Wanted)

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Posted by Weed ( on 18:57:49 03/September/14

In Reply to: Re: Massive longshot but hey... (Wanted) posted by Marc

i'm assuming the flyer is sometime between 1992 and 1998

i can't find any Evolution flyers which fit your description,
nor anything to do with levitation or meditation or crosssed legs or lotus position

just to make sure i understand right -
by "Cyclops" do you mean a Buddhist monk figure with a 3rd eye (as in meditation)?
or one of the brutal giants from Greek mythology?
or the small crustacean which lives in ponds?
or the Marvel character from "X-Men"?

was there anything else strange apart from just one eye in the centre of his/its forehead?

not sure whether it's possible, but it might help if you could do a rough drawing from memory

the pic might be a copy of something well known, so you could try a Google image search on "cyclops"
maybe something will come up which stirs the memory :)

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