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: uk acidhouse, flyers2go - updated.
: Posters2go & now a new Items2go list...
: Please email for more info, thank you...

UK Acidhouse, Flyers2go List Updated.
102 Crew Stonyhurst, Blackburn 12-26/06 ? 102 Crew put on a do in Blackburn
102.5 FM Blackburn's Pirate (info radio) 1990 Directions & Information "You Know It Makes Sense"
1st International Bug Ball Starcoast World, North Wales 08-09-10/Nov/1991 Rebel MC, N-Joi, Ragga Twins, Kevin Sunderson.
2 Kinky / Kiss 102 Holy City Zoo, Manchester. Tall Trees Country Club, Yarm, Cleveland. Fridays / sat Sept ? Kiss 102, David Dunne, Kiss 105, Tony Walker, Funk 2 Funk, Kareem.
2mo Better Club 051, Liverpool 27th February ? Jam MCs, Nicolette, Mikey Howard.
808 STATE (In Your Face Turbo Rave) G.M.E.X, Manchester (G-Mex) 16Th March 1991 808 State, MC Tunes, N-Joi, special guests.
A Better Way Digbeth, Birmingham March-April 1992 Flying Records, Mike Pickering, Lee Fisher.
A New Beginning (Off The Ground Promotions) Tacklers Night Spot, Nelson. Sat 11th May 1991 D.J. Shacks
A One Off Saturday (barnhill studio) Barnhill Studio, Manchester 14th March ? Gordon West, FR Mystery, Guests.
A Taste of Paradise Paradise Factory, Manchester 18/05/1994 Jeremy Healy, Ian Ossia, Jools, Andy Gilhespy, Guava Crew
A Toaster A Blender & A 6ft Fish Leeds Corn Exchange 23rd May ? Terry Farley, A Man Called Adam, Fabi Paras, Guests
Absolutely (never get out of the boat pres) No1, Manchester 2nd December ?
Academy / Karmacoma Promo Academy Nightclub, Nelson, Lancashire. every Friday (2) Freaky, R-Kid-K, DeJaVu, Speedy D
Academy / Karmacoma Promo Academy, Nelson, Lancashire every Friday Freaky, R-Kid-K, DeJaVu, Speedy D
Ace of Clubs Flyer to promote Issue 2 ? Various info on this very underground magazine
Activate All Nighter Queens Hall, Bradford June 5th ? 1991/6 Pure underground dance music event psychedelic sites and sounds
Adidance / Zone / Retro Arena Nightclub, Burnley Fridays / Sat 1999 Vibes, Vinylgroover, Paul Taylor, Andy Pendle, Dave Taylor.
Adrenalin Also See: Up Front Promotions
Adrenalin - High on Life / UpFront Promo Empire Skates Building, Wigan 8-Dec-1990 Sasha, Gary Hickson, Martin Leaver, Harvey Jones
Adrenalin (1st Anniversary) / UpFront Promo Stalybridge, Cheshire 1-Nov-1991 Gary Hickson, Stu Allan, Keith Sucking
Adrenalin High on Life / upfront promo Walkergate, Durham 1-Jun-1991 Gary Hickson, Nipper, John J, Welly, Mickey, Andy D
Adrenalin High on Life / upfront promo Stalybridge, Cheshire 3-Aug-1991 Gary Hickson, Paul Oakenfold, Andy D, Shez.
Adrenalin High on Life / upfront promo Chester 20-Apr-1991 Gary Hickson, Kenny, Andy D, Clem O, Belly
Adrenalin High on Life / upfront promo Stalybridge, Cheshire 3-May-1992 Neil, Shez, Dom, Andy D, Mooch.
Adrenalin High on Life / upfront promo Chester, Cheshire (2nd) 20/04/1991 Gary Hickson, Andy D, Kenny, Clem O, Belly.
Adrenalin High on Life / upfront promo Stalybridge, Cheshire 6-Jul-1991 Love Decade, Gary Hickson, Welly, Nipper, John J.
Advance Party / Turnmills Turnmills, London 21/07 ? PSI-Q, Murph, Dope on Wax, Voodoo Mix.
Affinity present / The Gift G-Mex, Manchester 04-May Rebel MC, Jam MC's, Spin Masters, Carl Cox.
Afterhours / Presha Presha, High Street, Manchester. Feb ? Lee Daley, Casamusica, Greg Lord
Afterlife Afterlife Club, Burnley Feb-02 Underworld, Judgement, Heaven
Afterlife (bar club complex) Afterlife Club, Burnley Opening Underworld, Judgement, Heaven
Afterlife / bar club complex Afterlife, Burnley 29th Nov 15th Dec 2001 The VIP Details for the Preview & Grand opening nights
All Night Rave Private Venue 14th-Mar ? Convoy details etc
All Stars "A tribute to Louise Dean of Shiva" Huddersfield Sports Centre 18th Nov ? Sasha, Graeme Park, Evolution, Rachel McFarland, MN8
Alternatives Malloys, Preston ? North West's best DJs
AMASS (Battle of the Giants) Brayfield, Northampton 28/03/1992 ? Big Line up on a big flyer .
Amnesia House Also See: Others
Amnesia House Eclipse, Coventry 17-Jul-1992 Rat Pack, Doc Scott, Moby, Groove Rider.
Amnesia House Hippodrome, Manchester August ? Big Line up other the month
Amnesia House Institute Digbeth, Birmingham 29-May-1994
Amnesia House Institute Digbeth, Birmingham 1-May-1994
Amnesia House Institute Digbeth, Birmingham 28-May-1995 Details on folded A4 with Amnesia House merchandise on back
Amnesia House Eclipse, Coventry 17-Apr-1992 Moby, Doc Scott, Rat Pack, Stu Allan, Man Paris.
Amnesia House ? 28-May-1990 Doc Scott, Andy C, Lofty, Tec II, Man Parris.
Amnesia House (back with a vengeance) The Sanctuary, Milton Keynes 16-Jul-1993 Same big names all over this event
Amnesia House (birthday celebration) Donington Park 12-Oct-1991 Amnesia Houses 2nd birthday celebration bash..
Amnesia House (new years eve extravaganza) The Edge, Lower Ford Street, Coventry. NYE 31/12/1993 Loud n Nasty, Man Parris, Rat Pack, Ratty, Doc Scott, Luke, Mark 1, Shock C.
Amnesia House (The book of Love) Brayfield, Northamptonshire 27-Jun-1992 The worlds first house wedding (at a rave)
Amnesia House / Hippodrome Hippodrome, Manchester 3-Jul-1992 All the fun of Amnesia all July 1992
Amnesia House / Nemesis (musicology) Donington Park 14/03/? Shades of Rhythm, Ray Keith, Frankie Valentine
Amnesia House / The Edge The Edge, Coventry 26-Mar-1993 #
Amnesia House / The Edge The Edge, Coventry Dec-92 All the nights leading up to the NYE 1992-1993
Amnesia House / The Edge The Edge, Coventry 27-Nov-1992 Jumping Jack Frost, Ray Keith, Micky Finn
Andersons Andersons, Manchester 2nd May ? Easy Groove, Lisa, Simon Bassline Smith, Housecrew
Andersons Andersons, Manchester 16th-17th April ? Stu Allan, Zoology, Gary D, Scott C
Andromeda / Club Andromeda See: Pandemonium, others
Angels Angels, Burnley 9th - 16th May ? DJ Seduction, Welly
Angels Angels, Burnley Sat July/August Birthday Weekender with Pete Tong and Retro
Angels Angels, Burnley 11-18/04 ? DJ Grooverider, DJ Top Buzz, Paul Taylor
Angels Angels, Burnley 14-Dec-1990 NOMAD, Sharon Dee Clarke
Angels Angels, Burnley 28/03-04/04 ? Liquid, Pete Tong, Paul Taylor
Angels Angels, Burnley 8-Feb-1992 Jam MCs, Vision Masters and MC Doyley
Angels Angels, Burnley 15-Feb-1992 Nu-Matic, Opus III, The Vision Masters, MC Doyley
Angels Angels, Burnley Feb-94 Rob Tissera, Carl Cox, Retro, Joey Beltram
Angels Angels, Burnley Jan-94 Retro, Stu Allan, DJ Fresh, Paul Taylor.
Angels Angels, Burnley Apr-94 Hyper Go Go, Welly, Matt Bell, Retro, Carl Cox
Angels Angels, Burnley May-94 Loveland, Paul Gotel, Retro, Mr C.
Angels Angels, Burnley Sept-Oct ? Matthew Roberts, Retro, Alistair Whitehead
Angels Angels, Burnley Oct-Nov 1994 Pete Tong, Dream Frequency, Tall Paul, Retro, etc
Angels Angels, Burnley Jul-94 Pete Tong, Retro, Matt Bell, Rob Tissera, etc
Angels Angels, Burnley Sept-Oct ? E-Lustrious, Retro, Paul Taylor, Freche (noted spelling mistake) DJ FRESH
Angels Angels, Burnley Oct-Nov ? Shack, Joey Beltram, Danielle Davoli, Retro, Freche (noted spelling mistake)
Angels Angels, Burnley 11-18 April ? DJ Grooverider, DJ Top Buzz, Paul Taylor
Angels Angels, Burnley Dec-94 Reel 2 Reel, Shades of Rhythm, Rob Tissera.
Angels Angels, Burnley Dec-95 Paul Oakenfold, Erick Morillo, Nigel Benn.
Angels Angels, Burnley Nov (fri-sat) 1995 Tall Paul, Ian Ossia, John Kelly, John J, Welly.
Angels Angels, Burnley Nov-Dec ? Paul Taylor, Retro, Vertigo, Matt Bell, DJ Fresh.
Angels Angels, Burnley May-94 Paul Taylor, Retro, Loveland, Mr C.
Angels Angels, Burnley Dec-Jan 1995/96 (2) Details of the New Xpo & last ever NYE, loads on!
Angels Angels, Burnley 06th Nov ? Inner City, Danielle Davoli
Angels Angels, Burnley Jan-Feb 1996 Details of the New Xpo(club-bar) & line-up for Feb
Angels Angels, Burnley Mar-96 Sasha & Marie, Boy George, K-Klass.
Angels Angels, Burnley May-94 Paul Taylor, Loveland, Retro, Mr C, Paul Gotel
Angels Angels, Burnley Apr-94 Carl Cox, TC, Retro, Manic, DJ Fresh, Rick B
Angels Angels, Burnley 02/03 (1991) Evolution
Angels Angels, Burnley 24-26-31/12 ? Together, Rhythm Quest, Paul Taylor, Fresh, Rick B
Angels Angels, Burnley Apr-94 Carl Cox, Retro.
Angels & Maximes / Hypnotic pres Retro vs Back.. Angels, Burnley 3-Nov-1995 Stu Allan, Welly, Moggy, Rick Jones.
Angels (20th Birthday / July) Angels, Burnley July-August (20th Bday) Pete Tong, Nipper, Retro, Vertigo.
Angels (last ever NYE) Angels, Burnley Dec-95 Details of the New Xpo & last ever NYE, loads on!
Angels (on tour) Tokyo Jo's, Preston 30-May-94 Dream Frequency, Rob Tissera, Matt Bell
Angels (on tour) Tokyo Jo's, Preston 4-Apr-1994 K-Klass, Alistair Whitehead, Fresh, Vertigo, Matt Bell
Angels (on tour) / Retro Tokyo Jo's, Preston 30-May-1994 Dream Frequency, Rob Tissera, Matt Bell.
Angels / 20th Birthday Weekend Angels, Burnley 26-27 August Paul Newman (Tall Paul), Paul Oakenfold, Paul Taylor, Carl Cox
Angels / Alphabet Soup Angels Nightclub, Burnley 4th Nov "the AYE-2-ZED of music"
Angels / catch a groove Angels, Burnley April ? Inner City, Sub Sub, Greg Fenton, Dave Seaman.
Angels / Chaos Angels, Burnley ? Marcus Kaye, Paul Taylor
Angels / final month Angels, Burnley March-April 1996 - last night Big line-up for the last ever 5 nights at the Angels Nightclub in Burnley
Angels / gee-whizz Angels, Burnley Jan-94 Retro, Stu Allan, DJ Fresh, Paul Taylor
Angels / Get Lifted Angels, Burnley Aug-95 Sasha (mixmag), Pete Tong, Gilly, Marcus, Matt Bell
Angels / Get Lifted Angels, Burnley Oct-95 Brandon Block, Alex P (mixmag), Judge Jules.
Angels / Get Lifted Angels, Burnley Jan-95 Paul Oakenfold, Boy George, Retro.
Angels / Get Lifted Angels, Burnley Feb-95 Boy George, Pete Heller, Paul Oakenfold
Angels / Goodbye - Hello clubXPObar Angels, clubXPObar, Burnley April-May 1996 The line-up for the last night (angels) & there 1st XPO night
Angels / K.T.F.M.B Promo pres Angels Nightclub, Curzon St, Burnley 14th April 1995 Dream Frequency, Matt Bell, Nipper & relaxed dress code for this one night only
Angels / Mindexpansions Angels, Burnley May-June ? Mark E.G., Richard K, Brisk, M-Zone, Clarkee & Pinty going crazy
Angels / Orgazm Angels, Burnley ? Paul Taylor, Russ
Angels / Orgazm Angels, Burnley Nov-91 Bassheads, Congress, Bizarre Inc, Love Decade,
Angels / Orgazm Angels, Burnley 17-Aug-1991 Admission Ticket
Angels / Orgazm Angels, Burnley 3-Aug-1991 Paradise Orchestra, Russ, Paul Taylor.
Angels / Orgazm Angels, Burnley 24-Aug-1991 Oceanic, Russ, Paul Taylor.
Angels / Orgazm Angels, Burnley 7-Sep-1991 Rozalla, Russ, Paul Taylor.
Angels / Orgazm Angels, Burnley 27-Jul-1991 Love Decade, Russ, Paul Taylor.
Angels / Orgazm Angels, Burnley 28-Sep-1991 2 Unlimited, Paul Taylor, Russ.
Angels / Orgazm Angels, Burnley ? Paul Taylor, Russ
Angels / Retro Angels, Burnley Feb-Mar-April ? (fri) Stu Allan, Vertigo, Welly, Nipper, Paul Taylor.
Angels / Retro (on tour) Maestro, Bradford 2-May-1994 FPI Project, TC91-94, Jeremy Healy, Welly, Fresh
Angels / Teaser / Vision Ritzy Nightclub, Burnley ? Paul Taylor
Angels / The Edge Angels, Burnley June-July (94)? Marcus E Bloc, Mark E.G., Rat Pack, Mickey Finn.
Angels / the new era Angels Nightclub, Burnley 11-Sep-1993 A new start for Paul Taylor & Crew with loads on
Angels / Useless Angels, Burnley 11th Nov ? (wed) Carl Cox, Stu Allan
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley ? #
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 8th March ? Inter projection, Marcus, Paul Taylor
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 3-May-1991 DJ Andromeda, Marcus, Paul Taylor
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley November ? The Hypnotist, Prophet of Rage, Marcus, Paul Taylor
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 22-29 May ? Parks & Wilson, Ex-L
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 15/03 ? DJ Steve Williams
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 17-May-1991 Marina Van Roony, Paul Taylor, Marcus
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 16/08 ? Friends of Mathew, Paul Taylor, Marcus
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 19/04 ? P.K.A , Paul Taylor, Marcus
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 24-31/01/1992 Ragga Twins, E-Lustrious, Vision Masters.
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 31-May-1991 Sweet Mercy ,Eric Powell, Paul Taylor
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 26/04 ? Sub Sub, Paul Taylor, Marcus
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 22/03 ? Shamen, Greg Fenton, Dave, Paul Taylor, etc
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 28/06 ? Xpansions, Paul Taylor, Marcus, etc
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 12/04 ? Nipper, Paul Taylor
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 24-May-1991 MCJ featuring Sima, Paul Taylor, Marcus
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley Oct-92 Love Decade, 2 For Joy, Awesome, Neil Jackson
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 22-29 May ? Parks & Willson, Ex-L, Paul Taylor, Marcus Kaye
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 17-24 April ? Nipper, Ex-L, Marcus Kaye
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 29-Feb-1992 Sabrina Johnston, The Vision Masters
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley July ? Neil Jackson, Carl Cox, Parks & Wilson, Plus Pas, etc
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley June ? Simon Bassline Smith, Evil Eddie Richards
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 20-27 March ? Slipmat pa SL2, DJ Spice, Marcus
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley June Mickey Finn, Sy, Hype
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 08-15 May ? Mix Factory, Kenny Ken, Marcus Kaye
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley Feb ? DJ Spice, DJ Hype, Vision Masters, MC Doyley
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 21/02/92 - 28/02/92 DJ Spice, DJ Hype, Vision Masters
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 8th - 15th May ? Mix Factory, Kenny Ken
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley 17th - 24th April ? Nipper, Ex-L
Angels / Vision Angels, Burnley August Fri / Sat List Carl Cox, Stu Allan, Sy, SS, Ultracynic, Rhythm Q'
Angels / Vision (weekender) Angels, Burnley 06-07 /03/1992 The Scientist, Love Decade, Dave Seaman
Angels / Vision / Angels, Burnley -1991 Paul Taylor, Marcus, Russ
Angels / Vision / Orgazm Angels, Burnley December ? Bizarre Inc, Tekon 2, Hype, Dream Frequency, Spice
Angels / Vision / Wise Up Angels, Burnley Dec-92 Stu Allan, Carl Cox.
Angels / Vision / Wise Up Angels, Burnley Mar-93 Stu Allan, Rob Tissera.
Angels / Wise Up Angels, Burnley Apr-93 Stu Allan, Rob Tissera, Top Buzz, Carl Cox.
Angels / Wise Up Angels, Burnley Mar-93 Stu Allan, Top Buzz, Rob Tissera, Paul Walker
Angels / Wise Up Angels, Burnley May-93 Stu Allan, Vertigo, Rob Tissera, Carl Cox.
Angels / Wise Up - Vision Angels, Burnley Dec-92 Stu Allan, Dave Seaman, Carl Cox, Top Buzz
Angels / Wise Up - Vision Angels, Burnley Feb-93 Stu Allan, Dave Seaman, Carl Cox, Top Buzz
Angels / Wise Up - Vision Angels, Burnley Nov-92 Stu Allan, Dave Seaman, Carl Cox, Simon B Smith
Angels Delights Paradise Island, Burnley Friday 1st Dec DJ Booey & Craig , Rude Boys
Angels Nightclub , Burnley See Also: Vision, Orgazm, Teaser, Retro, Velocity, ClubXPObar, Heaven, others.
Angels Nightclub , Burnley See Other Items Listed: Posters, Memberships, Entry Cards, Guest Entry Passes, Window Stickers, (1st Generation) Audio Recordings, many others..
Angels Nightclub, Burnley Angels Nightclub, Burnley 27th Oct 1990 Live PA - A Homeboy A Hippie and a Funki Dredd
Angels on tour Tokyo Jo's, Preston 4th April ? K-Klass, Alistair Whitehead, Paul Taylor, DJ Fresh, Vertigo,
Angels On Tour pres Retro Tokyo Jo's, Preston 30th May 1994 Dream Frequency, Paul Taylor, Matt Bell, Rob Tissera, etc
Angels On Tour pres Retro The Maestro, Bradford 2-May-1994 FPI Project, TC 1991-94 , Paul Taylor, Tony Ross , Welly, Fresh
Angels Reunion XPO (club-bar), Burnley Nov-96 UFI DJ's, Nipper, Marcus, X.T.C, Ian Williams, Retro.
Angels Reunion Club XPO Bar, Burnley. (2nd) Nov-96 UFI DJ's, Nipper, Marcus, X.T.C, Ian Williams, Retro.
Angels to Adrenalin - All Nighter Angels, Burnley to Stalybridge, Cheshire 1-Nov-1991 Info on the Upfront Adrenalin All Nighter after Angels
Angels-Orgazm (Size A0 type) Poster Angels, Burnley 27/07/1991 Love Decade, Paul Taylor, Russ
Angels-Orgazm (Size A3 type) Poster Angels, Burnley 03/08/1991 Paradise Orchestra, Russ, Paul Taylor
Anthem City (better days) Club 051, Liverpool 04/04/1994 Rhythm Quest, Daz Willot, Ralphy, Paul Taylor
Applejax / Underground Applejax, Chorley 9th April ? Pete Haigh
Aquatic Adventure / Club Useless Spectrum Arena, Warrington 25/06/1993 Doc Scott, Rat Pack, Top Buzz, DJ SS, MC BMW, Tiny Tim, Evil Eddie Richards.
Arena (the creation of a nation) 4th Dimension 4th Dimension, Manchester Opening Night 20/03/92 Stu Allan etc
Arena / pulse beat promo Roundhay Park, Leeds 29th September ? K-Klass, Shades of Rhythm, Paul Oakenfold, .
Arena Nightclub, Burnley. (Retro, Zone) Arena Nightclub, Burnley. Fridays & Saturdays 1999 Adidance, Charlie b, Zone with Dave Boyle, Sam White, Matt Fear.
ARK The Polytechnic, Leeds 15/05/1992 Evil Eddie Richards, Dave Seaman, Mark Holliday, Elustrious.
Ark Leeds University 8th Oct 1994 Carl Cox, DJ Sy, Anne Savage, Dream Frequency, Rob Tissera, Ewan Cawood.
Ark Polytechnic, Leeds 11/07/1992 Mickey Finn, Rob Tissera, Vertigo, SY, Leafy
Ark Lancashire University, Preston 27th March 1993 Cristian Woodyatt, Welly, Rob Tissera, Shack, Ian Ossia.
Ark Palais, Sheffield 10/04/1992 Frank De Wulf, Dave Seamen, Mark Holliday, Easy D, Mongoose.
Ark Sugarhouse, Lancaster 20/10/1995 Allister Whitehead, Anne Savage, Tim Lennox
Ark Leeds Corn Exchange 31st July 1993 Dave Seaman, Rob Tissera, Welly, Vertigo, SY, Dream Frequency, Ian Ossia.
ARK The Phoenix Club, Chapletown, Leeds. 11th April 1993 Carl Cox, Rob Tissera, Ian Ossia, Alistair Cooke
Ark (new years eve) Leeds University 31stDec 1995 Mrs Wood, Anne Savage, Dream Frequency, Rob Tissera, DJ SY, DJ Vertigo.
ARK / FANTAZIA The Palace, Blackpool. 26th Dec 1994 Stu Allen, Hyper Go Go, DJ Sy, Loftgroover, Slipmatt, Ewan Cawood, MC Rush.
ARK / Hacienda The Hacienda, Manchester 29-May-95 Carl Cox, Rob Tissera, Anne Savage.
Ark / Orbit (last ever Ark) Leeds Corn Exchange 22/08/1998 Groove Rider, Paul Oakenfold, Dave Angel, SY.
Armageddon / Nostradam Dunkeswell, 13/11/1992 Nipper,Judge Jules,Jazzy Jeff,Warlock,DJ Hype
Ascension The Barkey, Manchester ? Richard Hill,Sean Kenny,etc,etc
At her Majestys Pleasure / Tolerance promo Maestro, Bradford April 17th Boy George, Daniele Davoli, Alistair Whitehead, Chris & James
Atmosphere Southport Floral Hall 22/11/1991 Nipper, Steve Williams, Harvey Jones, Dave C, etc
Atmosphere / raw & norwest promo Southport Floral Hall 22/05/1991 Nipper, Steve Williams, Harvey Jones, Dave C, etc
Atmospheric Tower Club, Hull 28/07/1991 Evil Eddie Richards, Jumping Jack Frost.
Audacity (creation) KU Club, Huddersfield 04/01/1991 Drew, Shack, D-Boy.
Audacity (wild apple) Macgegors, Accrington 11/10/1991 Ticket / flyer for the night.
Aurora (the rave machine) Ardwick Sports Centre, Manchester 8th November 1991 Nipper, Jay Weardon at Manchester 1st Legal Party.
Awesome 101 / Transmute / Transcend Marco's Forum, Livingston, Scotland 30/05/92 - 06/06/92 Bizarre Inc, Terrorize, M.A.N.I.C, Eskimos & Egypt, Vertigo, Dave Flemming.
AWOL (a way of life) Paradise, London, N1 ? Trevor Fung, Jumping Jack Frost, Mickey Finn.
B.C.M Magalluf B.C.M Magalluf Sep-91 DJ Sasha, Des Mitchell, Ricardo
Back To Basics Also See: Future Sonic, others.
Back to Basics Back to Basics, Music Factory, Leeds 19th 21st Nov The 1st Anniversary,with a massive line-up
Back to Basics / Cream Nation, Liverpool 27th May ? déjà vu, Justin Robertson, Kelvin Andrews
Back to Basics / Future Sonic Pleasure Rooms, Leeds 17th Sept ? Andrew Weatherhall and loads of stuff going on
Back to Basics / Grim Music Factory, Leeds ? Ralph Lawson, Christian Woodyatt, Alistair
Back to Black Lodestar (De Tabley), Ribchester 12/03/1992 Sasha, 808 State DJs, Nipper, Greenbins.
Back To My Roots (Kickin Promo Pres) Hacketts, Blackpool. Every Friday - 1990 Shack, Kenny, Rob, Drew. "The Original Underground DJs".
Back to the Future / Tranquility Tokyo Jo's, Preston 31st May 1993 Rob Tissera, Shack, JF MC, DJ Si, Matt Bell, Bush Boy, Jay, Craig C.
Back to the Old Skool versus Zone Arena Nightclub, Burnley 20th March 1999 Moggy, Gary Hypnotic, Rick Jones, Joanne Brown, Andy Pendle, Dave T.
Back to the Old Skool versus Zone (Hypnotic) Arena Nightclub, Burnley. 20th March 1999 Andy Pendle, Rick Jones, Joanne Brown, Moggy, Gary Hypnotic.
Bang-In Tunes / Nastiness / The Edge The Edge, Coventry 02/04/1993 Bang-In Tunes bring Nastiness dj's to The Edge
Bang-In-Tunes / Shelleys Shelleys, Stoke-on-Trent Feb-Mar 1992 Opening Night, Top Buzz, Nebula II, Luke, Mick, etc
Bang-In-Tunes / The Eclipse The Eclipse, Lower Ford Street, Coventry. Fri 22nd May 1992 Fabio, Mickey Finn, Ray Keith, Tango, Carl Williams, Joe Cox, Ferne.
Banshee Banshee, Manchester ? Mix Factory DJs, Stubby ,Frank,Massey
Banshee Banshee, Manchester NYE ? Mix Factory, Stubby, Mike E-Bloc, Frank, Massey
Banshee (all nighter) (last ever) Banshee, Manchester 28th December / Mix Factory, Stubby, Moggy
Banshee (the new) / sweet Banshee, Manchester ? Moggy, Stubby, Mass-E, KB.
Banshee / All Nighters Banshee, Manchester ? Mix Factory DJ's, Frank & Massey
Bass Drome (the drome of creation) Lord Byron's, Preston 23/01/1991 Kenny, Nik
BCM BCM Sept Sasha, Des Mitchell, Ricardo.
BCM BCM, Magalluf 1991 Free Entrance Pass
BCM (music empire-magalluf) BCM, Magalluf 1991 Des Mitchell, Mental Ricardo.
BCM / Party Zone BCM, Magalluf 1991 Admission Card
Beat Herder Lancashire Aug-09 Loads on at this Beat Herder Festival
Beat in yer Bones World, Warrington April ? Mike Wooda,Barry May,Sarah Chapman,etc,etc
Beautiful 2000 / Hacienda Fac51 The Hacienda, Manchester March / April ? DJ Dave Haslam Every Thursday
Bed (gatecrasher) Bed, Sheffield Dec-01 DJ Sneak, Yousef, Tom Wainwright
Beez Neez pres ? 06/05 ? #
Best Disco In Town Grand Hall, Scarborough 19/12/1992 Sasha, Bizarre Inc, D-Ream, Odyssey, John Kelly.
Better Way / pure Institute Digbeth, Birmingham March-April 1992 Tyrrel Corporation, Mike Pickering.
Blackbanana / Adam & Eve Adam & Eve, Blackpool -1991 Norman Jay, Tony Humphries, David Morales
Blackburn Kicks Again / Kickin' Promotions Pres Manhattan Heights, Blackburn. 11th July 1991 Kickin Promotions. DJ Rob, Gez. A4 Poster.
Blast Off / Enigmatic Prod Pres Private Venue , Lancashire. 29th July 1989 North West - Ukacidhouse DJ's.
Blindfaith Kestrel Suite, Burnley 12/05/1991 Marcus, Gilly
Bliss Hard Dock Café, Liverpool March-April (1992) Dave Seaman, Mike Knowler, Shades of Rhyhm
Bloody Gorgeous The State Club, Manchester 1st July ? Connie Lush, John Kelly, Marina van Rooey.
Boardwalk The Boardwalk, Manchester Jan-March 1994 Full details on all nights in Jan,Feb,Mar 1994
Boardwalk / Freedom Family Boardwalk, Manchester 10th June ? Todd Terry, Fabi Paras, Dave Haslam, Sub Sub.
Boardwalk / Freedom Family Boardwalk, Manchester 6th June ? The Cookie Crew, Dave Haslam, Tintin, Jason
Body Funk Nia Centre, Manchester 20th March ? Ragga Twins, JAM MCs, Pig C, Sammy B.
Boggie in a Bubblebath Leisuredrome, Howden 12th dec 1992 Ian Ossia, James D , Craig Christon,etc
Boom (a Funkin good time) Trades Club, Hebden Bridge NYE ?
BOUNCE (The big bank holiday Bounce) Oscars, Ellesmere Port 25th May 1992 Vertigo, Woody, Noggy, Jay , Abbey, Live PA T de R
Bouncy / Paradise City Cuba, Rockingham st, Sheffield Oct ? Dougal, Brisk, Slipmat, SY, M Zone, Ratpack.
Bowlers, Manchester See: LIFE, Bring the Cake #######
Brain Storm (takes you to the outer..) Clydebank, Glasgow 26/12/1992 Big PA's & a Massive DJ Line-up.. Why dint I go?
Brand New Heavies (the leadmill) Roxy, Sheffield 22/04/1992 the brand new heavies,natural life,dj dino
Brave New World Private Venue / Party 09/06/1990 Sasha, Ratpack, Nipper, John J, Mick
Brazil (a latin american carnival) Leeds Corn Exchange 11th Sept ? Dave Dorrell,Paul Oakenfold,Farley jack Funk,etc
Breakfast Club Blue Lagoon, Manchester Feb / March ? John Da Silva, Angel, Kenny Grogan, Eric Powell, Pete Bromley
Brick House (Love)summer in the city Brickhouse, Manchester 1992 #
Brick House (planet sound) Brickhouse, Manchester 1992 Alan Maskell
Brick House (planet sound)Babys on Fire Brickhouse, Manchester 1992 Alan Maskell
Brick House (the right track) Brickhouse, Manchester June-July Steve Cato, John Michael
Brick House / Shaft Brickhouse, Manchester Mar-Apr 1992 Alan Maskell, Dave Turner
Brick House / Shaft Brickhouse, Manchester May-June 92 Alan Maskell, Dave Turner
Brighton beach party Music Factory, Leeds & 26th June,July ? Chris Coco, Ralph Lawson, Lisa Loud, Jon Dasilva.
Bring The Cake / Life Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester 28th August ? Rob Tissera,Hyper Go Go,etc
Bubblegum(casino) The Limit, Manchester August ? John Kelly, Pete Heller, Dean Thatcher
Bug Ball (Live & Yikes) pres The 1st International Starcoast World, North Wales. 8th 9th 10th Nov 1991 Rebel MC, N - JOI, Ragga Twins, Kevin Sunderson, Colin Dale, Carl Cox, Stacey T.
Bug Ball (no worrie's promotions presents) Pontins Holiday Park, Camber Sands Nr. Rye, Nr. Hastings. 29th 30th Nov 1st Dec 1991 Carl Cox, Dean Thatcher, Terry Farley, Josh, Phil Perry, Craig Walsh, Face.
Bug Jam 13 Santa Pod Raceway 23-25 july 1999 Dub Pistols, Nick Warren, Yousef
Bugged Out Sankeys Soap, Manchester January ? Daft Punk, Kevin Saunderson, Doc Scott.
Bugged Out Sankeys Soap, Manchester Jan / Feb ? Justin Robertson, Eddie Flashin Fowlkes, Huggy, James Holroyd.
Bugged Out (One Louder) Sankeys Soap, Manchester Sept-Oct ? 3rd Birthday, DJ Hell, Jon Carter.
Bugged Out / Relief / Freelance Science QMU, Glasgow / Arches, Glasgow Oct-99 Slam, Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak, Rob Bright, Silicone Soul.
Buzz / Nectar Buzz, Preston ? Kenny Underground
Buzz 102.4 / Venue finder of london pres Million Dollar Club, Darlaston, Wolverhamton 5th Feb 1994 Kenny Ken, Clarke, Sham , DJ Pilgrim, Ellis Dee, Vibes S,
Cage The Edge, Coventry Sept / Oct ? Jon da Silva, John e Bloc, Dave Seaman, Guy Oldham.
Cage / halloween special Cage (the edge), Coventry 31st October ? Carl Williams, Sasha, John Kelly, Christian Woodyatt
Carlos Various items from these nights Window stickers, some very good 2nd generation live recorings
Carlos Carlos Nightclub, Colne, Lancashire. Dec-NYE 1993 Pig C, Shack, Rob Tissera, John J, Vertigo, Zen Sound System
Carlos (a whole new dimension) Carlos II, Colne, Lancs. Sept-Oct 1993 Rob Tissera, Shack, Dean, Pig C, John J, Richi.
CARLOS (Carlos II) Also see: New Dance Project, Off the Ground promo, late 1991 to jan 1994
Carlos (diy promo) Carlos, Colne. June-July ? Vertigo, Rob Tissera, D.I.Y, Pig C.
Carlos (fixed penalty notice) Carlos II, Colne, Lancashire. 1992 Hardcore Uproar, PIG C, Craig, Techno Mark.
Carlos (Flashback) Carlos, Colne, Lancs. Oct-Nov ? Pig C, John J, Shack, Richi, Trevor Marx, Zens Sound System
Carlos (flashback) Carlos, Colne. 23rd October ? DJ Shack, John J.
Carlos (Karlos) Carlos II Nightclub, Colne ? Pig C, Craig, R.J.W, Swifty, Techno Mark.
Carlos (the real party) / Euro Groove Prod Carlos, Colne, Lancs. every Saturday 1993 Welly, PIG-C, R.J.W. , Craig.
Carlos (Tunes) / Euro Groove Productions Carlos, Colne. every Saturday 1993 Welly, Pig C, Craig
Carlos (underground) Carlos, Colne, Lancs. Nov-Dec-NYE 1992 Pig C, Welly, Jay Wearden, JF-MC, R.J.W. DJ Rich.
Carlos / Euro Groove Carlos, Colne, Lancs. ? Pig C, Craig, JF MC, Zen Sound System.
Carlos / Euro Groove Prod Carlos, Colne 08th Feb ? Hardcore Uproar, Pig C, Craig, Swifty,Techno Mark
Carlos / Technique Carlos II, Colne 21st May ? #
Carlos Club Carlos II Nightclub, Colne, Lancashire. 1993 Welly, Richi, Craig C.
Carlos II Carlos II, Colne Opening Sat 2nd Nov 1991 Nipper, Marcus, Steve Williams, Guy Maskell for the start to this weekly nightout
Carlos II Carlos II, Norway House, Albert Road, Colne. December 1991 - Jan 1992 Hardcore Uproar, Rob, John J, Gilly, Techno Mark, Boy Wonder, Shack.
CarWash / UFO Man Alive, Manchester ? #
CarWash / UFO Man Alive, Manchester ? #
Carwash U.F.O Man Alive Club, Manchester ? Unstoppable Funky Object in Manchester
Carwash U.F.O Man Alive Club, Manchester Dec / NYE ? Unstoppable Funky Object in Manchester
Celebrity's Rhyl, North Wales 1992 Welly, Stubby, MC Sack, Guests.
Change at Jamaica Jamaica, Glasgow ? Noddy says
Chaos Theory Pt1 Baxter's, Todmorden. 25th April 1998 Stingah, Tim Hamblin, The Jobester, Andy McGee (McGhie). Lam Ticket
Cheeba Cheeba Granby's, Manchester 08-22/08/1992 Doug & Simon
Chemistry / kuf promo Tokyo Jo's, Preston 02/06/1992 Groove Rider, Phantasy, Seduction, Ratty,etc,etc
Chemistry / kuf promo Tokyo Jo's, Preston May-June ? Groove Rider (resident 1st time outside london)
Choice Tony's Ballroom, Blackburn 12/10/1991 Atlast prod' with Blackburn DJ's doing the do..
Choice Tony's Ballroom, Blackburn 18-26/10/1991 Marcus, Craig, Alex, Simon
Church / Manhattan Heights Manhattan Heights, Blackburn 24th June 1990 Steve Dacosta, Kevin Birchall, Adeva postcard NICE.
Clash Hippodrome, Manchester Feb-Mar-Apr-May ? Top Buzz, Steve Williams, Doc Scott, Carl Cox, SY.
Clash Hippodrome, Manchester Sept-Oct-Nov-Dec Slipmat & Lime, SY, Keith Suckling.
Clash Posters size A0 from various nights Massive posters from these nights, please see other list for info
Clash / Hippodrome Hippodrome, Manchester 24-26-NYE ? Carl Cox, Moggy, Jay Wearden
Clash / Rhyl / Yard Club Rhyl - Yard Club Huddersfield July-Aug-Sept ? Nipper, Dave Angel, Kenny Ken, Rob Tissera.
Clash Of The Titans / GBH Records v Hardcore Heaven Lakota, Upper York St, Bristol. 27/10/2001 Sy, Mark E.G., Sharkey, Scott Brown, Brisk, Vibes.
Clash promo / Rhyl Rhyl May ? Rob Tissara , Symon M, DJ SS, Lisa & Jez, Stu Allen.
Clash promo pres Hippodrome, Manchester 25th Sept ? Jay Wearden, Moggy.
Clear Sotherby's, Manchester 9th May ? Moggy,Marcus Kaye
Clear The Music Factory, Leeds March ? Blu Peter,Mr Oz - DP World Sound Systems,Intensity DJs,etc
Clear The Music Factory, Leeds March 15th ? Blu Peter
Clear Sotherbys, Manchester May 9th every.. Moggy, Marcus Kaye
Climax / blue chip promo 4th Avenue, Manchester 09/10 ? Nipper, Rush
Cloud 9 / Home Home, Manchester 23/03/1995 Al McKenzie, Paul Bleasdale, Greg Robinson, etc
Club 57 Club 57, Oldham ? Dave Pullen, Stubby, Jay Wearden.
Club Euro / The Journey, Blissed Out Club Euro, Blackburn. Jul-96 Sonique, Andy Wright, Matthew Roberts, Dave Dunne.
Club for Life / Wobble Hockley, Birmingham 1st October ? Jeremy Healy, Chris & James, Phil Gifford, Silong
Club Friendly The Limit, Manchester 6th May ? Jon Dasilva, John McCready
Club Kinetic See: Vibealite, Telepathy, Utopia.
Club KINETIC (BPM Managent pres) The Leisurebowl, Longton, Stoke. Sept-Oct 1994 Vibealite & Digital Night. Carl Cox, Easy Groove, Human Resource, MC Magika.
Club Pure X Club Zen, Milton Keynes 10th Sept 1994 Hype, Kenny Ken, Ltj Bukem
Club Useless (friday night live) Harddock, Liverpool Apr-93 #
Club Useless (tour night) Queen Elizabeth, Oldham 07/05/1993 #
Clubline (the joy of life) Clubline Membership ? Details on the Clubline UK service
Club-On (spider publishing) London Area Aug-01 All the info you need for the London Area etc,etc
Clubrock Mr Smiths, Warrington August ? #
ClubXPObar See: Angels Nightclub, Hard Times, XPO Bar, Burnley
ClubXPObar Club XPO Bar, Burnley Fridays summer 1996 Details of the new superclub for Burnley,
Collision Records Mill Hill, Blackburn Opening 21st Apr ? Opening of a new specialist record shop in B'Burn
Compulsion / Seduction - Timeless (the ultimate NYE) Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester. Thurs 31st Dec 1998 Dream Frequency, Camisra, XTC, Welly, Force & Styles, Nipper, Stu Allan.
Confused Keirby Hotel, Burnley 28th Nov Pintsize (fromage free the anti cheese alliance) Kipax.
Confused Berlin, Bloom St, Manchester Friday 20th June Pintsize, Cocker, Ian Ard, Kipper
Confused (justice of christopher alder campaign) Kierby Hotel (Function Room), Burnley, Lancashire. 10th Oct 2003 Pintsize, Danny Stott, Cocker, Kipper, Ian Ard.
Confusion (seriously kickin) Chorley Town Hall, Wigan May, June, July 1992 Welly, Nipper, PIG-C
Confusion (seriously kickin) Purple Haze promo Chorley Town Hall, Chorley June-July 1992 Spaceface, John J, Nipper, Welly, Matt Bell, Pig C.
Confusion (seriously kickin) Purple Haze promo Chorley Town Hall, Chorley Starts 25th May-July 1992 Welly, Bumbl e b, Nipper, 2 Much, Pig C, Guests
Controversy Leisuredrome, Howden 19/06/92-03/07/92
Controversy Leisuredrome, Howden June-July 1992 DJ Sy, Rob Tissera, Huggi, Mark Holliday, etc,etc
Controversy / Ambio prod Leisuredrome, Howden, Hull May / June 1992 Nipper, Huggi, Grooverider, Mark Holliday, etc
Corruption (in your mind) Paddocks, London, EC1 March-April ? Loftgroover, Colin Dale, Rat Pack, Easy B, etc,etc
Country Afayre (Venus) Clay Hall, North Yorks 26/09/1992 DJ Sasha, Mark Moore, Danny Rampling, Graeme Park.
Cowboy Records, The Album Launch Party Home Nightclub, Manchester 19th Sept Déjà vu, Norman Jay, Justin Roberston, Terry Farley, Colin Patterson, KISS 102
Crazy X-Club, Manchester 25/10/1991 Eric Powell, Steve Brookes
CREAM Also See: Full-On, Fac 51, Back to Basics, HardTimes, Hacienda, others.
Cream Nation, Liverpool Oct-97 Paul Oakenfold, Tall Paul, 5th Birthday, Tony De Vit
Cream Nation, Liverpool May ? Jeremy Healy, Brothers in Rhythm, Darren Emerson, etc
Cream Nation, Liverpool December ? Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Republica, etc,etc
Cream Manchester Academy 22nd April 95 Carl Cox, Paul Bleasdale, DJ Pierre, etc,etc
Cream Nation, Liverpool March ? Paul Oakenfold, X-Press 2, Pete Tong, Les Ryder, etc
Cream (crackers) Academy Annexe / Bar Zoo, Liverpool 26th December ? James Barton, Andy Carroll, Paul Bleasdale, John Kelly
Cream (deconstruction records party) Nation, Liverpool 30th September ? paul Oakenfold, Mike Pickering, Justin Roberston, etc
Cream (grand re-opening night) Nation, Liverpool 25th January 1997 Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong, X-Press 2, etc,etc
Cream (it s a part of you) Nation, Liverpool Dec-NYE 2001(?) Timo Mass,Yousef,Oliver Klein,Graeme Park,etc
Cream (summer spectacular) Nation, Liverpool 26th May ? Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Judge Jules, Graeme Park, etc
Cream (the tour 94) Wildlife Zoo, Bradford 21st May 1994 CJ Mackintosh, James Barton, Paul Bleasdale, etc
Cream / Birmingham The Que Club, Birmingham Mar-96 Pete Tong, Boy George, Allistair Whitehead, Paul Bleasdale
Cream / Full On Nation, Liverpool 31/10/1997 Sister Bliss, Graeme Park, Judge Jules, etc
Cream / United nations of house Academy Annexe, Liverpool July ? Mike Pickering, John Kelly, Dave Dorrell, C J Mack.
Cream 1995 Nation, Liverpool Jan-95 Roger Sanchez, David Holmes, Pete Tong
Cream 1995 Nation, Liverpool Feb-95 (?) Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling.
Creation (promo prod) See: Dance Nation,
Creation / dance crew Plaza, Huddersfield 31/01/1992 Colin Patterson, Asterix & Space, Chipie.
Creation / Wigan Pier Wigan Pier, Wigan 16-23-30/11/1991 Love Decade, Dave Seamen, PKA, Mike E-Bloc, Malc.
Creation / Wigan Pier Wigan Pier, Wigan Nov-91 Love Decade, PKA, Dave Seaman, Mike E-Bloc, Malc
Cricketer The Cricketer, Wigan Sep-93 News Letter, Welly, Gilly, Steve Hickson
Crystal Kaos Night Spot, Loughborough 9th April ? Top Buzz, Phantasy, SS, Dee, Krush Groove
Culture invites 2Kinky to Tall Trees Yarm, Cleveland 20/09 ?
D.A.D / The Pier Wigan Pier, Wigan April-May ? Live PA's - Love Decade, R.A.F, M.A.N.I.C.
Dance (at the) / Academy Academy, Nelson, Lancs. every Friday 1996 DJ DeJaVu, D.J.K, Speedy D, Freaky.
Dance (at the) / Academy Academy Nightclub 1996 Karmacoma DJs, R-kid-K, DJ De'ja'vu.
Dance (at the) / Academy Academy, Nelson, Lancs. every Friday 1996 DJ DeJaVu, D.J.K, Speedy D, Freaky, R-kid-K.
Dance 92 / Pure Angel Centre, Tonbridge, Kent 26/06/1992 Massive dj's for Pure
Dance at the Academy / Karmacoma Promo Academy, Nelson, Lancashire every Friday Freaky, R-Kid-K, DeJaVu, Speedy D
Dance Crew Promotions / Jive 102 fm - 24:7 K.U. Club, Huddersfield. Saturdays Chipie and Guests
Dance Explosion (fusion) Marquee, Preston 26/10/1991 Martin Lever, Nipper, Carl Greenwood.
Dance Factory (Rude) (Nice as Pie) Dance Factory (ex mill), Preston Mar-95 Andrew Barker, David Dunne, Jay Floyd
Dance Hysteria King Georges Hall, Blackburn 16/08/1991 Patrick, Richard (Crispy 3)
Dance Nation (Summer Ball) Weston Park, Shropshire 18/07/1992 Prodigy, Adamski, Baby June, Mr Monday.
Dance Nation / Creation Trentham Gardens, Stoke-on-Trent 07/08/1992 ? Massive line-up for the opening nights..Nice
Dance Nation / Dance Network (creation) Speke, Cheshire Aug-Sept 1992 Slipmat, Lime, DJ Rap, Ray Keith, Mix Factory.
Dance Nation / Entropy / New Dawn The Academy, Stoke-on-Trent Jun-93 Daz Willot, Top Buzz, Ratpack, Seduction, Hype.
Dance Nation / Entropy promo Speedkarting, Warrington 25/05/1992 Shades of Rhythm, Carl Cox, Man Paris, Lakers and Crew. Top allnighter..
Dance Planet Aston Villa Sport, Birmingham 23/08/1991 Sasha, Easy Groove, DJ Rapp, Simon Smith.
DANCE PLANET (one step beyond) Aston Villa Leisure Cente, Aston Hall Road, Birmingham. 08/05/1992 Shades of Rhythm, DJ Hype, S.S, Rap, Stu Allan, Easygroove, Bad Boy T.
Dance Planet (The Detonator) The Sanctuary, Milton Keynes 30/07/1993 Massive line up for the detonator.
Dance with the Devil Mardi Gras, Liverpool ? Hugh Bryder, Skitch
Dance with the Devil Mardi Gras, Bold Street, Liverpool. Saturdays ? Hugh Bryder, Skitch. Phuture Discotek Acid Dub Wobble Funk
DanceFest See: Summer Dance Fest
Danza Macy's (ex OZ Nightclub), Blackpool 1992 Nice nightout for those in the north or visting Blackpool.
Danza (back to basics) Palace Nightclub, Blackpool May-91 Mike Pickering, Alison Limerick, Harvey Jones.
Danza 92 Danza, Blackpool Apr-92 Bassheads, M.A.N.I.C, Russ, Dick
Danza 92 Macys, Blackpool 18th April 1992 Live P.A by Manic, Russ, Dick
Danza 92 Macys, Blackpool 1992 Russ, Dick.
Danza 92 OZ Nightclub, Blackpool. Feb-Mar-April 1992 Paul Oakenfold, Russ, Dick, Live PA Sunscreem.
Danza 92 Oz, Blackpool. 26/06/1992 Love Decade, Russ, Dick.
Danza 92 Macys, Blackpool. 30/05/1992 Russ,Dick
Danza 92 Macys, Blackpool. Nov-92 Russ,Dick
Danza 92 Oz, Blackpool. March-April 1992 Paul Oakenfold, Sunscreem, Russ, Dick
Danza 92 Oz, Blackpool. 26/06/1992(?) Love Decade, Russ, Dick.
Deep & Devastating Manchester Academy 09/05 ? Marina Van Rooy, DJ's from Eight & 3-Beat records.
Deep & Devastating Liverpool Academy 30th April ?
Deep & Devastating (3-Beat / 8 promo) Manchester Academy 9th May ? Marina Van Roony, Connie Lush, DJ Sonia.
Deep Underground Faces, Buxton April ? Alistair Whitehead, Justin Robertson
Deep Underground Faces, Buxton, Derbyshire May-92(?) DJ Asesino, Edward Chapman, Paul Smith
Déjà vu (summer ball) Tower Ballroom, Hull 28/08/94(?) Danny Rampling, Daniele Davoli, Graeme Park.
Delicious / the workhouse pres Montys, Oldham 24th July 1992 Tim Tim, etc
Deliverance Park Hall Nightclub, Charnock Richard, Chorley Mon 4th May ? Dave Seaman, Nipper, Phil Meredith, Andy Senior, DJ Vertigo,etc
Dementia / fishcat sound system pres Tokyo Jo's, Preston 22/07 ?
Destiny Sanctuary, Milton Keynes 27/07/1993 The line-up is The Real Deal . Very good
Destiny (the movement of true..) The Sanctuary, Milton Keynes 27/08/1993 Carl Cox, Fabio, Groove Rider, Easygroove.
Diehard Dielectric, Leicester 14th-28th Jan ? Dougal, Pilgrim, Fallout, Tango, Mongoose.
DIG (knocking corners off squares) / Astoria Astoria, Roundhay Road, Leeds. Fri 15th May ? Ronny Jordan, E.A.S.E & Boy Wonder, D.J EZ
Diplomacy / Home Home Nightclub, Manchester 30/01/1995 P.I.C, Profile, Paul S, Nickolai, Gripper, Roy Ellor
Discovery The World, Warrington Apr-94 Brothers in Rhythm, Justin Robertson, Luv Dup.
Discovery The Cube, Newcastle-under-Lyme April May June 1995 Carl Cox, Mike e Bloc, David Dunne, Nev Johnson, Paul Walker, Tommislav.
Discovery The Cube, Newcastle-u-Lyme, Staffs Feb / March ? Carl Cox, Miles Hollway, Bobby Langley, James Holroyd, Launch Party.
Discovery / Home Home, Manchester ? Cool line-up at the Manchester club..
Discovery / Home Home Nightclub, Ducie St, Manchester Nov / Dec 1994 Various in the 3 various rooms
Discovery / Home Home Nightclub, Ducie St, Manchester Feb / March ? Anne Savage, Dave Green, Lee Turner, Bobby Langley, Darren
Discovery / The Cube The Cube, Newcastle-u-Lyme, Staffs June / July 1995 UFG Sound System, Sasha, K-Klass, Tall Paul, Tin Tin Out.
Dizstruxshon Leisuredrome Jan-Feb 1995 Stu Allen, Mongoose, M Zone, etc,etc
DNA Equinox, Manchester Feb ? Lee Pleasure, Ian Richardson, Nickolai, Curly.
DNA (the code of life) / purple haze promo Wigan ? Bumbi E b, Dr Finch
Doncaster Warehouse Warehouse, Doncaster Mar-95 The Dentist, Trevor Rockcliffe, DJ Demand, Stu Allan
Doncaster Warehouse Warehouse, Doncaster Sep-94 Warlock, Carl Cox, Trevor Rockcliffe, Stu Allan.
Doncaster Warehouse Warehouse, Doncaster Mar-95 Charly Lownoise, Mental Theo, Easy Groove, Stu Allan
Doncaster Warehouse Warehouse, Doncaster Oct-94 Carl Cox, Clarkee, Colin Favor, Lownoise & Theo.
Doncaster Warehouse / DW Doncaster Warehouse Sep-94 Warlock, Carl Cox, Madness, DJ Dougal, Trevor Rockcliffe, Brisk
Doncaster Warehouse / Party Time Doncaster Warehouse Jan-95 GE Real, Dougle, Edge, Warlock, Brisk, Stu Allan, MC's.
Down to Earth / steel city promo Walcots Nite Spot, Manchester June ? Soild State, Desi , Jon Da Silva, DJ Tat , Ralphy, Dave Seaman
Dreamscape (10) V Evolution, Hull 18/12/1992 All the fun of the fair at another Dreamscape bash
Dreamscape (14) XIV (the halloween ball) Sanctuary, Milton Keynes. 29/10/1994 Big Line-up for the Halloween Night
Dreamscape / Woodstock 2 Wavedon, Milton Keynes 23/08/1993 Big Line up?
Dreamscape 15 vs 16 NYE Sanctuary, Milton Keynes 31/12/1994-95 Big line-ups for both 15 & 16 for this NYE.
Dreamscape 17-18 Sanctuary, Milton Keynes 11/03/1995 Another big line-up over 17 & 18 events
Dreamscape 1997 Merchandise Catalogue 1997 Details of there up & coming events & goodies
Dreamscape 20 Brafield, Northampton 09/09/1995 48 big name dj's plus MC's over 4 arenas
Dreamscape 21 NYE Somerset & Sanctuary 31/12/1995-96 This NYE event took place over two venues..
Dreamscape 22 (the living dream) Sanctuary, Milton Keynes 20/07/1996 Once again another big Dreamscape line-up..
Dreamscape 22 (XXII Files) Shepton Mallet, Somerset 06/04/1996 Big Dreamscape line-up over 4 massive arenas
Dreamscape 23 Sanctuary, Milton Keynes 30/11/1996 Hype, Clarkee, Scorpio, Producer, Loftgroover, Mark EG.
Dreamscape 24 Shepton Mallet, Somerset 29/03/1997 Vibes, Rap, Hype, Die Witness, Neurotak, Roni Size.
Dreamscape 95/96 Merchandise Catalogue 1995/96 All the kit from ESP promo crew for the ESP crew
Dreamscape ESP See Other Items List: Letters from ESP promo and many others.
Dreamstate (1st Birthday) Bank Holiday All Dayer. Palace Night Club, Blackpool. 30/08/1993 Top Buzz, Rat Pack, Love Decade, Easy Groove, Funki B, Jagga, Kenny, Matt Bell.
Dreamstate (a state of mind) Madisions, Blackpool Jan-93 Stu Allen,Pilgrim,Terrorize,Rat Pack,XTC,etc,etc
Dreamstate (Boxing day & NYE) Madisons, Blackpool 26th 31st Dec 1992 SL2,XTC,Pilgrim,Love Decade,2 For Joy,Easygroove
Dreamstate (opening night) Madisons, Blackpool stars 5th December 1992 SY - Kick, DJ Rap, Ellis Dee, DJ Seduction, Andy Senior, Jagga, Funki B.
Dreamstate (Strikes Back) The Empire Theatre, Morecambe Bay. Opening - from 3rd April 1993 Carl Cox, Family Foundation, The Rat-Pack, Slip Matt, X.T.C. Rikkee, Jagga, MC Kel.
Dreamstate (valentines slammer) Madison's, Blackpool 13/02 (1993 ?) Shades of Rhythm,Stu Allen,SS,Easy Groove,etc
Drome (the) Birkenhead, Merseyside NYE 31/12/1992
Drome / Devastation Drome, Birkenhead Starts 12th March Stu Allan, Demand, MC Magika, Maddock, Cyanide.
Dry 201 Dry 201 Bar, Manchester. ? Djangos, John McCready, Beautiful 2000.
Dry 201 / Young Gifted & Slack Dry201 & The Hacienda, Manchester January ? the up & coming to go for a guest slot at Hacienda
Dry201 (bar) Manchester See also: Fac 51, others
D'Ya Wanna Dance / Afterdark Afterdark, Skipton ?
E=MCs Prepared / In-ter-dance Sterns, Worthing, West Sussex. 04/04/1992 Mr C, Rhythm Doctor, Fabio, Loft Groover, Digital Boy.
E2-E4 / c+t underground promo The Place, Preston 24th Jan 1991 Clem-O (from Sett End)
Eargasm Gatsby, Preston 03/05 / Gary Hickson, Steve, Early-B.
Earthbeat 1991 / Sun At Night Stanley Dock Complex, Regent Road, Liverpool. 5-Apr-1991 DJ Line up from Liverpool, Blackburn, Manchester, London. TICKET INFO LINE
EarthQuaker Loveshack, Ashton June / July ? Casanova, Mike E-Bloc, Kenny, DJ Russ.
Earthquaker / DEA presents Scotland 13/06/1992 Derrick May, Dream Frequency, Kenny Ken.
Eclipse Nightclub, Coventry See: The Eclipse, The Edge, Bang-In-Tunes, New Age,
Edge (The) See: The Eclipse / The Edge, Amnesia House, Quest, others.
Education Hamilton's, Stockport August ? Huggi, Marc Heath, Dave Booth
Education / m'n'm promo Hamilton's, Stockport 29/05/1992 Steve Williams, Judge Jules, Dave Booth.
Elevation / Adam & Eve Adam & Eve, Blackpool 25/01/1991 Justin, Scouse, Dicki, Dread MC.
Eleventh Hour Andersons, Openshaw April / May ? Luke, Neil Trix, Cherokkee, XL, Easygroove, Swan E, MC Storm.
Emphasis Emphasis, Wall Street, Bradford June ? Dave Quinn, Ragga Twins, Colin Patterson, Edzy, The Scientist
Empire Strikes Back The Empire, Morecombe April / May / June UpFront Promotions / Hypnotic Promotions ,
Empire, Morecambe See: UpFront Promo, Dreamstate, Hypnotic Promotions,
Enchantment Pacha, Rotherham 29/07/1991 Nipper, DJZ Hyper, Astrix & Space, Sully.
Enchantment Pacha, Rotherham 21st Oct 1991 Sonny, Astrix & Space, Gille, Sully, Hyper.
ENERGY (karma sutra pres) Marcus Garby Centre, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham. 05/07/1991 Orbital, Face, Mickey Finn, LTJ Bukem, Blob, D.J. MJP.
ENERGY (karma sutra prod) The Summer Of Love Quadrant Park, Derby Road, Bootle, Liverpool. 19/07/1991 Nicollette, Face, Nipper, James, Mike Knowler, John De Silver.
Energy (new beginnings) The Summer Of Love 91 Quadrant Park, Derby Road, Bootle, Liverpool. 28/06/1991 Shades Of Rhythm, Fabio, Sasha, Groove Rider, Nipper, Micky Finn.
ENERGY (technology orientated leisure..) Secret Venue 07/09/1991 Bizarre Inc, Shades of Rhythm, Utah Saints.
ENTROPY (promo / prod) See; Dance Nation,
Enzone The Bluenote Club, Todmorden. 19th Oct 2001 Mischief, Dave C, Rayzon, Jay Bee.
Equinox Nightclub - V.I.P Night. Equinox Nightclub, Nelson, Lancashire. 26th, 28th Aug 1999 Invite & Entry to the V.I.P Night at the New Equinox Nightclub.
Escapade 2 / Freedom To Party Ritz, Manchester 16/06/1992 Moss, Martin Wilde, Mikee, Stefan.
Escapade, Freedom To Party Ritz, Manchester 17/03/1992 Face, DJ XL, Martin Wilde, Mini.
Escape (method No1) / Greyhound Promo Marcus Garvey, Nottingham 27th-28th July 1991 Jumping Jack Frost, DJ Rap, Sy, Pezz, Dk 36hrs
Escape / Roadblock Marcus Garby Centre, Nottingham. 25/05/1992 Ragga Twins, Carl Cox, Frankie Valentine
ESCAPE / Roadblock pres Marcus Garvey, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham. 25/05/1992 Ragga Twins, Carl Cox, Groove Rider, Fabio, Frankie Valentine, Shock C.
Essence Howden, Hull 20th-30th May 1994 DJ Welly, Rob Tissera, Mike e Bloc, Paul Walker.
Essence (feel & dance factory pres) Sugarhouse, Lancaster Feb-Mar ? Tim Lennox, Kelvin Andrews, Christian Woodyatt.
Essence / Pied Piper Promo Howden Leisuredrome May / June / July 1994 DJ Welly, Rob Tissera, Mike E Bloc, Paul Taylor, Ewan Cawood
Eternal Dance (this is it) Northgate Arena, Chester 07/11 ?
Eternal Dance III Plas Madoc, Wrexham 08/05/1993 Elevation, Terrorise, SS, Rap, Hunky Dory crew.
Eternal Hell Evolution, Hull 06/11/1992 Elevation, SL2, Terrorize, Evil Eddy Richards.
ETERNITY Sadmac, Sheffield 09/10/1993 Eternity Magazine Launch Party
ETERNITY The Magazine List (now available in..) 13th January ? "The most controversial underground dance mag"
Eternity (time without end) Hull Exhibition Centre 14/05/1993 G.E. Real, Pilgrim, Carl Cox, P.S.I, M.C's
Eureka Club Eureka, Blackpool 1991 John J, Green Bins.
Evolution (the creation of a nation) Evolution, Hull Opening Night 24/07 ? Opening night, Bassheads, SS, Simon Bassline etc
Evolution (the creation of a nation) Evolution, Hull Sept-Oct ? Rat Pack, Top Buzz, Groove Rider, Easy Groove
Evolution (the creation of a nation) Evolution, Hull Oct-Nov ? Loads going on here..
Exit Main Entrance, Blackpool Dec-94 Miles Holloway, Sasha, Paul Trouble Anderson, Sudha.
Exodus (pres escape to forever) Kings Lynn Stadium 9/10 ? Joey Beltram, Praga Khan, Utah Saints
Exodus / Mixmag Kings Lynn Speedway Stadium 09/10/1992 Bizarre Inc, John Digweed, Gordon Kaye.
Extra Pleasure The Dielectric Club, Leicester. April-May 1995 Loft Groover, Colin Faver, Dave Angel, Richard K, Gary B.
Extra Pleasure / Bliss Venue, Whitworth St, Manchester 5th Oct ? The caveparty org continues the fight against the criminal justice bill
Extreme / white label promo Roxy, Bury 09/01/1992 Nipper, John
FAC 51 (Factory 51) See Also: The Hacienda, Flesh, DRY 201, Broadwalk
FAC 51 (funk with a short fuse) The Hacienda, Manchester. 01 April ? Norman Jay.
FAC 51 (funk with a short fuse) The Hacienda, Manchester 18th March ? Chapter & The Verse, Dean & Peter
FAC 51 / Cream The Hacienda, Manchester 09th Feb ? Jon Pleased Wimmin, Matt Lamont, Andy Carroll.
FAC 51 / Funk with a short Fuse The Hacienda, Manchester 06th May ? Don-E,Dean & Peter,etc
FAC 51 / Funk with a short Fuse The Hacienda, Manchester 5th August ? Tim Westwood,Dean & Peter,etc
Fac 51 / Hacienda The Hacienda, Manchester 16th June ? Rose Royce,Jon McCready,Elliot Eastwick
Fac 51 / Hacienda The Hacienda, Manchester 12/02 ? Sasha, Joey Negro
Fac 51 / Hacienda The Hacienda, Manchester 04-13-21 May 1992 (2) The Tenth Birthday of Hacienda, Mike Pickering, Graeme Park, Frankie Knuckles.
FAC 51 / SHINE Dac 51, The Hacienda, Manchester. Every Friday ? DJs, Mike Pickering, SASHA.
FAC 51 / Shine The Hacienda, Manchester Every Friday ? Sasha, Mike Pickering, Russ.
Fac 51 / Strain The 5th Man, Manchester. 1st February ? Glyn Sheriston, Jonni B.
FAC 51 / The Hacienda Posters size A0 from various nights please see other list or email for more details..
FAC 51 / The Hacienda / Most Excellent The Hacienda, Manchester 23rd July ? Finitribe & Dub Federation, Andrew Weatherall.
FAC 51 / The Hacienda / Ten The Hacienda, Manchester 21-22-23 May ? Tenth Birthday,With a top line-up over 3 days.
FAC 51 / The Hacienda / TEN The Hacienda, Manchester 4th May ? Massive Line up with loads of extras to celebrate
FAC 51 The Hacienda / Dry201 / Venues The Hacienda, Manchester Jan-95 The full listings, All the info you need for every night its open..
FAC 51 The Hacienda / Dry201 / Venues The Hacienda, Manchester Feb-95 The full listings, All the info you need for every night its open..
Fahrenheit / Disby O-Five-One, Liverpool May ? Kelly, Weatherall, James Barton, Andy Carroll, Alfredo.
Fallows (the main event) / useless promo Fallows, Aintree, Liverpool 24/06/1992 Carl Cox, Top Buzz
Fantasm (manic promotions pres) Blueberrys Night Club, Nelson, Lancashire. starts Thurs 19th March 1992 Fantasm in Lancashire. Top DJ's & MC's. Nice.
Fantasy Rio Campus, Bradford 25/05 ? Carl Cox, Evil Eddie Richards.
Fantasy Rio Campus, Bradford 4th May John Da Silva, Tony Ross, Bodyrush.
Fantasy F.M (astoria) Astoria, London, WC2 Dec-NYE 1991 Massive Fantasy FM line-up for there Xmass/NYE
Fantasy F.M (rave part II) Michael Sobell, Islington, N7 07/09/1991 The Fantasy FM DJs
FANTAZIA Also see: Ark, Quest,
Fantazia Breakpoint's Middleton Tower Holiday Centre. (Ex-Pontins, Morecambe Sands) Sat 30th Dec 95 - 1st Jan 96 Carl Cox, Matt Bell, Anne Savage, Rob Tissera, DJ Vertigo, DJ SY, LuvDup.
Fantazia (Club Tour, Part IX) The Old Cinema, Tan Bank Road, Wellington. 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th Mar 1992 Amnesia - Dance Trance, Swann-E, Neil Vass, M.C. Free & Easy, Peshay.
Fantazia (Happy Birthday 2) The Sanctuary, Denbeigh Leisure Park, Milton Keynes. 23 April 1993 G.E. Real, Ellis Dee, Rat Pack, Mickey Finn, LTJ Bukem, Slipmat, MC Chickaboo.
Fantazia (Space) (news flash) Trentham Gardens, Stole On Trent. 23rd Oct 1992 Ratpack, Joker, Scarlet, Ned Ryder, Pigrim, The Dance Squad, The Full Quest Crew.
Fantazia (takes you into) 1993 Littlecote House, Newbury 31/12/1992 P.S.I. Live, Seduction, EXL, XTC, Lady J, Top Buzz, Easy Groove, DJ SS, Conrad.
Fantazia (takes you into) Summertime Matchams Park Stadium, Bournemouth. 15/05/1992 Sasha, Exstatic, Artful Dodger, Ratpack, SY, SS, Phantasy, Artful Dodger.
Fantazia (takes you) One Step Beyond. Castle Donnington 25 July 1992 Sasha, Jack Horner, Sunscreen, Orca, Donovan Bad Boy Smith, Pilgrim, MRB.
Fantazia (the club tour part VIII) The Old Cinema, Tan Bank Road, Wellington. 5th, 12th, 15th, 26th Feb 1993 Jason Thacker, M.C. Magika, D.J. Kio, Fabio, M.R.B Lisa, Stu Allen, Mental, E.X.L.
Fantazia (the club tour pt VII) Old Cinema, Wellington Jan-93 There 1st night & line up for the rest of the month
Fantazia (the first taste) Flyer for "the first taste" Album C.D or Cassette. from Nov 23rd 1992 Flyer for "the first taste" Album
Fantazia (the second sight) West Point, Exeter. 21 February 1992 Artful Dodger, Donovan 'Bassline' Smith.
Fantazia (the showcase) The Royal Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet, Bath. 27 November 1992 Top Buzz, Rat Pack, Ratty, X.T.C, L.T.J Bukem, M.C. D.J. Ribbs.
Fantazia 97 (live at the g-mex) Manchester G-Mex, Manchester. 31 October 1997 CJ Bolland, K-Klass, Gravity Wheel, Carl Cox, Monkey Mafia, Boy George, Tall Pall
Fantazia NYE Littlecote House, Newbury 31 December 1992 Nice info for all the previous Fantazia nights
Fat City Records (opening) Fat City Records, Manchester 13/02/1993 Opening of a new specialist record shop !
FEEL U.C.L.S.U, Preston. April, May, June (open) Allister Whitehead, Matt Bell, Angel, Gordon Kaye,etc
FEEL Barristers Nightclub, Preston June-July-August ? Paul Bleasdale, Ian Ossia, Feel Sumer Ball, etc
FEEL U.C.L.S.U opening night 23rd April Allister Whitehead, Greg Fenton, Matt Bell, Tim Lennox
FEEL U.C.L.S.U Nov / Dec ? 1995 George Thompson, Duncan Bruce, Dekus, Matt Bell.
FEEL U.C.L.S.U Jan / Feb ? Sister Bliss, Ian Ossia, Graeme Park, Paul Bleasdale.
FEEL U.C.L.S.U May / June Loveland, DJ Magazine party, Jeremy Healy,Matt Bell,etc
Feel (essence) Sugarhouse, Lancaster Jan-Feb 1995 Luv Dup,Rocky & Diesel,George Tompson,etc
Feel (essence) Sugarhouse, Lancaster (2) Jan-Feb 1995 Luv Dup, Rocky & Diesel, George Tompson.
Feel (new years eve) The Mill, Preston 31/12/1998 Dave Seaman, George Thompson, Mark Luvdup
Feel (the feel family foam party) Sugarhouse, Lancaster 08/05/1998 Chris & James, George Thompson, Pete Newman
Feel / LuvDup (Easter bonanza) U.C.L.S.U., Preston 14-28 March 98 George Thompson, Mark & adrain, Gordon Kaye
Feel / Second Anniversary U.C.L.S.U. (Preston) ? TWA, Tom Wainwright, Paul Bleasdale, etc,etc
Fetish Mr Smiths, Warrington Nov ? Vertigo, Welly, Pig C , Vicki Shepard, C & C Music Factory.
Feva / State State, Liverpool 30th April etc ? Jez Nelson, Mini, Niel, Hewan Clark
Fever 1 Panthars, Bolton 16/04 ? Sasha, Jon Da Silva, Liquid Crystal, N.R.G.
Fever 2 Panthers, Bolton 13/05 ? Mr C, MI7, Paul Landon, etc
Fibre Optic See: Quest, #####
FIBRE OPTIC (the summer ball) The Eclipse, Lower Ford Street, Coventry. Fri 19th June 1992 Stu Allan, Fallout, Grooverider, Mickey Finn, Nebula II, Essence, Tango, Neil Trix.
Fifth Element Bluenote, Baxter's, Todmoreden, Lancashire. 22/08/1998 - 4/09/1998 Andy McGhie, DJ Hood, Mayhem, Sonic Boom, Sanscrypt
Film Party Christmas Day (a story of..) T.H.K Prod, Bagley's Film Studios, London 25-Dec-1994 Michael Watford plus a full international line-up of Dj's over 6 parts
Flashback Afterdark, Skipton ?
Flava Man Alive Club, Manchester 13th March ? Eric Powell, Dave Booth, Sammy B, The Spinmaster.
Flesh / Shake (appeal) ? 14th March ? Make shift flyer for Flesh night to Terrence Higgins Trust.
Fluff Syndicate Sound System The Regency, Anglia Sq 6th-20th September ? Mad sound system and crew
Force Rockshots, Leeds ? Neil J, Darrel, Tony Walker, Ali, Jonny Franks
Fourth Dimension / Dance Modes Coach Inn, Nr Snowdon 01-02 Feb ? PA-Sound Foundation, Justin Robertson, Full Meal
FP (facepaint 920 Peppers, Newcastle-u-Lyme April-May-June 92 Lisa Loud, Nancy Noise, Rockey & Diesel, Fatty
Freedom Boardwalk, Manchester 18th April ? Dave Haslam, Tin Tin, Marc Heath
Freedom Cricketer, Wigan ? Gilly, Icky, Steve Higgingson, Mc Paul Munro
Freedom / Strictly Rhythm The Boardwalk, Manchester April-May ? Erick Morillo, Andy Carroll, Jamie Scahill, Dave Haslam
Freedom / Strictly Rhythm The Boardwalk, Manchester April / May Erick Morillo, Dave Haslam, Andy Carroll, Jamie Scahill, Aldo Malcangi
Freedom at Liberty's Liberty's, Sale, Manchester Apr-May ? Phantasy, E-Lustrious, Mix Factory, Nipper
Freedom to Party Banshee 2, Manchester Feb-93 FTP DJs
Freeque Bootique Auditorium, Nelson 8th April Stretch & Vern, Jimpy, Gordon Kaye, Kidder, Shack
Freeque Bootique Auditorium, Nelson May-00 Guy Ornadel, Rob Tissera, DJ Kidder, Andy Cleeton
Freeze / Kiss 100fm Rocket, Holloway Rd, N7 20-Feb-1992 RJW, Colin Dale, Marcus, Derek C, Jonny
Frenzy / Monroes - Boomtown Promo Monroes, Gt. Harwood, Blackburn 20th Nov 1999 Kidder, Pete Daley, Sempie
Frenzy II Savoy, Blackburn 8th Nov ? Blackburn DJs
Frenzy II Savoy, Blackburn (2) 8th Nov Blackburn DJs
Fresh Legends, Warrington Aug ? Graeme Park, Lisa Loud, Dave Seamen, Mike Woods, Noggy
Freshly Brewed The Shack, Preston 20th May ? Fingers & Bod, Joseph
Frontier / Zone Zone, Blackpool (shaboo) October ? Fabi Paras, Justin Robertson, Tom Wainwright
Full On / Cream Also see other: Cream. ######
Full-On / Cream - Hard Times III Nation, Liverpool 26th Jan 1996 Armand Van Helden, Carl Cox, James Barton, Andy Carroll
Funk The Egg Wiggly Worm, Manchester 8th August ? Chocci, Des Marshall, Nick Arrojo
Funk The Egg Man Alive, Manchester ? Des Marshall, Dave Booth
Funk The Egg Wiggly Worm, Manchester Oct-Nov 1992 Des Marshall, Nick Arrojo, Judge Jules, Huggie
Fusion Wembley 25-May-1996 Massive line-up for this very big event
Futurology / Bluenote Bluenote, Todmorden, Lancs. Fri 3rd Aug / 7th Sept 2001 Moonlighting with Booey, Craig C, DJ Release, Zen.
Futurology / Bluenote Bluenote, Todmorden, Lancs. 5th Oct 2nd Nov 2001 DJ De'Ja'Vu, Bob Swerve, Urban Legend Live, Tony Walker, Booey.
Gael Force See others: The Gathering, others #######
Galactica Ripon Race Course 09/10/1993 Massive Galatica line up for this big all nighter
Galactica York Race Course 3-Jul-1992 N-Joi, Bassheads, SL2, Terrorize, Elevation, DJ's
Galactica / Pangalactic Entertainments Pres.. The Spa, Scarborough 2-Nov-1991 Utah Saints, Control, Mix Factory, Kevin Saunderson
Galliano / UBU Entertainments pres University of Bradford 5th June 1992 Andy Weatherall , Talkin Loud (rec) DJ's
Gamma (promo) Private Venue / Party 24-Mar-1991 Bradford area warehouse party
Gatecrasher The Republic, Sheffield. Oct Nov Dec 1998 Massive Line up, DJ Tiesto UK Debut, Tall Paul, Matt Hardwick
Gatecrasher / 4th Birthday / Clubavision. The Republic, Sheffield. Sep-98 Clubavision, 4th Birthday, Paul Van Dyk, Judge Jules
Gatecrasher / BED Bed 33, London Road, Sheffield. Dec ? DJ Sneak, Tom Wainwright, Allister Whitehead, Yousef, Dan Metcalfe.
Gatecrasher / Forever Republic, Sheffield. Dec-NYE ? Judge Jules, Fergie, Paul van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto
Getto Heaven / Bar-kay Bar-kay, 4a South King Street, Manchester ? DJ Bizzy Bee
Giant Icon from Outer Space 051 Club, Liverpool 4-Jun-1992 Martin Lever, Graeme Park, Museka Live
Glam The State, Liverpool 26-Aug-1993 C.J Macintosh, Hyper-Go-Go, Evolution
Glam / Number One Club Manchester every Thursday DJ Paulette from Flesh
Glide / Wiggly worm Wiggly Worm, Manchester Sept ? Danny Hussain, Green Binns, Andy Perdon
Global 42nd Street, Manchester 26th Sept ? Dave Booth, Stuart Reed
Godskitchen See Others: Club Country, ######
Godskitchen Birmingham Sanctuary, Birmingham. Sept Oct 1998 Fridays and Birthday Weekend Part 1
Godskitchen Birmingham Sanctuary, Birmingham. Oct Nov 1998 John Kelly, Sonique, Mark Moore, Simon Baker, Little Miss Payne.
Godskitchen / Birthday Ball Birmingham Sanctuary, Birmingham. 26th Sept 1998 Judge Jules, Paul Van Dyk, Tall Pall, John Kelly, TIA RIA, Matt Sadler, Fergie.
Godskitchen / Mixmag / Club Country Ball The Sanctuary Music Arena, Milton Keynes 11th Oct 1997 Tony De Vit, John Kelly, Jeremy Healy, Danny Rampling, Boy George.
Godskitchen / New Years Eve Ball Birmingham Sanctuary, Birmingham. 31st Dec 1998 Tall Paul, Craig Campbell, Jem Atkins, Daniel Soto, Mark Jarman.
GOLDEN Sankeys Soap, Manchester Dec / Jan / Feb 96/97 Norman Jay, Kelvin Andrews, Dean Wilson, John Kelly, TWA
Golden Phase 3, Staffordshire. Aug / Sept Pete Tong, John Kelly, Dave Seaman, Pete Bromley, Kelvin Andrews
Golden Manchester & Stoke-on-Trent Jan-97 Dean Wilson, Judge Jules, Hardy & Edwards, etc
Golden (fusion tour) / Sankeys Soap Sankeys Soap & Various Locations Oct-97 Judge Jules, Steve Williams, plus other top DJs
Good Luvin (something for the spring season) Afterlife Club Bar Complex, Burnley 2nd, 9th, 23, 30th Mar 2002 Chris Norwood, Ryan Khan, Jamie Harvey, Gilly, jazzy m, Andy G, Jay Floyd
Good Luvin / Afterlife Complex Afterlife Club Bar Complex, Burnley 22-Feb-02 Launch Party -
Goodgreef 53 Degrees, Preston 1st April 2006 Scot Project, Rob Tissera, Alex Kidd, Oliver Lang
Groover The State, Manchester begins 9th May ? Des Marshall, Nick Arrojo
Groovy Gallery, Newcastle, Staffs. Friday Daba, Nik.D, Danny Weaver
Groovy (lemon) Gallery Midway, Newcastle, Staffs ?
Gumbo Crosskeys, Burnley. 21st Dec 2002 Zen, Danny Almond, Pete Hart
Hacienda Also See: Fac51, The Hacienda, others
Hacienda The Hacienda, Manchester 13th Jan ?
Hacienda The Hacienda, Manchester ? Graeme Park, Tom Wainwright, Bobby Langley.
Hacienda / Blackburn Manhattan Heights, Blackburn 1990 ? Nick Arrojo at a Hacienda night in Blackburn
Hacienda / Shine The Hacienda, Manchester May-June ? Frankie Knuckles, Kevin Saunderson, class, class
Hacienda / Shine The Hacienda, Manchester 13th March ? Sasha, Mike Pickering, Russ
Hacienda / Shine The Hacienda, Manchester ? Mike Pickering, Russ
Hacienda / Shine The Hacienda, Manchester February ? Alex Party, Buckley, Nic Loveur, Dave Dunne.
Hacienda FAC51 See Others Listed: Posters, many more.
Hacienda FAC51 / Cream Fac51 The Hacienda, Manchester 9th Feb ? Jon of Pleased Wimmin, Matt Jam Lamont, Andy Carroll, Matthew Roberts
Hacketts Hacketts, Blackpool. Feb-Mar 1991 Dave Charnley, Nipper, Jon Da Silva.
HACKETT'S, Blackpool Also See: Kickin Promo and my others listed. ######
Happiness Vogue, Manchester Feb ? Sasha, John Da Silva, Glen Gunner, Ricky Morrison.
Happy as Larry Leeds Corn Exchange 27th Nov ? Smoking Jo, Ian Ossia, Glenn Gunner, Nicky Holloway, Luv Dup.
Happy Mondays (official aftershow party) South Nightclub, King Street, Manchester. 22nd Dec 2012 Clint Boons Xmas Knees Up, highjacked by Happy Mondays, Bez, Kermit.
HAPPY MONDAYS plus 808 State / Victoria Warehouse Victoria Warehouse, Trafford Wharf Road, Trafford, Manchester. 22nd Dec 2012 Happy Mondays, 808 State, Krysko, Will Orchard.
Hard Times Bel-Air, Huddersfield May ? Chris Coco, Tom Wainwright, C.J Mackintosh, E.F.X.
Hard Times Bagley's, London 28th May ? Roger Sanchez, Todd Terry, Kenny Dope.
Hard Times Bel-Air, Huddersfield Boxing Day & NYE ? Roger Sanchez, Robert Owens, Elliot Eastwick.
Hard Times See Also: The Hacienda, Full-On, others ######
Hard Times / Cream Nation, Liverpool 27/01 ? Robert Owens, Michael Watford, D.J Disciple.
Hard Times / The Label (the seasons) Club XPO Bar, Burnley 06/05/1996 Roger Sanchez, Derrick Carter, Elliot Eastwick, Miles H.
Hardcore (the return..) Arena promo Rockworld, Manchester 29/08 ? Marcus Kaye, X.T.C., Moggy, Paul Walker, Motivation.
Hardcore Kaos Andersons, Manchester ?
Heartlands / link-up promo Heartlands, Trafford, Manchester 20/09 ? Mix Factory DJ's (revenge, sequins, banshee)
Heaven Heaven, Burnley. May ? Jamie Keene, Sempie, Lisa Lashes, Retro.
Heaven Heaven Nightclub, Burnley. Feb ? Rob Tissera, Jon Da Silva, Matthew Roberts.
Heaven (ex angels) Heaven, old Angels nightclub, Burnley. 14th Dec - NYE RA Temple Tour, Alex P, Parks & Wilson.
Heaven (previously Angels Nightclub), Burnley See also: Renaissance, Angels, others ######
Heaven On Earth / A New Horizon Royal Norfolk County Show Ground. 20/03/1992 DJ Seduction, DJ Hype, Ray Keith, Fabio, MC Hardcore General, Ellis-D.
Heaven On Earth / Where Eagles Dare The Hummingbird, Birmingham. 11/12/1992 LTJ Bukem, Danielle & Rochelle, Pilgrim, Scott Bond, Face, Tayla, K-Groove.
Hedonism / The Quest Lea Valley Trade Est., Edmonton, N18 20/03/1992 Slipmat, Lime, Mickey Finn, Doug Osborne, others.
Hell The No1 Club, Manchester Jul-93 Angel, Si Long, Craig Campbell, Chris Storey.
Hellraiser Sea Lane, Skegness May-June-July ?
HELTER SKELTER The Sanctuary Warehouse, Denbeigh Leisure Park, Bletchley, Milton Keynes. 29/04/1994 DJ Hype, Pure Love, Jumping Jack Frost, The Music Maker, The Producer, Mark EG
Helter Skelter The Sanctuary Warehouse, Denbeigh Leisure Park, Bletchley, Milton Keynes. 14/04/1995 Slipmat, DJ Rap, Brooverider, Man Parris, Technodrome with Scorpio, Dave Angel.
HELTER SKELTER (5 years in the making) The Sanctuary Warehouse, Denbeigh Leisure Park, Bletchley, Milton Keynes. 16/09/1994 DJ Rap, Mark E.G., Aztek, The Music Maker, Fabio, Dougall, Vibes.
Herbal Tea Party New Ardri, Manchester May ? Orde Meikle, Ege Bam Yasi, Andy Weatherhall.
Herbal Tea Party New Ardri, Manchester 12th / 26th May ? Andy Weatherall, Orde Meikle, Ege Bam Yasi, Rejuvenation
Heven / Fallows 2 Fallows 2, Speke, Liverpool. 26/06 ? Stu Allen, Kenny (underground), Daz Willot
Heven / Fallows 2 Fallows 2, Speke, Liverpool. 03-Jul Stu Allan, Allan James.
Heven Part II / Useless promo Coconut Grove, Liverpool 16/10 ? Bizzare Inc, 2 Unlimited, Control, Stu Allan.
HeyFever / DMP promo pres Valliant's Equestrian, Blackpool 24/08/1991 K-Klass, Oceanic, Zero-B, Nipper, Dave C, Steve W
Higher Joy Clitheroe Castle 25/08/1991 The Higher Joy in the grounds of Clitheroe Castle
Hite Nite IV / New Age promotions The Eclipse, Lower Ford Street, Coventry. 13/09/1991 Carl Cox, Groove Rider, Slipmat, Top Buzz, Luke, D.J. Steph, Carl Williams.
HolyCity Zoo Holy City Zoo, Manchester Jan ?
HOME / Back2Home Home, Manchester 01/02/1995 2 dam Funky, Gripper, Impact.
Home / Seconds Out (round 3) Home, Manchester 09/02/1995 Farley jackmaster Funk, Alistair Whitehead.
HOME Nightclub Manchester See others: Discovery, Diplomacy, Cowboy Recs, Cloud 9,
HORNY The Mill, Preston Sept / Oct ? Phil Morley, Matt Bell, Pete Heller, Judge Jools, D.O.P.
Horny / Progress & Passion The Mill, Preston June-July ? Marshall Jefferson, Farley "Jackmaster" Funk.
Hot House promo / Dawsons Dawsons, Shaw 13/02/1992 Greg, Dick, Guests.
Hott Hott, Liverpool May-94 Tim Lennox, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Angel.
Hott Hott, Liverpool May / June 1994 Launch Night,Tim Lennox, Girls on top, Farley Jackmaster Funk.
Hott Wax (soul train) Calistos, Huddersfield 30th September ? Kev Edwards, Bad Ass, Barry May
Hott Wax (soul train) Calistos, Huddersfield 26th August ? Kev Edwards, Bad Ass, Barry May
Hotwatermusic Zumbar, Manchester Oct/Nov/Dec Matt Hadlow, Steve Holland, D.I.Y.
HYPE / Spinn Promo Peppermint Place, Blackburn Easter Monday ? Evil Eddie Richards, Spinmasters 808 State, Nipper, Green-Bins.
Hypnotic (Chaplin's) Chaplin's, Warrington ? Stu Allan, Paul Walker, Carl Cox, Rap, Ray Keith.
Hypnotic (Promo) The Eclipse. The Eclipse, Lower Ford Street, Coventry. 30/08/1991 Awesome 3, Man Paris, Stu Allan, Parks & Wilson, DJ Daz Wiliot, Ray Kieth.
Hypnotic / Vogue Vogue, Manchester ? Mix Factory DJs, Stu Allan, Carl Cox, Fabio
Hypnotic Promotions See: Vogue, Tunes, The Eclipse, various others ######
Hysteria / Pure X The Sanctuary, Milton Keynes 15/10/1994
I Spit On Your Rave / Vulcan pres Pawlett Manor July-August ? Clarkee, Dougal, Easygroove, Billy Nasty, Louie B.
Icon (the resurrection) 051 Club, Liverpool April-May ? Mark Moore, Rocky & Diesel, Ail Cooke, Huggy.
I-D World Tour / Breathless Paradise Circus, Birmingham 07/08/1992 Paul Wain, Chris Coco, DJ Dick, Original Rockers, Groove Corp
Immense / New Dawn Cotton Club, Wrexham ? Trixx, Andy Lea, Traxx, Greeny, Sasha, Welly
In Deep / d movement pres Roxy, Bury 14th October ? 2 For Joy, Welly, Digs, Mark Currie
In Ter Dance / Phase III / Phase IV Worthing, West Sussex 01/08 ? Massive line-up, Mr C, Derrick May, Luke Slater
In the Dock The Barkey, Manchester 14th August ? Craig Campbell, Alister Whitehead, Des Marshall
Infinity Aston Villa Leisure, Birmingham 14th August ? Grooverider, Swann-E, Seduction, Fabio
Infinity / altitude pres Bojangles, Manchester. ? Wooly, Paul S Spensley
Insomnia / Hard Dock Hard Dock Café, Liverpool 9th March ? new Atlantic, Bliss, Dave Seaman, Ralphy, John Cecchini
Inter-Galactics Warehouse, Halifax 03/07/1992 Mark Holliday, James Deane, Glen Davies
International 2 International 2, Manchester 29/05 ? Zero Zero, Family Foundation, Rhythm Quest.
intimate Connection Precinct 13 , Manchester ? Madhatter , Kwartz
Into the void and beyond Marco Polo's, Manchester 29th January 92
Is Right Club Scarletts, Winsford 10/01 (1991)
Its Obvious The Warehouse, Leeds 21st March / David Holmes, Audio Traffic, Nick Plug, Crash & Burn.
Jooce Also See: Neuro
Jooce (a funky bitch II) Palace, Blackpool 12/04/1993 Rose Royce, Ian Ossia, Jeremy Healey, D-Ream
Jooce (atmosphere) Palace, Blackpool 31/08/1992 Sasha, Laurant Garnier, Welly, Stu Allan, Dick
Jooce (cyber-Jooce) The Palace, Blackpool 04/05/1992 John Jepson, Shades of Rhythm, Welly, Ralphy
Jooce (fresh-the club) Palace, Blackpool 30th April etc ? Welly, Nipper, John J, Greenbins, Vertigo, Pigsy
Jooce (spice-a funky bitch) Palace, Blackpool 26/12/1992 Pigsy, Mix Factory, Allister Whitehead
Jooce / Neuro Empire Festival site, Morecambe 07/09/1991(1) Xpansions, K-Klass, 2 fo rJoy, Rozalla, M.V.I.T.A.
Jooce / Neuro Empire Festival site, Morecambe 07/09/1991(2) Xpansions, K-Klass, 2 for Joy, Rozalla, M.V.I.T.A.
Jooce / Neuro Empire Festival site, Morecambe 07/09/1991(3) Sasha, Vertigo, Nipper, PiG-C, Guy Maskell. PA's
Jooce / Neuro Empire Festival site, Morecambe 07/09/1991(4) Xpansions, K-Klass, 2 for Joy, Rozalla, M.V.I.T.A.
Jooce / Neuro Empire Festival site, Morecambe 07/09/1991(5) Xpansions, K-Klass, 2 for Joy, Rozalla, M.V.I.T.A.
Jooce 2 (neuro) Palace, Blackpool 26/12/1991 John J, X-Static, Baby D, House Crew, Vertigo
Jooce 92 / eurosivie The Palace, Blackpool Jan-92 John J, Welly, Pig-C, Vertigo, Guy, Mc Bibi, Allister
Jooce III Palace, Blackpool 20/04/1992 Allister, Greenbins, Pigsy, Welly, Nipper Pas
Jooce V Palace, Blackpool. 25/05/1992 Sasha, John J, Welly, Robert Owens, Alister
Jooce V Palace, Blackpool 25th May 1992 Admission voucher for this big event..
Jungle & Ragga (bangara promo) The State, Liverpool 1992 est. Seduction, Slipmat
Jungle Fever (Kings Of The Jungle II) The Edge, Coventry. 22/01/1994 Good line-up
Jungle Mania III (civilisation) Venue 44, Nottingham. 08/10 ?
K.U.F / Psychology Hard Dock Café, Liverpool May ? SL2,Evil Eddie Richards, Parks & Willson,2 Bad
Kaleidoscope Peppermint Place, Blackburn Thurs Oceanic , 2 Unlimited, Control, etc
KAOS (the dark room) Cricketer St Williams, Wigan Nov-91 DJ Welly
KAOS / Cricketer The Cricketer, Wigan 01/01/1991 DJ Welly
KAOS / Cricketer The Cricketer, Wigan 18-Jan/1-Feb/1991 DJ Welly
Karnival (double kirk funk) Jabez Clegg, Manchester. 14 August ? Gordon M, Mr D, Fred & Ricy.
K-Groove / BCP X Club, Manchester. April ? DJ Rap, Stu Allen, DJ XL, Parks & Willson.
Kickin Promo See Also: Liberty 3, others
Kickin Promo (liberty 3) Manhattans, Southport. ? Green Bins, Rico, Scouse.
Kickin Promo / Back To My Roots Hacketts, Blackpool Every Friday 1990 Shack, Kenny, Rob, Drew
Kickin Promo / Kick It Manhattan Heights, Blackburn 26/08/1991 Sasha, Eskimos In Egypt, Andy Senior.
Kickin Promo / Liberty Manhattan Heights, Blackburn. 04/07/1991 Mike Knowler, Nipper, Gez, Rob.
Kickin Promo pres / Liberty Manhattan Heights, Blackburn. 11/07/1991 Rob (Hackets, Monroes) Gez, plus crew.
Kickin Promotions See: Back To My Roots, Libertys,
Kickin Promotions presents, Blackburn August (1991) Sasha, Green Bins, Kenny & Kelly, Rob, Gez.
Kinda Groovy Wiggly Worm, Manchester. April-May 1992 E-Lustrious, E-Motion, MANIC, DJ Sonny.
Kinetic Leisurebowl, Stoke Jan-Feb 1994 All the mad stuff going on at this very mad club..
Kinetic Leisurebowl, Stoke. Feb-Mar 1995 You wanna see the best? Come and check this..
Kinetic Leisurebowl, Stoke-on-Trent. Aug-Sept ? Randall, Music Maker, Stu Allan, SS, SY, RAP.
Kinetic Wellington, Telford. Apr-92 Ned Ryder, Micky Finn, Fabio, Devious D.
Kinetic Leisurebowl, Stoke-on-Trent. Feb-Mar 93 Carl Cox, Hype, SS, Daz Willot, E-illustrious.
Kinetic Leisurebowl, Stoke. May ? Slipmat, Rap, Ratpack, Hype, Stu Allan, SY, SS.
Kinetic (album tour night) Pleasure Drome, Birkenhead. 27/04 ?
Kinetic (Club Kinetic) See Also: Club Kinetic, Quest
Kinetic (Digital) The Leisurebowl, Longton, Stoke. Sept-Oct-Nov 1994 Joey Beltram, Human Resource, Darian Kelly, MC Connie, Brisk, DJ SS, Ratty.
Kinetic (promo) The Leisure Bowl Leisurebowl, Stoke-on-Trent 03/04/1992 Colin Dale, Carl Cox, Crazy J, Gemini, Kev Bird.
KISS 102 Manchester Radio 8pm line-up Da Intalex (Marcus & X.T.C), 808 State.
KISS Radio (all) See other items listed..
K-Klass (flyer for video) Full Program / Neuro Productions -1991 Flyer for the Live video of K-Klass
Kromozone Lord Byrons, Preston ? DJ Nevis.
L.O.U.D (the euro org' pres) Roxy, Manchester Sept-Oct 1991 Baby D, Phuture Assassins, Des Marshall.
Last Order Private Venue, Zens, North Yorkshire. 10/07/1999 All Star Event with a Sam Magoo design
Leeds Music Factory / Groove Garden Music Factory, Leeds. NYE ? Farley jackmaster Funk, Joe Roberts, Melanie Williams.
Legendary Dance Roxy, Bury. 30/08/1993 Dream Frequency, Stu Allan.
Legends Legends, Warrington. Jan / Feb ? Digital Orgasm, Love Decade, Dream Frequency.
Legends (Happy) Legends, Warrington. ? DJ Rae, Over Ride.
Leisurebowl, Stoke-on-Trent See: Shelly's, Bang-In-Tunes, many others
Liberty (very large type) Poster Manhattan Heights, Blackburn Begins 04/Jul/1991 Shop type poster for Blackburn's Liberty night
Liberty 3 / Kickin promo Manhattans, Southport. 1991 Green Binns, Rico, Scouse.
Liberty3 / Kickin promo Manhattans Nightclub, Southport every Saturday Green Bins, Rico, Scouse
Libertys Libertys, Sale, Manchester. Sept ? Carl Cox, Stu Allan, Top Buzz, Nipper, Paul Walker.
Liberty's Sale, Manchester. September ? Carl Cox, Stu Allan, Nipper, Top Buzz.
Liberty's Liberty's, Sale, Manchester. 23/06/1992 Altern 8,Carl Cox, Top Buzz, Love Decade
Liberty's Liberty's, Sale, Manchester. Sept ? Carl Cox, Top Buzz, Stu Allan, Nipper, Paul Walker.
Liberty's (the right to rave) Liberty's, Sale, Manchester. July ? Love Decade, Stu Allan, Groove Rider, Bassheads.
LIFE Bowlers Leisure Complex, Trafford Park, Manchester. Sept ? Rob Tissera, Stu Allan, John Waddicker, Bowa.
Life Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester. Oct ? Terrorize, Elevation, Love Generation, Dredd MC.
Life Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester. January ? Martin Townsend, Kenny Grogan, Welly.
Life Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester 03/10/1992 Alistair Whitehead, Terrorize, Elevation, Love Gen.
Life Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester September ? Russ, Rob Tissera, Cabana, Stu Allan, Kenny.
LIFE Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester Feb-95 Matt Bell, Stu Allan, N Trance, LuvDup Twins, Kiss 102 Party.
LIFE Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester. Aug-95 details for the month
Life Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester Sept ? Alistair Whitehead, Dream Frequency, Awesome 3
Life (=happiness) Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester Oct-94 Rob Tissera, Matt Bell, Nipper, Love Decade, Manic
Life (asylum-national anthem) Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester. Nov-Dec-NYE 1996 Loads going on here! Great club, Class DJs, GudNite.
Life (bring the cake) Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester. 28th May 1994 Rob Tissera, Stu Allan, Shades of Rhythm, Bowa
Life (fools party) Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester Mar-April 1995 Dream Frequency, Strike, Together (Hardcore Uproar)
Life (fools party) Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester Mar-Apr 1995 Stu Allan, Together (Hardcore Uproar), Clock.
Life (k-klass) Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester 14th Nov ? K-Klass, Vertigo, Kenny Grogan, Welly
LIFE (New Years Eve) 1994 Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester. New Year Eve 1994 Kenny Grogan, Bowa, John Waddicker, Nipper, Stu Allan, Dream Frequency.
Life (produce of liverpool) Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester. 7th May 1994 Rob Jat, New Atlantic
Life (the commission) Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester 26th Dec ? The Commission, Russ, Kenny Grogan, Welly
Life (the kiss of life) Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester Feb-95 Matt Bell, Stu Allan, C Smooth, N Trance, Apollo 44
Life (Vertigo) Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester. 26th June 1993 Vertigo, John Waddicker, Martin Townson, Kenny
Life / 2nd Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester. May & 2nd B-day ? New Atlantic, JX, Loveland, Jim Shaft Ryan
Life / 3 Beat Music Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester 21st November ? 3 Beat Music - Cordial, Bass Value, Analysis
Life / Bring Birthday Cake Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester 28/05/1994 Rob Tissera, Stu Allan, Shades of Rhythm
Life / Bring Cake Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester 28/08 ? Rob Tissera, Hyper Go Go
Life / Bring the Cake (3rd Birthday) Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester. May-95 Alex Party, Liquid, Stu Allan, Nipper, Grace, Fire Island
Life / Fill it up Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester Feb-March 1993 Rob Tissers, Vertigo, Russ, Liberation plus Pas
Life / Franke Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester 12th December ? Franke Live PA, Kenny Grogan, Welly
Life / Fridays Life Lovely Jubley Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester Fri 13/20 - Sat 28 Aug ? The Cotton Club, Stu Allan,
Life / Illustrious Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester. 30th May ? Illustrious, Kenny Underground, Welly
Life / Media Records Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester 10th April ? John Waddicker, Martin Townson, Steve Butler
Life / NYE 1994 Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester NYE 1994 Details on there extended licence for this night
Life / Reasons to be Cheerful (nye) Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester Dec-NYE 1994 Nipper, Dream Frequency, Stu Allan, Baby D.
Life / Two For Joy Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester. 27th June ? Two for Joy, Kenny Underground, Welly
Life 2 Bowlers, Trafford Park, Manchester May-94 New Atlantic, JX, Loveland, Jim Shaft Ryan
LIFE 2 - Weekender (life weekends) Q.W. Holiday Village, Newquay, Dyfed, West Wales. 9th 10th 11th Nov 1991 K-Klass, Carl Cox, Sasha, Andy C, Colin Dale, Harvey, Clem O, Tony Willson.
Life at the Drome The Pleasure Drome, Birkenhead 16/01/1993 Stu Allan, Dave Graham, Rusty, Philly, Cyanide.
Link-Up promo / International 2 International 2, Manchester. 25/10 ? Nipper, MC Tunes, Stu Allan
Live at the Palace Palace, Blackpool. 28/03/1991 N-Joi, Solo, Nipper, Dave Charnley, John J, Gilly
Lock 19 (big bang) Canal CafeBar, Manchester. 08/07/1993 Danny Hussain, Rob Bright, Pete Robinson
Logical Progression / Sankeys Soap Sankeys Soap, Manchester 14th Nov 1996 LTJ Bukem, Tayla, Blame, Conrad, DRS, Randall, Marcus, Jamac
Logical Progression / The Gallery / Heavenly Social Turnmills, London , EC1 thurs/fri/sat Logical Progression, The Gallery, Heavenly Social.
Love Decade & Oceanic Live King Georges Hall, Blackburn 22nd November ? Oceanic, Love Decade, Dynamic Pets, Dave Taylor
Love is.. Spending all night at the.. Doncaster Warehouse July ? Carl Cox, LTJ Bukem, Dave Angel, Rat Pack, Kenny Ken, M-Zone
Love Life III (rhythm & harmony) Marcus Garvey, Nottingham 30/08/1992
Love Muscle (shite nite) Prague, Stockport May-June-etc (92) Awesome 3, John Da Silva, Jon Pleased Wimmin
Love Revolution Digbeth Institute, Birmingham Aug-Sept ? Tony Humphries, Danny Rampling, Fabi Paras
LOVE SHACK Love Shack, Blackpool. 13/09/1991 ? Dave Charnley, Steve Williams.
Love Shack / Hypnotic The Love Shack, Blackpool. Mar-92 Brian Gee, Paul Walker, Doc Scott, Stu Allan, Ray Keith.
Love Shack, Blackpool See Others Listed: Memberships, Newsletters, Tapes
Love to Be / Easy Afterdark, Skipton 24/05/1996 Tony Walker,Scott Harris,George Simpson,Serena
Lucarave Mr Smiths, Warrington 1991 Lucarave,the sparkling dance night
Luv Dup Venue, Manchester Mar-92 Carl Simmonds,Steve Lee,Adrian & Mark
Luv Dup Manchester 04-18/03/1991 Adrian,Mark luv dup,Carl Simmonds,Steve Lee
Luv Dup / Milk Bar Milk Bar, London 14th May / Adrian,Mark Luv Dup,Simon Hanson,De Ja Vu
Luv Dup / Phunk Junktion Home, Manchester May ?
LuvDup (down london)(reasons to be..) Milk Bar, London 19/03/1992 Oscar,Adrain & Mark luv dup,Ariel,etc,etc
LuvDup / Phunk Junktion Home, Manchester May ? Stress Records, Mindwarp PA, Martin Pickard, Fat City Records
M.O.S Ministry of Sound / Ibiza Factor 15 Tour Pacha, Space, Ibiza July to Sept ? Frankie Knuckles, Derrick May, CJ Mack
Magees, RMS3 promo Magee's Fri 10th July ? Woody, Fixx, Andy, Rockin Rick
Magnificent seven rave again London 25-May-1991 Carl Cox, Judge Jules, Groove Rider, plus others.
Malloys (the maximum) Malloys, Preston Nov-Dec ? Pig C,Nipper,John J,Gilly,Ant,Martin,etc
Manchester Academy / K-Klass tour Manchester Academy 21/03 / K-Klass, Rozalla, Mike Pickering plus guests
Manchester Solstice 92 Manchester Academy 1st August 92 Alistair Whitehead,Tim Narey
Marvelous (promotion) The Roxy, Darwen, Blackburn ? Greenbins, Jerome, Chris
Masquerade (the new years eve ball) Winter Gardens, Blackpool 31/12/1995 Farley jackmaster Funk,Allister Whitehead,etc
Masters of Imagination Phase II Temple of Sound, Wigan 26/03/1995 BMW, Natz, Marcus, Warchief, Joker, Jdwalker,Kruger,Jax,etc
Maximes (good times r back) Maximes, Wigan Dec-01 Zone,Hypnotic are just afew of the nights on..
Maximes / Passion Maximes, Wigan April / May Stu Allan,Paul Walker,Matt Bell,etc
Maximes Nightclub, Wigan See: Revenge, Passion, Paradise Found, others See Also:
Maya Zoo, Bradford April ? DIY, Tom Wainwright, Collin Patterson, Havoc.
Mayhem Planet Venus, Sunbridge Road, Bradford. 2nd Dec 1995, 6th Jan, 3rd Feb 96 Sting, Sly, Sharky, San, Scrypt, Atmospherics & Lights by Tangent & Neo-Tek
Mayhem (siren sounds pres) Double Dose of.. Planet Venus, Bradford. Rock Coven, Colne 26-27 August 1995 Sting, Sly, Shaky, J.P, San-Scrypt, The Hood.
Mayhem / Breakfast On Mir Club 53, Burnley. 28th July 2001 Miss Tyson, Amoeba Assassin, Boss, D.J Shaky & Yeahman
MEKKA Mekka, Blackpool Opening night 25/05/1991 P.K.A, N-Joi, Evolution, Sasha, Carl Cox, Nipper.
Mind Biscuit The Warehouse, Burnley July-August Digs & Woosh, Justin Harris, Joe Audio Traffic
Mind The Gap Bar Kay, Manchester 25th Feb ? Capper, Andy S, Paul Landon, Return of the..
Mind-Storm / Macy's Macy's, Blackpool. ? Paul Gallagher(revenge,blackburn raves)
Ministry Of Sound (2nd Birthday) London, SE1 12th May 1993 Chemical Brothers, Darren Emerson, Derrick May
Ministry Of Sound (3rd Birthday) London, SE1 23rd-24th Sept 1994 Mr Monday, John Kelly, Darren Emerson & loads more
Ministry Of Sound (5 years) MOS, London, SE1 Sep-96 Massive line up for this month the half decade
Ministry of Sound / M.O.S See: Sugar Shack, others
Mo Better Club o-five-one, Liverpool 26th March ? Jam MC's, Ade
Mo Better Club o-five-one, Liverpool 5th March ? Jam MC's, Valentine Brothers, DJ Pig C
Mo Better Club o-five-one ,Liverpool 12th March ? Jam MC's , Bantu , DJ Aitch
Mo Better Club o-five-one, Liverpool 19th March ? Jam MC's , 98 Proof , MC Buzz B
Monday at the World The World, Warrington March / April ? Paul Taylor, Paul Walker, Stu Allan, DJ Demand, Hyper Go Go
Monopoly Manchester 04/04/1992 Spok & M
Monroes Monroe's, Gt. Harwood, Blackburn Mar-91 2 For Joy, Dream Frequency, Love Decade.
Monroes Monroes, Gt. Harwood, Blackburn ? DJ Mickey, Mellow D, Scratcher Paul, Steve Higinson.
Monroes Monroes, Great Harwood, Blackburn ? (fri-sat) Sempie, Foggy, Bibby, Pete Daley, Lee Lee, MC Turbo.
Monroes Monroes, Wood St, Gt. Harwood, Blackburn. starts 12th March 1999 Bouncy UpFront House with Frank Pearce, Shannon, Funky Z
Monroes (2 for Joy live) Monroes, Gt. Harwood, Blackburn, Lancs. 01/03/1991 2 For Joy, play Live at the Monroes Nightclub.
Monroes (escape) Monroes, Gt. Harwood, Blackburn 19-26/12/1990 + M.V.I.T.A
Monroes (escape) Monroes, Gt. Harwood, Blackburn 02-09/01/1991 + DJ Paulo
Monroes (evolution live) Monroes, Gt. Harwood, Blackburn 19/05/1991 Evolution, DJ Micky & Guests
Monroes (insanity) Monroes, Gt Harwood, Blackburn March-April 1991 Love Decade, Loopzilla, Phaze1, DJ Mike E.
Monroes (meltdown) Monroes, Gt Harwood, Blackburn 1991 Micky, Neil, Daryll plus PA's.
Monroes (meltdown) Monroes, Blackburn 1990 Welly, Dread M.C, Green Bins, Marcus.
Monroes (meltdown) Monroes, Gt Harwood, Blackburn 1990 Green Bins plus Guests
Monroes (power plant) Monroes, Gt Harwood, Blackburn 1990 Power Plant nights starts every Saturday at Monroes.
Monroes (the next experience) Monroes, Gt Harwood, Blackburn 18th Dec 1993 Bowa, Triple X, Icky.
Monroes (x-static) Monroes, Gt Harwood, Blackburn 20/07 (1991) Andy Senior, Mark C, Shez, Andy D, Micky.
Monroes / Euphoria Monroes, Gt Harwood, Blackburn Dec-1990/Jan-1991 DJ E-Zee-"C", Taff, Easy "P".
Monroes / Freedom Monroes, Gt Harwood, Blackburn Mar-91 Love Decade, Sub Sub, Phaze1, DJ Cruze, Finn.
Monroes / Freedom(all dayer-all nighter) Monroes, Gt Harwood, Blackburn 24/08-16/08 1991 John Kelly, John De Silva, Welly, Mickey, Shez.
Monroes / Power Plant (the loyal posse) Monroes, Gt Harwood, Blackburn Early 1991 Power Plant at Monroes
Monroes / Pure Monroe's, Gt. Harwood, Blackburn 08/02/1991 Motion N Madness, Neukleotide, etc
Monroes / Pure Joy Monroe's, Gt. Harwood, Blackburn 1991 Welly, Mickey, plus PA's
Monroes / Spinn pres Return Monroes, Blackburn 15/05/1992 John J, Greenbins, Cruze.
Monroes II Monroes II, Gt. Harwood, Nr Blackburn 24-26-NYE Dec ? Mickey, Mellow D, MC BMW, Ziggy, Paul, Steve.
Monroes, Blackburn See: Frenzy, Others Listed
MOONDANCE / Life (music festival) weekend promo Sundrum Castle Holiday Park, Ayr, Scotland. 15th 16th 17th March 1991 A Homeboy A Hippie & Funki Dredd, Urban Hype, Excel D, Easygroove, DJ Sucks.
Most Excellent See also: Fac 51, others
Most Excellent Wiggly Worm, Manchester April-May ? Darren Emerson, Fabi Paras, Andy Weatherall.
Most Excellent Manchester NYE 31/12/1992 Jon Da Silva, Dust Brothers, Justin Robertson, Greg Fenton.
Most Excellent The Brickhouse, Manchester May-June ? Justin Robertson, Mike Pickering, Dean Thatcher, Adrian Grey.
Most Excellent Millionaire, Manchester. ? Darren Emerson, Cirillo, Mike Pickering.
Most Excellent (splash down) Bar Kay, Manchester. 15th October ? Dave Barber, Justin Robertson, Richard Bithell.
Most Excellent / Grid & Dub Jabez Clegg, Manchester. 14th November ? Dave Barber, Justin Robertson, Dub Federation Live.
Most Excellent / Venus Venus, Nottingham 29/05 ? Justin Robertson, Greg Fenton, Terry Farley.
Most Excellent / Venus Venus, Nottingham. 31st January ? Darren Emerson, Greg Fenton, Justin Robertson.
Moving People Scu Bar, Manchester. 26th sept Emma, Dave Norris.
Mr G's pres (back to the basics..) Mr G's 1991 Shack, Kenny.
Mr Monday The Limit, Manchester. Dec ?
Mr Monday / The Limit The Limit, Lloyd Street, Manchester Nov ? Paul Walker, XTC, Dave Pullen
Mr Monday / The Limit The Limit, Lloyd Street, Manchester Dec ? Moggy, Stubby, Rick Jones, DJ Rhythm, DJ Haggis
Mr Monday / The Limit The Limit, Lloyd Street, Manchester Oct ? X.T.C, Paul Walker, Moggy, Jay Wearden, MC Shine, Sassoon,
Mr Smiths Mr Smiths, Warrington. Monday & Launch
MTV Dance / Floorchart Tour The Temple, Bolton & The Empire, Morecambe April-June ? Mark Moore, Nigel Benn, Rob Tissera, Anne Savage
Music Factory / Leeds Music Factory, Leeds Jul-92 Sasha, David Morales, Graeme Park, D-Ream
Music Factory / Sheffield / underground / H2O The Music Factory, Sheffield Nov ? Darren Emerson, Laurent Garnier.
Music Industry pres All Stars Tribute Louise Dean Huddersfield Sports Centre Sat 18th Nov 1995 Tribute to Louise Dean of Shiva. Massive Line Up
Music is the Drug / activate c.a.d pres' Bradford University 19-Dec-1992 Vertigo, Freaky B, Seduction, DJ Lisa, MC Ragga G
Mythology (the legend goes from ) Basingstoke, Hampshire 29-May-1992 Praga Karn, Toxic II, Luke Slater, SS.
Mythology (the return of a legend) Waterstock, Oxford 1-May-1992
Naked (under leather) ? 12th Feb ? Andrew Weatherall, Dust Brothers, Phil South.
Nature (hi flyers software) Full Circle, Bamford ? Chris Wilks, Hi Flyers Software.
Nemesis (the hardcore concept) Castle Donington 13-Jul-1991 Slipmat, Groove Rider, Top Buzz, DJ SS, DJ SY.
Nemesis / Rage Florence House, Leicester May-June ? All of them are here .!
NEURO See Also: Jooce
Neuro Park Hall, Charnock Richard, Lancashire 26/12/1990 Sasha, Laurant Garnier, K-Klass, Dream Freq
Neuro (the global solution) Park Hall, Charnock Richard Jan-91 2 for Joy, Laurent Garnier, Sasha, Juan Atkins
Neuro (the global solution) Park, Charnock Richard Jan-Feb 1991 Sasha, 2 for Joy, Laurent Garnier, Phil Meredith.
Neuro (the global solution) Park Hall, Charnock Richard (2nd) Jan-Feb 1991 John Kelly, Sasha, DJ Alistair, Juan Atkins.
Neuro (void) Park, Charnock Richard 01/04/1991 - Mar-Apr Laurent Garnier, Jon Da Silva, 2 in a Room.
Neuro II Empire, Morecambe Oct-Nov 1991 Pig C, DJ Guy, DJ Nipper, Vertigo, Baby D, House Crew
Neuro, Deva Park Hall, Charnock Richard 06/05/1991 John Kelly, Vertigo, Rozalla, Phil Meredith.
Neuro, Eon Park Hall, Charnock Richard, Chorley 27/05/1991 Shades of Rhythm, Hi-Brid, Guy Maskell.
Neuro, High Life Promotions, Part 1 Park Hall, Charnock Richard, Lancashire April-May 1991 Moby, Andy Senior, Charvoni, DJ Vertigo.
Neuro, High Life Promotions, Part 2 Park, Charnock Richard June-July 1991 Joey Beltram,MC Romeo, Andy Senior,DJ Pig C.
Neuro, Synergy Tokyo Jo's, Preston 26/08/1991 Massive Dj Line-up and details of there weekly nite
New Dance Project The Cricketer, Poolstock Lane, Wigan. Mon 27th Dec 1993 (2) Pig C, JF-MC, Trevor Marx, Richi, Moonlighting Zen Sound System. Design poster.
New Dance Project The Cricketer, Poolstock Lane, Wigan. 27/12/1993 Pig C, Craig C, JF-MC, Trevor Marx, Richi, Moonlighting Zen Sound System
New Dawn Coco Savanna, Stockport Oct-Nov ? Sonny, Trax X, DJ M, DJ Scott, MC Alfonso
New Dawn / Rockworld Rockworld, Manchester Mar-Apr 1992 Parks & Willson, Stu Allan, Lisa, Daz Willot
New Dawn / The Limit The Limit, Manchester Oct-Nov Fri-Sat 1992 Top names here every week..
New Dawn / The Limit The Limit, Manchester Dec 92 & NYE
New Dawn / The Limit The Limit, Manchester Aug-Sept-Oct ? SS, Pilgrim, Rap, Swan E, Mikey B, Cherokee.
New Dawn / The Meeting of Minds Keele, Staffordshire 11/07/1992 Top Buzz, Seduction, DJ Rap, Ratty, Mach One
New Dimension / Buzz Enter' Exhibition Centre, Hull 12/06/1992 Groove Rider, Top Buzz, Jumping Jack Frost.
New Edition New Edition, Bradford ? DJ coxy,Hazzy,Sweet G,Mike Shaft,Hewan Clarke
Nice as Pie King Georges Hall, Blackburn. 03/09/1994 Andrew Barker,Danny Hussain,etc
North / Defected Party North Nightclub, Manchester 26/12/2001 Rick Bonetti,Ben Burgess,Seamus Haji
North / The Void The Void, Stoke-on-Trent July-Aug 01 All the mad djs and the merchandise
North / The Void The Void, Stoke-on-Trent Aug-Sept 01 All the mad djs and the merchandise
Northern Buzz Celebrity's, Rhyl, North Wales 01/05/1992 Cherokee, Traxx, Daz, Ste Edwards, etc
Northern Exposure The Temple, Bolton 30th Oct 1996 Sasha, Shiva, John Digweed, etc
Northern Lights Northern Lights, Blackburn 10th March 95 Free Admission Invite
Nowhere (a little private party) Private Veune 5th Sept 1992 This was a good party
Nowhere (a little private party) VIP Pass / Wigan 5th Sept 1992 "just like the last one but completely different
Nutty / Merseyside Academy Merseyside Academy, Liverpool 17th April ? Swan E, Seth, Angus, Hugh, Pez, Chunky B.
O Zone The O Zone, Wigan Feb / March ? Bazzar, Barry May, Paul Huxley
Obliveon Promo / SL2 Leeds Warehouse 10th June SL2, Slipmat, Lime.
Obsession (all nighter) / place on earth promo Ku Club, Huddersfield 19-Apr-1992 Tony Ross, Nipper, Carl Davison, Bert, Dreamscape
Obsession All Nighters KU Club, Huddersfield 03-24/05/1992 Tony Ross, DJ Sonia, Carl logik Davison, Poco.
Odyssey (a journey to the ) Fallows, Aintree, Liverpool 22/04 ?
Odyssey / Time & Space Time and Space, The Midway, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke. 02/11/1996 / Nov-Dec 96 Ultra-Sonic, Mark EG, Diablo, Mikey B, Scott Brown, Cocky, M-Zone, Force & Styles
Off the Street Leeds Town & Country Club 21st August ? Marshall, Rob Tissera, Paul Taylor, Iyamede, Walker Boys,etc
Omen Part III The Eclipse, Lower Ford Street, Coventry. 20/09/1991 DJ Seduction, Slipmat, Ellis Dee, Pied Piper, Neil Trix, Jay Holder, Shockci, Luke.
One Love Buzz Club, Preston Feb-Mar ? Martin Lever,Jon Da Silva,Dream Frequency,etc
One Love Buzz, Preston Feb-Mar ? Just Dave,Martin Lever,Museka,Jon Da Silva,etc
Orange promo (rave on the boarder) Charlie's Nightclub, Todmorden 20/07 (1991) MC Messiah,DJ Sharpe,Autecre,etc
Orange promo (survival of the fittest) Xanadu, Rochdale 25-Aug-1991 Nipper,Dr Jeckyle,MC Messiah,etc
Orange promo (the time tunnel) Charlie's Nightclub, Todmorden 09-16-23/11 (1991) DJ Sharpe, MC Messiah, Turbo-C, Eden
Orange promo pres. Charlies, Todmorden 22-Feb-1992 Pig-C
Orbit See also: ARK,
Orbit Afterdark Nightclub, Morley, Leeds Oct / Nov 94 Trope Records Party,Sven Vath,Tannith
Orbit Afterdark, Morley, Leeds. May-June 1992 SY,Nipper,Dave Angel,Groove Rider,etc,etc
Orbit Afterdark, Morley, Leeds. Nov-Dec NYE 1992 Carl Cox,Nipper,DJ SY,Sonic Solution,Grooverider
Orbit Afterdark, Morley, Leeds. (2) May-June 1992 SY,Nipper,Dream Frequency,Grooverider,etc
Orbit Afterdark, Morley, Leeds. Jan-93 Carl Cox,Mickey Finn,Vertigo,Ratty,Fabio,etc
Orbit Afterdark, Morley, Leeds. Feb-April Carl Cox,Grooverider,Fabio,Slipmat,Pig C,etc
Orbit Afterdark, Morley, Leeds. June-July 1992 Laurent Garnier, Sy, Evolution, Nipper, CJ Boland, Grooverider, Fabio.
Orbit The Orbit, Afterdark , Morley (2) Oct / Nov 1994 Trope Records , Mark Spoon, Dave Angel, Tannith
Orbit Afterdark, Morley, Leeds. August 1992 B-Day ? Sonic Solution, Mixmag Club Tour, Joey Beltram.
Orbit Afterdark, Morley, Leeds. Feb-Mar ? Fabio,Slipmat,Grooverider,Carl Cox,Pig C,etc,etc
Orbit (2nd Birthday) Afterdark, Morley, Leeds. June-July ? Aphex Twin,sven Vath,etc,etc
Orbit (48) Afterdark, Morley, Leeds. Jan-Feb 1995 Kid Paul, Joey beltram, Westbam, David Holmes, Billy Nasty, Justin Robertson.
Orbit (48) Afterdark, Morley, Leeds. March-April 1995 Dave Angel, Robert Armani, Ege Bam Yasi, John, Nigel, Mark.
Orbit (48) Afterdark, Morley, Leeds. Aug-Sept 1996 Westbam, CJ Bolland, Dave Clarke, DJ Hell, Mark Tuner, Nigel Walker.
Orbit (48) Afterdark, Morley, Leeds. Oct-Nov ? Muzik Mag Night,Westbam,CJ Bolland,etc,etc
Orbit (48) Afterdark, Morley, Leeds. Nov-Dec NYE 1997 CJ Bolland,Joey Beltram,Dave Clarke,Westbam,etc
Orbit (all nighter) Marcus Garvey, Nottingham 07/02/1992 Dream Frequency,Grooverider,sy,top buzz,man parris
Orbit (takes the biscuits) Osset, West Yorkshire 10th, 17th, 24th August 1991 First Orbit flyer. Splits into 3 segments for each of the nights.
Orbit 2nd Birthday Afterdark, Morley, Leeds June-July ? Massive Dj Line up & Sven Vath,Aphex Twin
ORGASM / Highrisk promotions Love Shack, Palatine Building, Central Promenade, Blackpool. Every Friday 1992 Andy Senior, Mo2 Vation, Funki B, Rikkee, Jagga.
ORGASM / Highrisk promotions Come Together. Love Shack, Palatine Building, Central Promenade, Blackpool. Starting July 1992 Pig C, Welly, Nipper, MO 2 Vation, Spaceface, Rikkee, Funki B.
Orgazm See: Love Shack (Blackpool), Angels (Burnley) ######
Out in the Sticks The Bluenote, Todmorden December - NYE ? Marshall, Andy Ward, Russ, Craig, Jay Floyd.
Out in the Sticks The Bluenote, Todmorden Sept-? Russ, Craig, Marshall.
Out In The Sticks Bluenote, Todmorden Jun-01 C J Macintosh, Russ, Craig
Out In The Sticks The Bluenote, Todmorden May ? Russ, Craig, Jazzy M, Marshall.
Out in the Sticks / Opening Night The Bluenote, Todmorden 27th August 1994 Mike Pickering, Russ, Craig Edwards for the start.
Outer Limits / DGF promo Spectrum Arena, Warrington 29/10 ? Vertigo, Mike E Bloc, Carl Cox, Stu Allan, Rob Tissera.
Outhouse Grangers, Carnforth, Lancs. 07/02/1991 Cave Crew, Steely D, Grog, Powie.
OZ OZ Nightclub, Blackpool 1991 Promotion ticket/flyer
Oz Oz, Blackpool 27th Nov ? Evolution
Oz / Heaven & Hell II Oz, Blackpool ?
Oz Me'gacite' Avenue de I'Hippodrome, Amiens, France. 10/07/1993 It is a rave but the flyer is all in french..?
Pandemonium Club 051, Liverpool July-Aug 1992 Stu Allan, SS, Man Parris, Nipper, Rat Pack.
Pandemonium (here comes the sun) Forton Airfield, Shrewbury 28/08/1992 Carl Cox, Stu Allan, Slipmat, Ellis Dee.
Pandemonium (revenge of the collect..) J-Jays, Wolverhampton Aug ? Good line-up for the August
Pandemonium / Andromeda Institute Digbeth, Birmingham Jan-94 Big names on this weekly night out..
Pandemonium / Andromeda Mr B's, Willenhall, Wolverhampton Feb-Mar 1995 Ramos, Demand, Vibes, Man Paris.
Pandemonium / Andromeda III Donnington Park 13/06/1992
Pandemonium / Andromeda V Birmingham 02-03 May 1993 4 Dance Arenas packed with the best DJ's
Pandemonium / Club Andromeda The Institute, Birmingham Feb-Mar 1993 Swanne, Kenny Ken, The Producer, MC Magica.
Pandemonium / The Celebration The Institute, Birmingham 04/02/1994 DJ Sy vs Hype, Groove Rider, Stu Allan.
Pandemonium pres Andromeda IV The Institute, Birmingham 29/01/1993
Paradise / Danza Oz, Blackpool 30/01/1993 Sister Sledge, Russ, Dick.
Paradise / Danza Oz, Blackpool Jan-93 Paul Oakenfold, K-Klass, Ten City, Sister Sledge.
Paradise / Danza promo Oz, Blackpool 30/01/1993 Sister Sledge, Russ, Dick.
Paradise Found / Bounty / New Dawn Maximes, Wigan ? Welly, Mike Pickering, Graeme Park.
Paradise Found / Dance Network Maximes, Wigan Aug-Sept ? DJ Rap,Sasha,Ritchie Fingers,etc
Party In The Park / Sunset Radio Promo Manchester 31st August ? Sunset Radio 102fm, JT Taylor, Family Foundation
Passion Dance Factory, Preston May ? Stu Allan,Paul Walker,John Buckley,Neil Gibney,etc
Passion Maximes, Wigan Mondays / May Stu Allan,Paul Walker,Mike Woods,Moggy,Daz Willot
Passion Dance Factory, Preston May ? Paul Walker,Steve Traxx,John Buckley,Neil Gibney,Stu Allan
Passion (a new club,a new experience) Rumours, Evesham, Worcestershire Fri-Sat June ? Hype,Carl Cox,Seduction,Doc Scott,Man Parris
Passion (Back to the Old Tunes) / Afterdark The Afterdark, Morley, Leeds 22nd Nov 1996 Ultrasonic, Welly, Mark T, Steve fingers Elliot, Bod, Mc Breeze
Passion / Maximes Maximes, Wigan May ? Stu Allan,Matt Bell,Legends Reunion,Daz Willot,etc
Passion / Afterdark Afterdark, Morley, Leeds 22/11/1996 Ultrasonic,DJ Welly,Mc Breeze,etc
Passion / Dance Factory Dance Factory, Preston 01/01/1995 Stu Allan,Matt Bell,John Buckley,Moggy,Steve Elliot
Passion / Dance Factory (Preston) Dance Factory, Preston May ? Paul Walker, Steve Traxx, John Buckley, Neil Gibney, Stu Allan
Passion / Maximes Maximes, Wigan April / May Stu Allan,Paul Walker,Matt Bell,etc
Passion / Maximes Maximes, Wigan Mondays / May Stu Allan, Paul Walker, Mike Woods, Moggy, Daz Willot
Passion / Maximes Maximes, Wigan Sep-94 Rewind, Back to the old Skool, Rob Tissera, Matt Bell.
Passion / Maximes Maximes, Wigan Jan-95 Wilson, Garvey, Matt Bell, Moggy, Jo Brown, Rick Jones
Passion / Maximes Maximes, Wigan Mar-95 Rewind, Wilson & Garvey, Stu Allan, Beyond the Old Skool.
Passion / Maximes (1st Birthday) Maximes, Standishgate, Wigan. Sep-93 Terrorize, Love Decade, K-Klass, Quadrant Park Re-union, Mark Green, Andy carroll.
Peace Fest 93 Astoria / Buzbys Easter Sunday
Pendle Hill (halloween fright night) Pendle Hill, Lancashire 31/10/1991 Very mad night
Perception (real dream) Longleat, Warminster 05/06/1992
Perception (take control) Melton Airfield, Leicester 30/04/1993 Pete Tong(playing outdoor rave for the 1st time)
Perception (the ultimate event) Bibury, Glouestershire 30/08/1991 Groove Rider, Fabio, DJ SS, Sasha, Jumping Jack Frost.
Perpetual / Afterlife Complex Afterlife Club Bar Complex, Burnley 2nd March 2002 Allister Whithead
Perpetual / Different Dose of Good Luvin. Afterlife (Bar/Club) Complex, Burnley. 2nd March 2002 Allister Whitehead. Good night
Phaze II Private Veune 4th August 1990 Blackburn Rave DJ, F**king good party
Phenomenon-e The Big One Has Arrived, Private Venue, Private Party 6th Oct 90 Attend the Awakening
Phenomenon-e Private Venue, Private Party 06/10/1990 Its Growing, Listen Out, We Shall Succeed
Phobia Carlisle Sands Centre 01/08 ? Bassheads,SY,Trevor Fung,Simon bassline smith
Phobia Leeds University 13th June ? Dave Angel, Bill E Wizz, Evil Eddie Richards, DJ Lime.
Phuturescope / dreamnotice / vision promo Oldside, Cumbria 11/07/1992 Mike E Block, Nipper, Love Decade, E-Lustrious.
Pisces Crises (the) / Technodrome Prod Pres The Warehouse, Nathan Way, Plumstead, London S.E.28 Fri 13/03/1992 Dave Angel, Colin Dale, Mark Moore, Face, Saffron, Tin-Tin, Mickey Finn, Ash B.
Plastic Fantastic Rock Coven, Colne ? John,Tiff
Playtime 2 (phuture promo) Marcus Garvey Centre, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham. 27/09/1991 Grooverider, Top Buzz, SS, Madness & Mayhem, M.R.C., D.J Sam, Barney B.
Playtime 3 (phuture promo) The Marcus Garvey Centre, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham. Fri 8th Nov 1991 Top Buzz, DJ Rap, Fergus, Keith Suckling, The Rhythm Doctor, Senator.
Pleasure / wigan pier Wigan Pier, Wigan Febuary 1995 Paul Walker,Nev Johnson,Colin Favor,Stu Allan
Pleasure / Wigan Pier Wigan Pier, Pottery Rd, Wigan Nov / Dec Paul Walker,Daz Willot,Chris Platt,Nev Johnson
Pleasure / Wigan Pier Wigan Pier, Pottery Rd, Wigan Feb-95 Dave Ralph,Phil Gifford,Colin Favor,Stu Allan,etc
Pleasuredrome / Qube Pleasuredrome, Farnworth, Bolton 02/05/1991 2 For Joy, Kenny, Nick.
Pleasuredrome / Redzone Pleasuredrome, Farnworth, Bolton 09-10 Aug ? Kenny, Nick Arrojo, Mark C, Shez, Nipper, Dredd MC.
Pleasuredrome, Farnworth, Bolton See: Qube, Sara Cox's fav most rated club.
Pop (at the Barkay) The Barkay, Manchester May ? Nick Arrojo,John Da Silva,Alistair Whitehead,Buckley
Pop art / The Barkay The Barkey,Manchester Nov-Dec ? Niel Metzner,Buckley,Andy Ward,Raj
Popski Josephine's, Harrogate June ? Mark Holiday,Martin Gee,Jim Baseline,etc
POSTERS Various posters please see other list For more info email -
Privilege / The Temple The Temple, Bolton 14th Nov ?
Progress The Warehouse, Derby August-Sept Pete Tong, Lisa Loud, Jeremy Healy.
Progress / Passion (Horny) The Mill, Preston June-July ? Marshall Jefferson, Farley jackmaster Funk.
Propaganda The Cockpit, Leeds Oct / Nov ? Mellanie Willams, Danielle Davioll, Mark Turner, Angel.
Pure Man Alive, Manchester ?
Pure Energy Cotton Club, Wrexham 21st Feb ? K-Klass, Rozzalla, Mathew Roberts, Booey.
Pure New Rave / eee-go promo Warehouse, Burnley 07/12/1990 Very strange make shift A4 printout.
Pure Piano's Hippodrome 22nd May ? DJ Russ,DJ Greg
Pure Pleasure / Love Shack The Love Shack, Blackpool. Fridays March - April 1992 Moggy, Paul Walker, Stu Allan, Welly, Andy Carrol, Ray Keith.
Pure Pleasure / Love Shack The Love Shack, Blackpool. Fridays June - July 1992 DJ Seduction, DJ Rapp, Keith Suckling, Simon Bassline Smith, Cousin M,
Quantum Banshee, Manchester 24/05/1992 Welly, Kenny Underground, DJ Blackburn, Cookie, 2 Bad, Bini
Quartz Savannahs, Burnley 06/06 ? Malc,Chris G,Ruddy,P.K.A
QUASAR (it s the cats scrotum) The Warehouse, Plumstead, London 06/06/1992 Blake Baxter, Kenny Ken, Rhythm Doctor.
Qube / PleasureDrome (opening nite) Pleasuredrome, Farnworth, Bolton 04th April ? Flyer Sticker for the opening of the Qube night
Quest Paloma's, Wolverhampton ? 1993 LTJ Bukem, Essence Of Aura, Swanne, Food Junky, MC Magika, DJ SY.
Quest Paloma's, Wolverhampton Feb-92 Kiss 100, Simon Bassline Smith, Slip Matt, Doc Scott, Groove Rider, Entropy Night.
Quest Wolverhampton Oct-92 Tin-Tin, Man Parris, Doc Scott, SS, Stu Allan, Mikey B, Ned Ryder, LTJ Bukem
Quest Palomas, Wolverhampton Mar-92 Fabio, Grooverider, Carl Cox, Stu Allen, Rap, Hype, MC Joker, MC E-ZE-Vibe.
Quest Palomas, Wolverhampton. Jul-92 Open for 3 Nights & detials of the Dance Nation All Nighter.
Quest Birmingham & Wolverhampton Feb-94 Fabio,Chemistry & Storm,Rap,SY,Stu Allan,DJ Kid,etc
Quest Palomas, Broad St, Wolverhampton. March-April 1994 Mixmag, LTJ Bukem, Hype, Carl Cox, Stu Allan, Mc Magika.
Quest Broad St, Wolverhampton. April-May 1994 Top Buzz,Ray Keith,Donovan Bad Boy Smith,etc
QUEST Merchandise Summer 93 Other Items also Listed Flyer with - All the kit from the people of QUEST
Quest & Entropy Dance Nation 18th July 1992 Loads on - DJs - Pas - etc etc
Quest & Fibre Optic The Edge (formerly the eclipse) Coventry. 09/04/1993 Ratty, Carl Cox, Dave Angel, Loft Groover, Tango, Fallout, Graeme Fisher.
Quest (AD Feat Judge Dredd) Palomas, Wolverhampton. May-92 DJ SS, Pilgrim, Rap, Man Parris, Easy Groove, E-Lustrious, DJ. Rap, Gemini.
Quest (End Of Chapter One) Birmingham & Wolverhampton May - June 1994 Big weekly line-up at Que Club & the new club..!
Quest (Fibre Optic / A Mid-Summer Night's Dream) Quest, Wolverhamton Jun-93 Easygroove, Fabio, Dream Frequency, Carl Cox, DJ Kid, Frankie Valentine, DJ SS.
Quest (Keep The Fire Burning) / Obbession Paloma's, Wolverhampton Apr-93 Obbession Night, Details of Quest & Fibre Optic at The Edge. Loads going on
Quest (Seasonal Greetings) Quest, Broad Street, Wolverhampton. Dec-92 Carl Cox, Easygroove, Robbie Dee, Rat Pack, DJ SS, MC Magika, MC Lenni.
Quest (the untouchables) Que Club, Birmingham 11/06/1994 Carl Cox, Rap, Groove Rider, Nexus, Ratty, MC GQ, Scarlet, Andy Evans.
Quest (Wanted - Alive & Kicking) Que Club, Birmingham 30/04/1994 Ned Ryder, Randall, Conrad, Bassman, Easy Groove.
Quest / 1st Birthday / Fantazia Paloma's, Wolverhampton Sep-92 Line up for Sept & the 1st Birthday. Carl Cox, Top Buzz, Rat Pack, Ellis Dee.
Quest / Amnesia Night / Groover Night Paloma's, Wolverhampton Jan-93 DJ SY, Mickey Finn, Fabio, Easy Groove, Loft Groover, Grooverider, M.C Leathal.
Quest / Fantazia Paloma's, Wolverhampton Jun-92 Seduction, MC Man Parris, DJ Rap, Colin Dale, Stu Allen, Tin Tin, MC Robbie Dee.
Quest / Mashed Que Club, Birmingham 05/03/1994 Grooverider, Randelll, Kenny Ken, LTJ Bukem, Nexus, Loft Groover, Bassman.
Quest / Pandemonium Palomas, Wolverhampton. Aug-92 Kenny Ken, Carl Cox, Seduction, Pilgrim, MC Magika, Micky Finn, Rat Pack, Fabio.
Quest / Pandemonium (NYE) Old Cinema, Wellington, Telford. NYE 31/12/1992 Pandemonium & Quest with Top Buzz, Mickey Finn, Fabio, Stu Allan, MC Lenni.
Quest / Starlight Paloma's, Wolverhampton Mar-93 N.R.G, DJ Ron, MC Ribbs, Peshay, Ray Keith, MC Bassman, Dr.S.Gachet.
Quest / The Cube Cube, Newcastle-Under-Lyme 11/02/1994 First Quest Night at Cube. Grooverider, Stu Allan, SS, Ned Ryder, Paul Walker.
Quest / The Cube Cube, Newcastle-Under-Lyme (2) 11/02/1994 First Quest Night at Cube. Slipmatt, Ratty, Nexus, Kenny Ken, Randall, Daba.
Quiet Storm III / G-Force Promo Freetown Club, Stoke-on-Trent 20/10/1991 Norman Jay,Tom Wainwright
Rage / KUF promo PSV, Manchester Feb-Mar 1993
Rage / KUF promo PSV, Manchester Jan-93 Ray Keith, Groove Rider, Phantasy, Gemini
Raindance (indian summer tour) Barking / Leicestershire 3rd-9th August ? THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD - DIGITAL SCAN BACKED UP
Raindance (the beginning) (vogliamo tutto) Salters Way, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. 7th Feb 1992 Prodigy, Zero B, DJ Lime, Mikey B, Richie Fingers, Stuart Banks, DR S Gachet.
Raindance / Resurrection Jenkins Lane, Barking Easter Sunday 18th April 91 SLII, Seduction, Ellis Dee, Fabio, Ratty, Grooverider, Clarkee.
Rava (kiig size event) Palace, Blackpool 06/05/1991 PKA, Mix Factory, Green Bins, Funky B, Ant, Rikkee.
Ravealation Hounslow, Middlesex 03/07/1993 Jumping Jack Frost, Swann-E, Mickey Finn.
Reactivate Vol 1 Reactivate Vol 1 release ## Release of the top album Reactivate Vol1 , Beltram,etc,etc
Real Deal (the) / Sanctuary The Sanctuary, Milton Keynes Oct-93 Massive line-up over 5 nights,Very Good
Reality / Trapeze prod 21 Piccadilly, Manchester Jan-Feb ? Stu Allan, Nipper, Top Buzz, Ratpack, SS, DJ Rap.
Reasons to be Gurning Milk Bar, London. 14th May ? Adrian & Mark LuvDup, Simon Hanson, Live PA déjà vu.
Reefa Madness Ropers, Manchester 18th June ? Andy, Miggs
Reflections 93 Butterflys, Oldham Jul-93 Stu Allen,Carl Cox,XTC,Sarge,Brett,etc
Re-live the Dream Sotherbys, Manchester 14/03/1992 2 For Joy, Sarge.
Renaissance Inc: Yard Promotions, UK Midlands, Venue 44, Heaven. Also See Othe Items
Renaissance Renaissance, Venue 44, Mansfield, Notts. Dec & NYE ? Sasha, Ian Ossia, David Morales, Ce Ce Rogers, Mike Pickering
Renaissance Renaissance, Mansfield, Notts. March ? Launch Night, Sasha, Alison Limerick, Dana Down, Hacienda DJ's
Renaissance Renaissance, Mansfield, Nottingham May ? Sasha, Darren Emerson, Frankie Knuckles, Jon Dasilva, Lisa Loud
Renaissance Venue 44, Mansfield July-August Sasha, Dave Dorrell, Pete Tong, Judge Jules, Roger Sanchez
Renaissance Renaissance, Mansfield April ? Sasha, A Man Called Adam, Jocelyn Brown, Dave Seaman, Ralphy
Renaissance Venue 44, Mansfield June ? Sasha, Masters at Work, Dina Carroll, Little Louis Vega, Kenny Dope
Renaissance Venue 44, Mansfield August ? Sasha, Roger Sanchez, Ten City, Mike Pickering, Tony Humphries
Renaissance Renaissance, Venue 44, Mansfield November ? Sasha, Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold, Adeva, Paul Daley, Alyus
Renaissance Renaissance, Notts. Jan ? Darren Emerson, John Digweed, Ian Ossia, David Morales
Renaissance (silk bank holiday ball) Que Club, Birmingham 25th May ? Jeremy Healy, Fathers of Sound, Dave Seaman, Joe T Vannelli
Renaissance (the italian..) / Uk Midlands UK Midlands, Wolverhampton 23rd Sept ? Danny Rampling, Parks & Wilson, Ian Ossia, Nigel Dawson
Renaissance / Heaven Heaven, (the Old Angels) Burnley 23/05/1997 Nick Warren, Anthony Pappa, Quivver, Mark Tempest
Renaissance / UK Midlands UK Midlands, Wolverhampton September ? déjà vu, derek carter, swoon party, moondance party
Restless Connaught club, Manchester 19/11/1992 Lisa Loud, Digs & Woosh, Danny Baxter.
RETRO See: Angels / XPO bar & others
Retro (at Arena (formerly, Xpo) Arena Nightclub, Burnley. 27th March 1999 Vertigo, John Waddicker, Jay Lee Lloyd. Retro is Back In Burnley
Retro / Arena Arena, formerly Xpo, Burnley 27th March 1999 John Waddicker, Vertigo, Jay Lee Lloyd.
Retro / clubXPObar / Kiss102 ClubXPOBar, Burnley Dec ? Big Retro Weekender, NYE, Kiss 102, Joe Lucas , Audio Trffic
Retro / Future Retro Equinox, Nelson Aug / Sept Paul Taylor, James Sempie,
Retro / Heaven (ex angels) Heaven, the old Angels Nightclub, Burnley 31/05/1997 Paul Taylor, Marcus Kaye, Rick B, Gilly.
Retro 96 "retro - the spirit of Angels lives on" Club XPO Bar, Burnley 30/08 - 27/09 Paul Taylor
Retro 96 (the legend continues) Club XPO Bar, Burnley 30th Aug-27th Sept ?
Return to the Source (album launch) Brixton & Nottingham 7th & 14th July ? Mark Allen,Sid Shanti,Solo,Felix,etc,etc
Revelation / pure promo pres The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge 07th Sept ? Capricorn, Light.
Revenge Maxims, Wigan 14/11/1991 Welly, X.T.C, Mark, Stubby, Live PA - Control.
Revenge (at Maxims) Maxims, Wigan. Mar-92 Seal E, Charly B, MC Sack, New Atlantic. Mr Moon, design for Revenge.
Revenge (basball hat) Dark blue baseball with Revenge Logo 1990 my very own hat from my head .
Revenge (flip your lid) Private Venue / Party 20/04/1991 Revenge
Revenge (the acidfactory) t-shirt t-shirt I bought at revenge 4 party 1990 (aug) my own t-shirt off my own back .
Revenge (the club) / Maxims Maxims, Wigan 25/07/1991 Revenge Crew, Welly, Mix Factory, Oceanic.
Revenge (the) Tape Recorded at Mr K's Wigan & Monroes 1990 DJ Welly , John J , Dread MC , Deff Con crew, Revenge
Revenge 1991 Wigan (The Massive Rave Tent) 29/06/1991 This Rave Needs You.. Top Night!! All the fun of Revenge but legal
Revenge 3 (a mad summer nights dream) Private Venue / Party 14/07/1990 Revenge
Revenge 4 (ticket) Private Venue 1990 (aug) my own ticket for one of the best nights of my life
Revenge 6 Private Venue / Party 1990 Got nicked on this night .
Revenge 6 cont t-shirt t-shirt I bought from revenge hype nite 1990 Got t-shirt after party because TOO BUSY with the BUZZIES
Revenge 7 Private venue 1990 DTR design for revenge 7 party . F@@king wicked
Revenge 7 (dtr design) t-shirt t-shirt I bought at revenge 7 party 1990 wicked t-shirt with flyer on front and on back the previous
Revenge 8 (the ravers return) Private Venue, Party. 31/12/1990 NYE Last Revenge party of 1990
Re-Visited / the Gatsby Jalgo's 05/10/1991 Mr C Gordon etc
Rezerection (the castle) Castle Donnington 19/12/1992 Prodigy, Carl Cox, Grooverider, Rat Pack, Face.
Rezolution (dance trance) Denbigh, Bletchley, Milton Keynes 14/05/1993 Grooverider, Cool & Deadly, Top Buzz, Phantasy.
Rhino Inc The Limit, Lloyd Street, Manchester starts 1st May ? (1) Simon Browton, Baz, Kenny Hibbert
Rhino Inc The Limit, Lloyd Street, Manchester starts 1st May ? (2) Simon Browton, Baz, Kenny Hibbert
Rhino Inc pres Brickhouse, Manchester 08/01/1992 "A Rhino may loose it's teeth, but never it's nature."
Rhino Inc pres The Brickhouse, Manchester 11th-25th March ? Simon Browton, Baz, Kenny Hibbert
Ripe Highlight, Stoke-on-Trent April-March ? Nicky Holloway, Christian Woodyatt, Greg Fenton
ROAST (meets Sabbath) Zatopeks, Linford Film Studios, Linford Street, Battersea, LONDON SW8. Starts Sun 23/02/1992 The Launch Party of Sunday Raving with Groove Rider, Fabio. Guests.
Roupa II Checkpoint Charlie, Manchester 08/05/1992 Roupa at Checkpoint Charlie
Ruff (in the jungle) The Shack, Preston 19th May ? Carl P, Fusion & Co-ordinator.
Sale / Mr Smiths Mr Smiths, Warrington January ? Pig C, Ralphy, Bibby
Sankeys Soap See: Logical Progression, Golden, Bugged Out
Sankeys Soap / Bugged Out Sankeys Soap, Manchester Dec-Jan ? Dave Clarke, Dave Angel, Justin Robertson.
Sasha - (promotion of a new album) Global Underground - San Francisco 09/11/1998 009 on the global underground label by Sasha
SAT at Home / luvdup - slammin - sweet as Home Nightclub, Ducie St, Manchester Nov / Dec 1994 Mark Hogg, Jamie Scahill, Carl Cox, Jam MCs
SAT at Home / luvdup - slammin - sweet as Home Nightclub, Ducie St, Manchester Feb / March 94 Judge Jiles, Mark Moore, Paul Bleasdale, Jam Mcs, Mark Hogg
Satisfy / Wigan Pier Wigan Pier, Pottery Rd, Wigan May / June 1992 Mike E Bloc, Malc,Emotion, Andronicus, M17
Satisfy / Wigan Pier The Pier, Wigan June / July 1993 Justin Robertson, Danny Hibrid, Dave Seamen, Pete Tong, John Dig'
Saturation Colne Municipal Hall 10-17-24 April 1992 DJ Sy, Keith Suckling, Mike e-block, Danny Hibrid.
Saturation (1st night) Colne Municipal Hall 31/01/1992 Nipper, Rob, Andy B.
Saturation (The party raves on) Colne Municipal Hall 20th March 1992 M.A.N.I.C, Andy B, Rob.
Saturation 2 King Georges Hall, Blackburn 21st Feb 1992 E-Lustrious, Rob, Andy B, Koot.
Saturation 2 King Georges Hall, Blackburn 21st February 1992 (2) E-Lustrious, Rob, Andy B, Koot.
Savannahs Savannahs, Burnley 08/08 ? Marcus, Paul walker
Scandal Flamingo, Blackpool Dec-Jan ? Norman Jay, Tim Lennox, Moz Morris, Rachel Auburn
Scream / Bigmouth promo Pontins Holiday Centre, Southport. 29th Nov 1991 Love Decade, Nipper, Craig, Shack, Nerv.
Scream / Bigmouth promo (the living dream) The Floral Hall Complex, Southport. 29th Aug 1992 Jumping Jack Flash, Shack, Rico, Mick Singh, Jeff D, Robin Jackson.
Secure Channel pres Twilight The Unit, Burnley. (Private Venue) 4th July Andy G, Deno, Leighton, Danny Almond.
Select Room 1795, Hull May-June ?
Sequins (second chapter / resolution) Sequins, Blackpool 20/12/1990 - NYE Solo, Jay Wearden & guests
Serious Rave / 691 promo Kings Hall, Kent 26-27/08/1990 Massive DJ & PA line-up
Servin / Black Banana Promo Carlton Club, Warrington 8th July 1992 Steve Naylor
Servin' / UDM vol 1 Carlton Club, Warrington 08/07/1992 (2) Steve Naylor
Sexed Leeds Corn Exchange 19th Dec ? Jeremy Healy, Danny Rampling, MC kinky, Nancy Noise.
SHABOO Mecca, Blackpool 01/12/1990 DJ Sasha is back at a new venue
Shaft Brickhouse, Manchester 13-27/05 10-24/06 ? Alan Maskell, Dave Turner.
Shellys Laserdome, Stoke-on-Trent See: Tooty Frootie, Bang-In-Tunes, Total Kaos,
Shine Corn Exchange, Leeds 27th June ? Farley Jackmaster Funk, Mark Moore, Judge Jules.
Shine See: FAC51, Hacienda
SHINE (timeout promo) Roundhay Park & The Corn Exchange, Leeds. 27/06/1992 Farley Jackmaster Funk, Mark Moore, Judge Jules, Greg Fenton, Love Decade.
Shite Nite / Prague Prague, Offerton, Stockport May / June / Sept 92 Marc Heath,Jay Denniston,Awesome 3,John Da Silva,Jon P
Shock to the System / PRS prod The Warehouse, Plumstead, London 01/01/1992 Awesome 3, Killer, Hardcore General, Five O,etc
Shokk / MDA Promotions (Morecambe Dance Association) Carleton Inn, Promenade West, Morecambe, Lancs. Starts June 14th 1991 Nipper, Andy D, John J, Dave C, Mooch, Belly, Dom, 2 for Joy.
Silk / Anderson's pres Andersons, Manchester 11/04 ? Kenny (pleasuredrome)
Sizla Philips Park Hall, Manchester NYE ? Danny Hussain, Guy Oldhams, Lee Harrison, Paul Murrey.
Sizzle / Inferno Arboretum, Notts. & Venus, Notts. Sunday 19th ? Danny Rampling,Darren Emerson,Jeremy Healey,Angel,etc
Slakaz & Urban Spice (Invite you to) Friendly Hotel, Burnley. 17th Feb 1996 Will Oliver, Gavan Flemming, The Deane Twins. Cerebral Palsy Charity Night.
Slakaz Promotions Present Kestrel Suite, Burnley. 28th Dec 1996 Marcus Kaye, Master C, The Deane Twins, Andy McGie (McGhie), North Zone.
Slam Flicks, Huddersfield ? Welly,Tolley,Graham Dixon,etc
Slammin Vinyl (end of summer festival) The Sanctuary, Milton Keynes 01/09/2001 Massive Line-up & all the info on there merchandise
Sleuth The State, Manchester ? Darren Emerson,Ralph Lawson,Phil Perry,etc,etc
Sleuth Paradise Factory, Manchester 01/12/1994 Justin Robertson,David Holmes,James Lavelle,etc
Sleuth Paradise Factory, Manchester 02/021995 Dave Clarke,Justin Robertson,Dust Brothers,etc
Sleuth The State, Manchester 05/05/1994 Justin Robertson,Darren Emerson,Ralph Lawson,etc
Slime Time / Nut-Nut Promotions presents The Soundshaft, Busbys, Charing Cross Road, WC2. Every Wednesday 1992 Ray Keith, D.J. Trance, Pedro, Sidewinder, M.D.A, Phase 1.
Slinky / Off the Wall (last of the summer wine) The Old Corn Mill, Brighouse. 26/08/2001 Public Domain,Rob Tissera,SY,Mark EG,etc,etc
Smart / Back to the Future International 2, Manchester 01/05/1992 Eskimos & Egypt,Spinmasters,Chris Collins,etc,etc
Smile Rios, Liverpool April ? Christian Woodyatt,Al McKenzie,Kevin Hurry,etc
Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs / useless promo Aston Villa Sports & venue Birmingham. 25/09 ?
SOAK Middlesborough Arena 08th May ? Steve lee,Marshall,Terry Farley,Tom Wainwright,etc
Soak Corn Exchange, Leeds 20th Feb ? Mike Pickering,CJ Mackintosh,Marshall,Andy Ward
Soak Leeds Warehouse 19th May ? Mike Pickering,Marshall,Phil Perry,etc
Soak Leeds Corn Exchange 25th April ? Robert Owens,Sasha,Mike Pickering,Marshall,etc
Soak Leeds Warehouse 17th March ? Sasha,Mike Pickering,Marshall,etc
SOAK (Summer Soak) / The Hacienda The Hacienda, Manchester Wed 21st July 1993 DJs Sasha, Alistair Whitehead, Danny Hussain.
Soak / wetworld pres Waves, Blackburn 29/11/1991 Lights, Sounds, Jacuzzi, Waterfall, Slide, Bar, DJ's.
Solstice 91 Manchester Academy 29/06/1991 Dave Booth, Stuart Reed.
Solstice 92 Manchester Academy Aug & Oct-Dec 1992 dj's and bands listed for other months
Solstice 92 Manchester & Merseyside Academy 27/06/92 - 03/07/92 The Opening Nights, Sasha, Mike Pickering, Tony Blackburn.
Solstice 92 / Manchester Academy Manchester Academy 29/08/1992 Fabi Paras, Dave Dorrell, Phil Perry
Sonic Merseyside Academy, Liverpool ? Vertigo & Guests
Sotherbys (all nighter) Sotherbys, Manchester 27/12/1992 Moggy, Stubby, Dave Pullen
Soul Train Man Alive, Manchester 16/03/1992 Jazzy Nice
Soul-Age Maceys Nightclub, Blackpool opens 18th June 1992 Fegie, PIG-C , Allister,etc
Sound 2000 Accrington, Lancashire. Fri 4th - Sun 13th Aug 2000 Marcus Intalex, Dexterity DJ's, Element, Steve Porter, Sanscrypt.
Southport Dancemusic Weekender (1993). Pontins Holiday Centre, Southport. April 23rd-25th 1993 Sounds Of Blackness, M-People, Sybil, Paul Oakenfold, Cotton Club, Danny Rampling.
Southport Dancemusic Weekender (sixteenth). Pontins Holiday Centre, Southport. 21-22-23 April 1995 Master at Work, Reese Project, Loleatta Holloway, Norman Jay, Sylvester, More.
Southport Weekender (the 23rd). Pontins Holiday Centre, Southport. 6th 7th 8th Nov 1998 Deep Dish, David Morales, Aitch B, Diggz & Mark Devlin, Trevor Nelson, Erick Morillo.
Southport Weekender (the 24th). Pontins Holiday Centre, Southport. 23rd 24th 25th April 1999 Masters At Work, Angel Moraes, Norman Jay, Ashley Beedle, Jazz n Groove.
Space / Pan Galactica Trentham Gardens, Stoke on Trent 23/10 ? Massive & big & more plus PA's & DJ's etc etc
Space Funk Pavillion, Manchester ? Jon Da Silva, Greg Fenton, AJ Scott
Space Funk Pavillion, Manchester ? (2) Dub Federation, Gerg Fenton, Jon Dasilva
Sparkle / Libertys Sale Libertys, Sale, Manchester May-92 Nev Johnson, Parks & Willson, Mike E Bloc, Jam MCs
Spice (sense the essence) Park Hall, Charnock Richard, Lancashire Oct-Nov 1992 Graeme Park, Allister Whitehead, Tom Wainwright
SPINN pres Return. Monroes, Great Harwood, Lancashire. Fri 15th May 1992 John J, Greenbins, Cruze.
Spira Number One Club, Manchester 6th April Jamie, Roasty
Squelch Squelch Fat Freddys 19th December ? Sean, Macky
Starlight (judgement day) Bingley Hall, Staffordshire 21st Aug 1992 Prodigy, Altern 8, Carl Cox, Grooverider, Fabio.
Starlight (part II the continuing quest) Aston Villa Sports &..Birmingham 03/07/1992 Grooverider, Mickey Finn, SS, Fabio, Easy Groove.
STARLIGHT (The Ultimate Return) Aston Villa Sports & Leisure Centre, Birmingham. 20/03/1992 DJ Rap, SS, Keith Suckling, Top Buzz, Dynamo, MC Lennie.
Starlight / The Edge The Edge, Coventry 10/07/1993 Luke, Randall, LTJ Bukem, Jumping Jack Frost.
State of Grace The State, Manchester 10th Oct/Sept ? Judge Jules, Kiss FM, Prime Time, Kurt Rodgers, Paullett.
Steam Downtown, Rhyl Apr-96 Brisk, HMS, Ferus, Aggressor, Macca & Sound.
Steaming (on a Friday) Dance Factory (ex mill), Preston March ? Matt Bell, Stu Allan, John Buckley, Moggy, Neil G.
Stockport All Dayer Reddish, Stockport 31st August ? Moggy, Jay Wearden
Stop the Pigeon / Once Bitten Promo Club 57, Oldham May - June Paul Bleasdale, David Dune, Russ, Simon James.
Storm Buxton, Derbyshire 27th January 92 Asesino, Kenny Underground
Storm In a Tea Cup The Limit, Lloyd Street, Manchester 30th April 2 Much, Dj dee, DJ Beat Pirate
Streetrave Ayr Pavilion, Ayr 17/03/1991 Dream Frequency, Graeme Park, Laurent Garnier, etc
Stress (records) Various Venues Jul-92 Dave Seaman, John Digweed, Chad Jackson, etc
Stylish Romantic Hamiltons, Stockport Gordon west
Sub Genius (the church of the) Duke of Bridgewater, Manchester 8th August ?
Sugar Shack / Ministry of Sound Middlesborough Empire 4th April ? Roger Sanchez, CJ Mackintosh, Toni Di Bart.
Summer Breeze / northern lights pres Horwich, Bolton 31/08/1990 Evolution, Jam MCs, Hype DJs.
Summer Dance Fest 92 Stretton, Leicestershire 07/08/1992 1st 14hr legal dance event in europe
Summer Dance Fest 92 Stretton, Leicestershire 07/08/1992 (2) 1st 14hr legal dance event in europe
Sundissential Pulse, Birmingham Nov / NYE Alex P, Fergie, Lisa Lashes, Tall Paul, Andy Farley, Sonique
Sunrise / Love Energy 93 National Bowl, Milton Keynes 28/08/1993 Massive Line-up. Inner City, 808 State, Moby, Adeva, Frankie Knuckles, Loads
Sunriser Rockworld, Manchester 30/08/1992
Swallows Swallows, Blackpool ? Steve Nicol, Fergy, The Edge.
Sweet / Useless pres Royale, Manchester starts 25/02/1992 Stu Allan, N-Joi, Nipper, Rozalla, Carl Cox, Top Buzz.
Sychosis / Euphoria promo Andersons, Manchester 1992
Synchronicity Rockworld, Manchester 27/12/1992
Take it easy kids CanalCafeBar, Manchester ? Miles Hollway, Elliot Eastwick
Taste of Paradise Paradise Factory, Manchester 18/05/1994 Jeremy Healy, Ian Ossia, Jools, Andy Gilhespy, Guava Crew
Tech 92 Hamiltons, Stockport Aug-Sept 1992 K-Klass, J Barton, Keith Suckling, Spinmasters.
Technodrome (the ultimate dance ex'..) Kirkmichael, Ayrshire 05/10 ? One of the best events to hit Scotland..
Technodrome (the ultimate dance ex'..) Kirkmichael, Ayrshire 5th October ? (2) One Sided flyer with details of a very big line-up (2nd format)
Technophobia Wigan Pier, Wigan 27th April ? SS, Goc, Chris, MC Coz
Techoligy 92 Hamiltons, Stockport 6th Aug 1992 Nipper, Stu Allen, 808 State, Tony Ross, Ratty, Full Effect, etc
Telepathy / Utopia (Abyss) Thurrock, Essex 30th November ? Loft Groover, Carl Cox, Mr C, Grooverider, Ratpack, Colin Dale.
Temple The Temple, Bolton Oct-Nov ? Sarah Washington, DJ Mag Party.
Temple The Temple, Bolton Feb ? Tim Lennox, Love to be Tour, Nigel Benn, Tony Walker
Temple The Temple, Bolton June / July Seb Fontaine, Vertigo, Jay Floyd
Temple (privilege tour) The Temple, Bolton 14th Nov ?
Temple (The Rebirth - Outrageous theatre of Dance) The Temple, Bolton Oct / Nov Sarah Washington, DJ Mag Party, Tassel Wobblegang.
Temple (The) The Temple, Bolton Oct-Nov ? Farley jackmaster Funk, retro, Dave Seaman.
Temple Of Sound The Wiend, Wigan ? DJ Ruddy, Jon the baptist, DJ Jo Brown
Temptation (mean fiddler pres) MEN, Manchester - Alexandra Palace, London 29/12/98 - 31/12/98 New Order, Underworld, Sasha, Chemical Brothers.
TeN Café Bar TeN Café Bar, Manchester sundays jazz and mellow sounds for Sunday afternoons
Thank F**K Its Friday Afterdark, Morley, Leeds Oct-Nov ? Tony De Vit, Pete Heller, Smokin Jo, Dave Seaman
The Bassment Under The Clock, Nelson, Lancashire Dec-93 Craig, Bush Boy & guest list info
The big bank holiday BOUNCE Oscars, Ellesmere Port 25th May 1992 Vertigo, Woody, Noggy, Jay , Abbey, Live PA T de R
The Boardwalk / M-People The Boardwalk, Manchester 16/04 ? M.People, Tom Wainwright, Dave Haslam, Russ.
The Boardwalk, Manchester See: Freedom, Yellow & others
The Breakfast Club Blue Lagoon, Manchester Feb / March ? John Da Silva, Angel, Kenny Grogan, Eric Powell, Pete Bromley
The Church of the SubGenius Bridgewater, Manchester 8th August
The Dance Klub Various 20/06/1992 Members only all nighters in the yorkshire area
The Deep Dig / ravedigger production pres The Cricketer, Poolstock, Wigan. 23-30 Sept 1992. DJ Fridge, Jon Jay, Joey, Mouse.
The Eclipse / The Edge / The Awakeing The Arches, Sheffield 24/02/1995 Eclipse & edge come together for this big event
The Edge Also See: The Eclipse, Quest, Bang-In-Tunes, Stairlight, Angels, The Cage, Also: Other Items Listed
The Edge The Edge, Coventry Oct-93
The Edge The Edge, Coventry July ?
The Edge The Edge, Coventry Jan-Feb 1993
The Edge The Edge, Coventry 30/01/1993
The Edge The Edge, Coventry Nov-92 The Edge big big names
The Edge The Edge, Coventry Mar-93
The Edge The Edge, Coventry October ? The Edge's 2nd month with a very big line-up
The Edge / Pulse Mercia Leisure, Coventry Oct-Nov 1994
The Edge / Unification The Cage, Wolverhampton 20/05/1994 & more DIY, Trevor Fung, Simon Owen, Dave Angel.
The Eleventh Hour Andersons, Openshaw April / May ? Luke, Neil Trix, Cherokkee, XL, Easygroove, Swan E, MC Storm
The Empire Strikes Back The Empire, Morecombe April / May / June UpFront Promotions / Hypnotic Promotions ,
The Enchantment Sports Centre, Huddersfield 15/05/1992 Carl Cox,Killer,Stu Allan,Groove Rider,Sully,etc
The Forbidden Zone (men from U.N.C.L.E. pres) Merton Road, Wandsworth, London, SW18 04/04/1992 Fabio, MC Rush, Ruff Gee, Smurf, Hayden, Gem One.
The Gathering Cricketer, Wigan 29th August ?
The Gathering The Bassment Nightclub, Nelson, Lancs. 1993 D J Batty, M Standin, Gilly, P.J, DJ S Hawarth, Guests.
The Gathering Cricketer, Wigan (2) 29th August ?
The Gathering / Gael Force Scotland Coming soon (1990) Details on Scotlands Gael force crews next party
The Gathering / Gael Force Dumbarton, Scotland 19/09/1991 DJ's from Blackburn Raves, Jouls(hardcore uproar)
The Gathering / Gael Force Dumbarton, Scotland (2) 19/09/1991 DJ's from Blackburn Raves, Jouls(hardcore uproar)
The Hacienda See: FAC51, Hacienda, Shine, Soak, ###### Also: Other Items Listed
The Hacienda / Shine The Hacienda, Manchester May-June Big Big Massive DJ line up for the Friday's
The Hacienda / Summer Soak The Hacienda, Manchester 21/07 ? Sasha, Alistair Whitehead, Danny Hussain.
The Hacienda Xmas Party Sankeys, Radium Street, Manchester. 28th Dec 2011 Graeme Park, Allister Whitehead, Peter Hook, K-Klass, Bez
The Hard Dock Albert Docks, Liverpool August ?
The Last of the Summer Wine The Engine House 30/08/1992 Danny Rampling, John Kelly, Graeme Park.
The Limit The Limit, Manchester 14th August ? DJ Phantasy, Mix Factory, Rick Jones
The Limit The Limit, Manchester 29th August ? Mix Factory, Top Buzz, Rick Jones, Cherokee
The Limit The Riverside, Hyde 30/01/1993 Fight against the closure..
The Limit / All Nighters The Limit, Lloyd Street, Manchester Starts 31st July ? Jumping Jack Frost, Grooverider, Reka, Cousin M.
The Limit / Carl Cox The Limit, Lloyd Street, Manchester 7th Aug ? Carl Cox
The Love Decade Private Venue / Party 21-Jul-1990 Warehouse DJs.
The Love Shack, Palatine Buildings, Blackpool. See: Orgazm, Pure Pleasure, Hypnotic. Also: Other Items Listed
The Main Event / Useless promo Fallows, Aintree, Liverpool 24-Jun-1992 Carl Cox Vs Top Buzz
The MudClub The MudClub, Kestrel Suite, Burnley. Fri 31st May 1996 Fran, Dan, Pete, D.J Bodie & Sets from Sal & Emma.
The Music Maker Incaus 91 Flyer to promote The Music Maker new TZ Vol 5
The Next Step presents No Fakin' The Blue Note, Todmorden, Lancs. Fri 30th June 2000 Rock Steady Crew, Mr Thing, Quinzola, Next Step residents.
The O Zone The O Zone, Wigan Feb / March ? Bazzar, Barry May, Paul Huxley
The Only Way Is Up Jekylls, Hyde 19th Nov ? Jay Wearden, Mark Steels
The Party (pump action)(kiss 100) Arena Essex, Thurrock 31/12/1994 Big NYE Line-up with Kiss 100 & loads of PA's
The Pleasuredome (escape from the family) Festival Pavilion, Skegness 26/12 ?
The Prankster O-Zone, Wigan April-May ? Nipper, Pigsy, Paul Huxley, Bazza
The Realm Millionaire, Manchester 1991 Welly, Guy Maskell
The Revolution Knockchinnock, Ayrshire 03/07/1993 F.P.I Project, TC 1993, K-Klass, Felix, Dream Freq
The Studio Presents.. The Studio Dance Club, Bradford Oct ? Ian Ossia, Mike E Bloc, Paul Taylor, Malc, Mark James
The Supertent / Utopia Charnock Richards 24-25 /08 ? Make shift print out as a "stop press" "newsflash"
The United Altered States of the World The Academy, Liverpool 06th May ? Karl Cristian Sabion,William Sergeant,etc
The Workhouse Benny, Radcliffe 16/07/1992
The X Club / BCP / K-Groove The X Club, Manchester April ? DJ Rap, Mickey Finn, DJ XL, SY, Parks & Willson, Stu Allen,etc
There must be more to love than this Rockies, Manchester 16th September ? Pete Robinson,John Fisher,etc
Thrust The Underground, Manchester 10th Feb-3rd Mar ? Nick Hussey, Loony Tunes, Dr Sparks
Time to Face the future / unique vibes Marco Polo, Manchester. 28/04/1992 Jam MCs,Nipper,Full Fx,D Jae,Jay D,etc
Tipography Arches, Sheffield 27th Sept ?
Tolerance Club Rio, Bradford 10-17/08 ? Evil Eddie Richards,Grooverider,etc
Tolerance Queens Hall, Bradford Mar-93 Vertigo, Lee Ferguson, Pete Orme, Mr Clubman
Tomorrows World The Cricketer, Wigan 25/12/1993 Mike Woods,Martin Dutton,Paul Coulton
Tomorrows World / Krafty Venue 44, Mansfield 14/04/1995
Tomorrows World / Krafty Venue 44, Nottingham 9th June ? Scott Brown, Brisk, Ratty, Fergus, DJ Panic
Tooty Frootie Shellys Laserdome, Stoke-on-Trent August ? Grooverider, Dave Seamen, Laurent Garnier.
Tooty Frootie Shelly's Laserdome, Stoke-on-Trent 28th Aug-4th Sept 93 Dream Frequency, Mickey B, Liquid, Nipper
Tooty Frootie / Shellys Shellys Laserdome, Stoke-on-Trent 31st July 1992 N-JOI, Frankie Bones.
Tooty Frootie / Shellys Shellys Laserdome, Stoke-on-Trent August ?
Total Kaos / Jungle House Starlite, Leicester April ?
Total Kaos / Kaotic II Eclipse, Coventry 12th June ?
Touch / Sensual Summer Peppermint Place, Blackburn 31-Aug-1992 Steve Williams, Greenbins, Spinmasters
Tranquillity / High Hope Pres Lord Byrons, Preston 14th August 1993 Mike E Bloc, Lee Fisher, Welly, Vertigo , Pezz, Rob Tissera
Transmisson (bpm management, kinetic) The Drill Hall, Broadgate, Lincoln City Centre. 25/03/1995 Brisk, Mongoose, M-Zone, Stu Allan, Stompy, Easygroove, Slipmat, MC Connie.
Tribal Gathering / Tribal Sessions Sankeys Soap, Manchester Nov-Dec-NYE 2001 Joey Negro, Greg Vickers, Elliot Eastwick
Tribal Gathering / Universe Lower Pertwood Farm, Warminster, Wilshire 30/04/1993 Rave Signal, Tanith, SL2, Sons Of a Loop Da Loop Era, T.V.O.D., John Kelly, DIY.
True underground sound of house The Music Factory, Leeds 28/02 ? Guy Oldhams, John Berry, Paul Huggett
Tunes / Buzz Buzz, Preston June ? Kenny Underground, Welly, Paul Walker, Cousin M
Tunes / Hypnotic Promo Buzz, Preston 1st - 2nd May Welly, Kenny Underground, Matt Bell, Doc Scott
Tunes / Hypnotic Promo Buzz, Preston 22nd - 23rd May ? Welly, Paul 'Budge' Walker, Matt Bell, DJ XTC
Twisted Bluenote, Todmorden Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr Mark Santangelo, Joel Xavier
UK Midlands See also: Renaissance, others
UK Midlands Wolverhampton April-May 1995 déjà vu, Doc Martin, Terry Farley, Danny Tenaglia.
UK Midlands Uk Midlands, Wolverhampton Sept ? Déjà vu Live, Derek Carter, Moondance party.
Uk Street Soul Party Piccadilly 21, Manchester 1st Oct ? Mike Shaft, Soul Control, Gordon west, DJ Marantz & Crew,etc
UkAcidhouse Flyers2Go See Others: 1989 - 2015 My items from my 25 years within the life and culture, UK Acidhouse.
Underground The O-zone, Wigan Feb / March ? House,garage,soul,funk night
Unity / Funhouse Promotions presents, PSV, Royce Road, Hulme, Manchester. May - June 1992 Spinmasters, Derek C Mike Smoke, Mick Hussey, Orca, Aitch
Unity / futuristic pres Wonderwest, Ayr, Scotland 1st-2nd-3rd/03/1991 Very good PA's & a Massive DJ Line-up .
Universe Maestro Bradford ? Bank Holiday / Live PA Shades of Rhythm
Universe Maestro Bradford 25/05/1992 Farley jack Funk, Love Decade, Tony Ross
Universe Maestro, Bradford 12th April ? Shades Of Rhythm , Paul Taylor, Vertigo, Tony Ross
Universe The Maestro, Bradford 31/05/1993 Mike Pickering, Dave Seaman, Paul Taylor, M People
UNIVERSE See: Tribal Gathering,
Universe (adventures on the pleasure..) Newport, South Wales 19/06/1992 This event as got the lot . Massive .
Universe / Big Love Lower Pertwood, Warminster 13th-14th Aug 1993 Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Carl Cox Concept, Mixmaster Morris, The Source.
Up Front (mystic) Jalgos, Preston 1st August
Up Front Promo / Adrenalin-high on life Empire, Morecambe 15th-22nd May 1993 Andy Carroll, Andy D, Kenny Grogan, X.T.C, DJ SY.
Up Front Promo / Providence Lancaster 13-Jun-1992 John J, Andy D, Shez, DJ Saimann.
Up Front Promo / Subject-the empire Empire, Morecambe 10th Sept ? Mike E Block, John J, Matt Bell, Andy D, Paul Walker.
Up Front Promo's / Old School Rave Revival Empire, Morecambe Fri 10/09 ? John J, Matt Bell, Mike E Bloc.
Up Front Promotions The Empire, Morecambe June-July ? Jeremy Healy, Tom Wainwright, John J, Welly.
Up Front promotions Empire, Morecambe Aug-Sept ? Paul Walker, Ian Ossia, Rob Tissera, Matt Bell.
Up Front Promotions See: Adrenalin, Adrenalin - High On Life,
Up Front Promotions Empire, Morecambe Aug - Sept ? Massive line-up for the all nighter
Up Front Promotions Empire, Morecambe 10th Sept ? Old School rave Revival - John J.
Up Front Promotions Empire, Morecombe Aug-Sept ? Rob Tissera, Matt Bell, Andy D.
Up Yer Ronson The Music Factory, Leeds 24/12 ? Jeremy Healy, Steve Lee, Brandon Block
Up Yer Ronson The Music Factory, Leeds May-94 Allister Whitehead, Danny Rampling
Up Yer Ronson The Music Factory, Leeds December ? Sasha, Graeme Park, Massive Attack
Up Yer Ronson The Music Factory, Leeds February ? Brandon Block, Graeme Park, Marshall.
Up Yer Ronson Music Factory, Leeds July-August (1st B-day)? 1st Birthday, Sasha & DJs.
Up Yer Ronson Music Factory, Leeds December ? Brandon Block, Graeme Park, Massive Attack.
Up Yer Ronson The Music Factory, Leeds Jul / Aug 1993 Up Yer Ron 1st Bday, D-Ream, Brandon Block, Sasha, Danny Hussain
Up Yer Ronson The Music Factory, Leeds Jul-93 Dave Dorrell, Jocelyn Brown, Mike Pickering, DJ Sasha
Up Yer Ronson (xmass eve) The Music Factory, Leeds 24th December ? Jeremy Healy, Brandon Block, Steve Lee.
Up Yer Ronson (1st Birthday) The Music Factory, Leeds Jul / Aug 1993 D-Ream, Brandon Block, Sasha, Danny Hussain
Up Yer Ronson / Ibiza Reunion Music Factory, Leeds Oct-93 Sasha, Todd Terry, Brandon Block, Alex P, etc
Up Yer Ronson pres Jambaru / XPO XPO(club-bar), Burnley June-July ? Jermy Healy, Tall Paul, Boy George, Paul Oakenfold
Upfront Manchester Academy ? Danny Rampling, Joey Beltram, John Kelly, Frankie Bones
Useless promo / Fallows Fallows, Aintree, Liverpool 15-Jan-1992 Carl Cox, Mickey Finn, Groove Rider, Stu Allan, etc
Useless promo / Sweet / Liberty's Libertys, Sale, Manchester March ? Opening night also others, Carl Cox, Rozalla.
Useless promo At The State The State, Liverpool 25th Nov 1992 Top Buzz, Stu Allan, DJ SS, Derek Brown
U-Topia (101% Pure) Bradford University 20th March ? New Atlantic, Parks & Wilson, Vertigo, Housey G.
Utopia (presents a rewind) The Maestro, Bradford 03/05 ? E-Lustrious, Mike E Bloc, Vertigo.
UTOPIA / LIFE pres (a real live one) The Warehouse, Curtain Road, London. E1. 17-Jul-1993 Swann-E, Slipmat, Grooverider, DJ Rap, Randall, Billy Bunter, Steve Jackson.
Utopia Part 1 Rushden, Northamptonshire 21-Sep-1991
Utopia Promo See: Telepathy/Abyss, others
Utopia promo Rushden, Northamptonshire 31/08 ? Shades of Rhythm, Love Decade, Colin Faver.
Velocity Angels, Burnley 17th Sept 1993 Grooverider, Loftgroover, Stu Allan, Carl Cox, Slipmat
Venus / A Country Afayre Clay Hall, Barton Le-Willows, N-Yorks. 26-Sep-1991 Danny Rampling, Sasha, Mark Moore, Graeme Park
Venus / Inferno Nottingham Aug-92 Big DJ Line up & a bigger one for Bank Hol
Vibealite Venue 44, Mansfield 11-Feb-1994 Peta Pan, Ratty, Dougal, Mongoose, Stu Allan
Vibealite Venue 44, Mansfield 24-Mar-1995 DJ Rush & MC Peta Pan, Ellis Dee, Fergus.
Vibealite Windsor Baths, Bradford 13-Apr-1996
Vibealite (special invite) 1st B-Day Vibealite 1st Birthday pre Invite details. 2nd September ? Peta Pan,Stu Allan,Mongoose,Warlock,Pilgrim,etc
Vibealite / 1st Birthday Party Venue 44, Nottingham 3-Sep-1994
Vibealite / Club Kinetic Leisurebowl, Stoke-on-Trent 16-Sep-1994 Dougal, Brisk, Daz Willot, Mc Mc, Fergus, Rush.
Vibealite / In the Beginning Venue 44, Nottingham 23-Jun-1995
Vibes Alive pres The Sweet Sensation Marlborough, Wiltshire 7-Aug-1992 SL II, Dream Frequency, Nebula II, Massive DJ line-up
Vision Coconut Grove, Liverpool 5th June ? Top Buzz, Doc Scott, Dave Graham, MC JC.
VISION (Return of the Warehouse..pt2) T2 Aircraft Hangar, Swindon 26-Mar-1993 Vary big line-up for this once again very big event.
Vision / Angels Also See: Angels Nightclub, Burnley Other items, Posters, Newsletters, memberships. Windowstickers.
Vision / Angels Angels, Burnley Feb-91 DJ Spice, DJ Hype, Vision Masters, MC Doyley
VISION / O,D,M,P / XL Records Popham Airfield, Winchester 29th August 19? Vision and XL Records together with a massive line-up.
VISION / XL Recordings Popham Airfield, Winchester 29th August ? Prodigy, SL2, Massive DJ Line-up Nice
VITAL (Relentless pres) Camden Palace, London Jun-92 Prodigy, SL2, Mickey Finn, Steve Jackson, Guests
Vivid / Fusion pres Paradise, London, N1 March-April ? DJ Rap, Hype, Loft Groover, HMS, Colin Dale.
Vogue Vogue, Manchester 21st March / 1st Birthday, Awesome 3 , DJs Orme,Jakes
Vogue / Hypnotic promo The Vogue, Manchester 17-Feb-1992 Gordon West,PA - McKoy,etc,etc
Void Lloyds, Manchester June-July ? Mike E Bloc, Welly, Nev Johnson, Thomas D
Vortex 4th Dimension, Manchester open 21st March ? MC Raggaman, DJ SS, SY, DJ Rap,Mickey Finn, etc
Vortex / 4th Dimension 4th Dimension, Manchester March / April ? DJ Rap,SY,Mickey Finn,Trevor Fung
Voyager Kirknewton, Mid Lothian 1-Aug-1992 Altern 8, Liquid and other guests
Voyeur / Time & Space Miday, Newcastle-u-Lyme Oct-Nov ? Rob Tissera, K-Klass, Glen Gunner, Scott Bond, Guests
Whip it Up / progression pres Central Park, Manchester ?
Whooosh (a midsummer nights) Nottingham Polytechnic 20th June 92 Nipper, DJ SY, Mikey B, DJ DK, Paul Wain, Herb T
Wigan Pier Also See: Pleasure, DAD, Technophobia, Satisfy
Wigan Pier / Pleasure Wigan Pier, Wigan May ? Paul Walker, Vertigo, Stu Allan, Nev Johnson,etc
Wigan Pier / Pleasure Wigan Pier, Wigan Febuary 1995 Paul Walker, Stu Allan, Colin Favor, Paul Rae, etc
Wigan Pier / Satisfy Wigan Pier, Wigan June-July 1993 Pete Tong, John Digweed, Dave Seaman, Mike E-Bloc
Wigan Pier / Technophobia Wigan Pier, Wigan March-April-May ? Stu Allan, Rap, Bassline Smith, SS, Malc, Goc, Chris
Wigan Pier / The Tube Wigan Pier, Wigan 11th June ? Alex Party, Loveland, Welly, Triple X, Guy, etc
Wigglyworm Manchester ? Dave Booth, Dave Seamen
Wildlife Zoo Nightclub, Bradford April / May Jon Da Silva, Sister Bliss, Robert Owens, Danny Hussain
Wildlife pres Cream (the tour 94) Zoo, Bradford 21-May-1994 CJ Mackintosh, Andy Carroll, James Barton, etc
Wired New Empire, Morecambe 1-May-1997 Dream Frequency, Tim Lennox, Lisa Lashes, etc
Wobble See others: Club for Life,
Wobble Attic, Birmingham July, August The Wobble logo,Tom Wainwright.
Wonderland (chapter 2) DGF promo Spectrum Arena, Warrington 10/12 ? Stu Allan, John Kelly, Welly, Matt Bell, Andy G, etc
Wonderland / Club Space Birchwood, Warrington Opening 30/04/94 Launch of a new club in the north west
Wonderland / Space Space, Warrington 30th April 1994 Opening Night - at The Space Nightclub in Warrington
Woodstock 2 Wavedon, Milton Keynes 20-23/08/93 Massive dj & Artist line-up an a Massive Flyer
Worx / passion promo The Mill, Preston Dec-94 Matt Bell, Stu Allan, Moggy, Rick Jones, Ian Williams.
X Club / BCP / K-Groove The X Club, Manchester April ? DJ Rap, Mickey Finn, DJ XL, SY, Parks & Willson, Stu Allen.
XPO (club-bar) XPO (club-bar), Burnley Fri-Sat Feb 1997 Retro, Love Decade, Nipper, UFI DJ's
XPO (club-bar) / UpYerRonson (Jambaru) XPO (club-bar), Burnley, Lancashire. May-June 1996 Allister Whitehead, Chris Coco, Tony Humphries, etc
XPO(club-bar) Also see: Angels, Arena, Afterlife, Hard Times, Up Yer Ronson, Retro. Many Items still to be listed.
XPO(club-bar) / 2 Kinky XPO(club-bar), Burnley 31-Dec-1996 Paul Taylor, Dave Dunne, loads more
XPO(club-bar) / Angels Reunion XPO(club-bar), Burnley Sept-Oct (1996) Retro, Nipper, Marcus Kay, X.T.C., Moggy.
XPO(club-bar) / Angels Reunion XPO(club-bar), Burnley Dec-96 Retro, Nipper, Da Intalex, U.F.I., Live on Kiss 102 Manchester
XPO(club-bar) / Code II XPO(club-bar), Burnley 15th November ? Various music on all levels..
XPO(club-bar) / Launch Weekend / HardTimes XPO(club-bar), Burnley 04-06/05/1996 Jambaru, Hardtimes
XPO(club-bar) / UpYerRonson(Jambaru) XPO(club-bar), Burnley Sept-Oct 1996 Seb Fontaine, Ian Ossia, DJ Magazine Party
XS extreme 98 (live life to xs) Donington Park, Castle Donington 1998 All the details on this big extreme event
X-Static promo (the world is our oyster) Old Marston, Oxford 4-Sep-1992 Groove Rider, Carl Cox, Top Buzz, Easy Groove.
YabooSucs Home Nightclub, Ducie St, Manchester Feb-95 James Holroyd, Stefano, Dave Ross, Pure Silver.
Yellow The Boardwalk, Manchester August 7th ? Norman Cook, Dave Haslam, Elliot Eastwick
Yellow The Boardwalk, Manchester 7th-14th August ? Dave Haslam, Jason Boardman, Elliot Eastwick
Yellow / Get Funked Manchester Feb-Mar ?
Yellow / The Boardwalk The Boardwalk, Manchester ? Dave Haslam, Elliot Eastwick, Jason Boardman.
Zest Venue 44, Mansfield Nov-Dec ? Carl Cox, Loftgroover, Stu Allan, SL2, Ratty.
Zone Zone, Blackpool Starts 09/07/1992 John J, Barrie Jay, Matt Bell, Phil Harmonic, MC Irie
Zone Dance Factory, Preston 29th May ? Debby Ds, The Pianoman, Andy Pendle.
Zone Dance Factory, Preston 22nd May ? Chris Baker, Andy Pendle, Mc Breeze, Mc Irie.
Zone The Venue, Central Drive, Blackpool NYE 1994 Rimini, John J, MC Breeze, Ade Bell, Chris Baker.
Zone (a new beginning) Dance Factory, Preston 22nd April ? Andy Pendle, Dave Taylor, MC Irie, MC Breeze, The Wizard MC
Zone (all-dayer) Zone, Blackpool 26-Aug-1991 John J, Andy D, Ant, Mark E, Guests.
Zone (all-dayer) Zone, Blackpool 20-Apr-1992 Fantasy F.M D.J's plus John J, Matt Bell, Mc Irie.
Zone (all-dayer) Zone, Blackpool 25th May ? Mix Factory, John J, Matt Bell, Barrie Jay, MC Irie.
Zone (thank zone its Friday) The Venue, Central Drive, Blackpool ? John J, Mc Breeze, Dave Taylor, Chris Baker, Andrew Dean
Zone / Frontier Zone, Blackpool 7th August ? Tyrrel Corp, Tom Wainwright, Andy Baxter, Guests
Zone / Venue The Venue (pre Hackett's Nightclub), Blackpool ? John J, Chris Baker, Mc Breeze, Dave Taylor.
Zone 95 Gold Nightclub, Liverpool starts 8th April 95 Chris Baker, Andy Pendle, Dave Taylor, Stuart Davies.
Zoo (progession promotions presents) Andersons Nightclub, Openshaw, Manchester. 18th 25th May 1991 Sasha, DJ Nipper, Pigsy.

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