Photobucket changes and the impact on It's All About Flyers Forum (and other forums/blogs)

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Posted by Wigs ( on 08:59:55 13/August/17

Photobucket has recently changed its terms of services meaning that images uploaded to a free account can no longer have their images shared via links on other sites, forums, blogs etc. This means that many images posted to forums such as Its All About Flyers are not longer visible.

Pretty much all images I have uploaded to Its all About Flyers are unfortunately with Photobucket, but as I have a paid account they are safe for a short period. Photobucket has decided that you need their '500' account which costs $400 a year to enable you to link. Anyone with a lower tier account such as myself has until the end of the year to upgrade, or will suffer the same fate as the free accounts.

My paid account (which I have had as a paid account for many years) is about $30 per year and I will not pay the ransom of $400 per year.

Over the coming weeks I will decide how to proceed with images on Its All About Flyers. Possible options are as follows:

1 - move the images to another site and re-link. The issue with this option is that any new provider could change their terms as well and we would be back to square one and also it will take a lot of time and effort to do.

2 - download all images and re-upload to IAAF directly. The issue with this is again time and also the possible impact on bandwidth of the current site.

3 - Remove all the image links and just keep the site as text. That option doesn't sound good either as that pretty much kills the site without images.

4 - Shut the site. Again, not a great option, but the easiest.

Will post an update in due course.

Wigs (Admin Its All About Flyers Forum)

The decision by Photobucket has had an impact on many forums / blogs. See below article.

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