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Club Together, 1992

UK Rave Flyers
Price Guide
Issue 6.03
30 Aug 2007

Dreamstate, 5 Dec 1992


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some examples of collectable flyers   -   grading system   -   notes on eBay

this guide contains info on approx 3% of an estimated 100,000+ collectable UK flyers
because a flyer is not yet in the guide does not necessarily mean it's collectable
(it may have been frequently offered for sale, but not have attracted any buyers,
or it may have been sold as part of collections, but not individually)
common flyers  are often more collectable than rare flyers
28,000 UK flyers are listed in the downloadable Hyperreal flyers database
also at Hyperreal are links to galleries and an international collectors page
based on prices paid / amounts offered - prices in UK pounds sterling, excluding p&p
where sufficient data is available, an estimated value is shown in bold
bold values are for individual MINT flyers (not sold as part of a collection)
the html source code contains the non-displayed price data used to determine values
where not enough data is yet available, max/min known sale prices are shown
earliest date used if more than one date on flyer
info from eBay.co.uk ("eB"), the message board ("m/b"), & other collectors
see notes below re  eBay
prices are erratic and changing - those in the general section below are estimates
a selection of 100 quality flyers (various sizes) weighs approx 1Kg
the following flyer sales may not appear in the price guide -
  - where an exceptionally high price is paid for a common flyer
  - where an exceptionally low price is paid for a highly valued flyer
  - where the description has been hyped up in order to mislead
  - where there is wrong info given (such as date, location etc)
price guide grading system

Mint - no creases / no marks, unblemished - as new
Excellent - slight (hardly visible) creases / corners not perfect - fine
Very Good - obvious creases / bluetac marks / pin holes - collectable
Good - heavy creases / taped / punch holes / faded - still intact
Fair - tears / defaced / very faded / written on - only as a filler
Poor - badly torn / scribbled over / incomplete - roach material

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some examples of collectable individual flyers in mint condition

1987 - 1989

        5.00 - 40.00
    Back To The Future, Biology, Genesis, Hedonism,
Hysteria, Out, Rage, RIP, Shoom, Sin, Spectrum,
Sunrise, Trip City, Wag, Weekend World

1990 - 1995

  3.00 - 20.00
  early Amnesia House, Climax, early Dreamscape,
Energy, Entropy, early Fantazia, early Hacienda,
early Helter Skelter, New Age, Pleasuredome, Prodigy,
Pulse, early Raindance, early Starlight, Shelleys, Spiral Tribe,
early Sterns / Interdance, Tooty Frootie, early World Party

1996 - 2006

  1.00 - 15.00
  Blech, Cream, Designers Republic, Dreamscape, Gatecrasher,
Hacienda, Helter Skelter, MoS, NY Sushi, Orbit, Paradise Factory,
Progression Sessions, United Dance, Vibealite, Warp

index   -   0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z   -   collections

a few notes on eBay auctions / fixed sales

basic search on ebay.co.uk for rave flyer(s)

many rave flyers appear in the category  Music Memorabilia - Dance

other rave flyers can be found in eBay members' shops

always check feedback left for others, and note what isn't said
check seller's negative feedback left for others for reasonableness

a flyer which sells for a good price one week may not find a buyer the next
items with 'rave flyers' in their titles are easier to find
collections which are fully listed with good pics of the flyers go for higher prices
a winning bid is usually a proxy bid whch is less than the maximum bid
winning bids are often lower than prices paid in private sales
some items receive no bids because the minimum bid is set too high
some items remain unsold because the reserve price is not met
method of payment, time of end of sale, duplicate items etc may affect winning bid
don't forget to check the postage - it often costs more than the flyers
some sellers have excellent reputations and this attracts buyers

many mistakes are made when dating flyers, an earlier year often being given
year can be found from day of month + day of week using Windows Calendar
eBay gradings can be very misleading ("ok for their age" is not very helpful)
flyers described as "Mint except for..." are not mint
most flyers described as "RARE" or "ULTRA RARE!!!" are common
(as a rule of thumb, the more exclamation marks, the commoner the flyer)
titles with phrases such as "not Dreamscape" don't inspire trust in the sellers
be wary of descriptions such as "has never appeared on eBay before"
be wary of very low price sales - they sometimes have excessive postage costs

sellers providing full date info + quality pics make this guide easier to maintain

index   -   0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z   -   collections

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many thanx to all those who've helped with info & scans
(too many to mention everyone, but especial thanx to stare!! and cockneyvolcano)
comments to weed@wussu.com
revised 9 March 2018
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