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Posted by Weed ( on 04:36:05 09/August/05

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i've had a reply from e-rave about the Vibealite flyer - he put me on to the forum at where there's a thread about it which includes the following post from "HQ VIBEALITE" -


"We can confirm the originality of this post, our very first event we had to sit with a black marker pen and cross out 14900 flyers otherwise we could not open.


because it was a private memebrs club without and licence what so ever, and the condition of being a member meant you had to be a member 24 hours before you planned on attending. so the venue owners said we had to print them all again. So we sat there and crossed them all out.

we kept 100 back and gave them away to people who where there in the begining ie the designer, the printer, a few of the helpers, carl cox etc etc all had a copy, we have two copies here, but these didnt have the marked out section.

we are also aware that one of the old lincoln ravers sold is copy to another raver for £200.00 and we have been offered the same amount of money for the ones hanging up here in the office."


there's also a short thread about it at UK Scene, but so far it doesn't add anything to the above

tho also included in the Buy It Now price is "a selection of free Vibealite tapes and CDs as well as a goodwill message written and signed specially for you from the Vibealite owner/promoter (included in the free CDs for Buy it Nows will be an ultra rare never before available CD set from Carl Cox from July 1994 from his Birthday party recorded live at Venue 44, Mansfield, the home of Vibealite)"

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