And I Binned Over 3000 Flyers

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Posted by Mark ( on 02:52:00 24/January/09

Guess I shouldnt have thrown out 4 boxes full of flyers fron 87 to 92. Went out Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun night pretty much every week for those 5 years. Never a night (or morning) that I didnt add to the collection so I guess there was approx 6000-8000 in total. And pretty much everything in 87 to 90 and most of 90 to 92.

All were TOTALLY MINT - used to collect them at partys and put them in a safe place in the car (never folded or sat on them, wrote tel nos on them ( know how it is!), put in back pocket, no blu tac, etc). I had planned to make a montage on my wall but never got around to it.

Sunrise, Genesis, Back to The Future, Biology, Shoom, Spectrum, etc, etc, etc...... They were all, all there.

And now I find out that they were worth a fortune. Unreal, pass the kleenex, sob...

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