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Posted by Higguz ( on 17:00:04 23/July/09

In Reply to: ebay flyers posted by dax

: Because ebay don't charge for listing anything below 99p, it now means that a smple search such as "rave flyers" brings up 4000 results, 70% is dross. It used to bring up about 200-400. This makes it a nightmare to trawl through and I think it is driving the prices down because it is harder for private sellers to sell there flyers.

I couldnt agree more - from the moment they changed the search engine it was ruined.I dont bother searching anymore & just stick to the sellers i know & periodically check what they list.The downside is that little gems can be missed & an example of this is i know from the buyer a box of around 1500 flyers was sold for around £20 not long ago & there were a fair few really good ones in amongst them.
All ebay needs to do is put back the option to remove shop stock from the search field - a simple request but i doubt very much they would listen to anyone since if they are making their money they dont give a dam!

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