Re: Rave Flyer Designer names?

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Posted by Weed ( on 21:49:59 04/August/09

In Reply to: Rave Flyer Designer names? posted by Wigs

: I'd like to build up information on a many flyer designers as possible for my flyer site, but I'm not clued up in that respect.

hi Wigs,

try and get hold of these two flyer books -

highflyers - clubravepartyart
publisher: Booth-Clibborn Editions
ISBN 1-861540-20

fly - the art of the club flyer
Nicola Ackland-Snow, Nathan Brett, Steven Williams
publisher: Thames and Hudson
ISBN 0-500-27909-8

there's lots of info on UK flyer artists & designers
but beware of the flyer dates -- many of them are wrong!

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