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Posted by ONELOVEMAGAZINE ( on 07:53:04 22/October/09

In Reply to: Re: SHOP CLOSING SHORTLY...... posted by Weed

: din't know about eBay now wanting p&p cost included in price -- i'd be interested to hear from other eBay sellers what they think about this

i'm having the same problem, most of my flyrs go for 99p and there is no way i'm posting them for free, especially the large letter ones, that would mean it would actually cost me money after ebay and paypal costs, I did speak to ebay about this and they were pretty useless, they just said they were doing it because so many other companys now offer free postage and to stay ahead in the marketplace ebay will have to follow suite, surley this should be up to the seller and not ebay, then if someone offers free postage and someone doesn't then it's up to the buyer where he goes. personally I think it is 100% down to ebay making more money, you dont have to pay final fee on postage, but now you will, plus you can't afford to list at 99p so you will have to pay listing fee as well.
I have managed to find a way around it for now, but for how long I don't know, and it's taking me ages to do grrrr

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