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Posted by phatdave ( on 11:13:35 07/December/09

In Reply to: hyperreal flyer pages posted by Weed

Hi Weed, just to reiterate we really appreciate your work in the rave flyer world, the flyer grading and price guide seems industry standard these days and has helped loads of us over the last 7 or 8 years.

If its any help ive got a lot of my scans on flickr

If you need any other help maybe with webspace etc let us know.

In the new year Ill be slim lining the phatmedia site to flyers only. What I really need is to find a kind web designer to fix the upload coding. My web guy is AWOL and users have been unable to upload flyers for some time now ;(
TBH phatmedia is proving costly to keep going in the present state so Ill be using it for my portfolio.

good luck with the updates.

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