Change in Ebay Listing fees - shop opening soon!

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Posted by THERAVECAVE ( on 07:48:44 02/May/10

Just been notified that from 2/6/10 ebay sellers will be limited to 100 free listings starting at 99p - all good things must come to an end I suppose!!
I will continue to list flyers that dont sell at 99p but if there are flyers you want then bid on them now because after 1st June I plan to re-open a shop selling more sought after dance flyer at the price suggested on this site. On the plus side should mean more interesting flyers when searching! - what does everyone think?
As usual free postage after 1st flyer
I will also be selling dance records and Cd's BUY-IT-NOW.

check out my auctions at the link below - I will be adding as many as I can over the next couple of days:

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