rare pez flyers - wanted

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Posted by lew ( on 09:06:51 11/May/10

does anyone have revalation 89. a red and yellow flyer. pez flyer.

and a raindance with a green border and a chick with white hair with her arms in the air, the words raindance written many times on it. 90 or 91 i think.

also another raindance. a5. volitimo tutto belief flyer. with the helter skelter / raindance two heads in the pic.

and a private at zigi small pez flyer.

also any other rare pez rarely seen. from 89 / 91.

good money or tons of scans shared for new stuff. via scan or buy.

some of these i havent seen in over a decade. someone must have em. there must be one version left in exsistence somewhere. or could it be that the odd flyer has disappeared for good.

essence flyers from hemel hempstead aswell.

p.s. other collectors your gain a load of new scans for sharing scans.

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