Re: Evolution 1990 'before we go foward we go back'

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Posted by raveonart ( on 16:31:19 24/May/10

In Reply to: Re: Evolution 1990 'before we go foward we go back' posted by anton

: : : : emailed scans over to you.
: : :
: : : thanks a lot mate. appreciated. great flyer. might make a pster out of it.
: : :
: : :
: : : cheers
: :
: : If you are after a poster of this flyer, go check out this seller on ebay, link here;
: : We use this guy (neil) for our backdrops, flyers & merchandise for our parties - based in Birmingham - he does canvasses/ banners/ t-shirts of original oldskool flyer art - these are not scans, but from original artwork, he's got loads - absolutely first rate quality, highly recommended and top bloke, i know he is in the process of selling them on ebay, but just pm him and mention my name and he'll sort you out.
: : Cheers
: : Ruben :)
: cheers ruben
: ada

Hi Ada

Check link mate
Got the original artwork for this printed onto a4 size gallery white box canvas - ready to hang on wall - this is a sample i had done as a test piece for my ebay shop [opening in the next couple of weeks] - just in the process of getting artworks sorted at printers. Can also do backdrops, tees etc. Got loads of original oldskool flyer artwork from '88 - '96 available - not flyer scans, but from original sources/ designers/ artwork and can also digitally re master/ restore from flyers using photoshop.
Check my ebay seller account 'raveonart' or scroll down the 'me' page to the gallery wall to see current rave artworks available
Prices for giclee printed, a4 size box canvas, somewhere between 6-10 quid each [just sorting prices out at mo].
Can contact me at
and will post a message up on board, when launched on ebay, or drop me a pm and i'll get one printed off for you!
Cheers bro.

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