Re: Renaissance 92, 93, 94 flyers

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Posted by Floyd ( on 08:25:59 20/August/10

In Reply to: Re: Renaissance 92, 93, 94 flyers posted by DeJaVu

: : Hi there all,
: :
: : I'm trying to get hold of some old Renaissance flyers from 1992, 1993, and 1994.
: :
: : If anyone has any that they are willing to part with, I'd be really grateful to know.
: :
: : Many thanks,
: :
: : Floyd
: Helloa... Think I maybe able to help.. If you take a look at some of the pre posts below.. maybe a link to view them, email for info....

Hi and thanks very much.

Probably best if I list the ones I am after:

1992: June, August, November
1993: all
1994: January, May, September, October

I am after the "monthly" ones ie the ones that listed the 4/5 dates fir the month. The months that I have put above are the ones in which most of the dates fell, although eg an "April" flyer might have a date from March or May on it too.

Hope you can help, some of the pics look like ones I don't have, but I can't see the dates on them.

Thanks again


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