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Posted by Wigs ( on 11:40:07 04/November/10

In Reply to: Re: snide rave flyers <prints of rare ones > ebay posted by bdf

As I said before, it s difficult for me to make judgement as I have never bought from this seller. I ve compiled as list of the main comments from my site and here. There is a theory that the simplest answer is usually the correct one........

A number of buyers (serious collectors) have raised concerns about the authenticity.

Seller previously sold the same flyers under a different name on ebay which were suspected of being fake.

The edges on the flyers are slightly raised as if freshly cut & the ink/print is shiny - when compared to other flyers from the same promoter from the same time the print quality is different.

The seller also sells flyer prints on canvas so has the equipment/knowledge & skill to produce good quality copies.

The seller has definitely sold some legitimate flyers in the past.

Pencil lines visible on two edges, like the flyer has been cut from an A4 sheet.

Blu tac marks on the flyer but it has no blu tac.

All flyers were completely mint .

Seller had multiple copies of different rare flyers.

Sellers name has now changed on ebay (again).

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