Re: snide flyers

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Posted by bdf ( on 00:18:05 05/November/10

In Reply to: Re: snide flyers posted by phatdave

: I can't really comment on this guy being legit or not as I never bought any flyers from them. I can only offer advice for what its worth.
: (wasn't this the same guy selling flyers on printed canvas?)
: Anyways, I think as Wigs says its possible both real & repro'd flyers were being sold by the same seller.
: I only say this after reading the mixed reaction from peeps that have bought flyers from them, but Id hate to accuse anyone without having proof of my own....

true ive seen his canvas stuff its good but not brill if his fusion flyer/canvas image used on ebay probably no longer available cavases defo lacked detail and colour

think the easiest way to check flyers kosher if you own lap top is to tilt sreen forward as far as it goes when viewing image if flyer as been scanned under stanard room light or better still by lamp light and just reflect room light of screen and see what happens your be amazed if you havent tried before and then watch those babies glow got to be honset the flyers i brought are also glowing esp kaliedescope/biology/midsummers even the sunrise 1000 is glowing interesing way to view flyers as you can see how ink runs into the paper esp early white/light coloured printed flyers like looking at flyers prints this can also be done if flyer is handy and held at angle to room light then reflect of flyers face until hologragic effect is seen works on few of mine esp 89 amnesia fun citys /90/91 also makes most flyers glow dont know if this will be any assistence and a way to check if your flyers kosher


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