Re: fake flyers - you all need to read!

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Posted by steve ( on 15:45:04 07/November/10

In Reply to: Re: fake flyers - you all need to read! posted by Wigs

: An interesting read & some nice info on there.
: For me and I would imagine most serious flyer collectors (although I could be wrong) do not collect / buy original flyers for investment purposes. I collect because 'rave' culture paid an important part of my life. My dad was avid collector of football programs / stamps / first day covers etc etc.. so I guess I caught the collecting bug from him (although this only energed a couple of years back).
: Do I want an original flyer, yes of course.. what would the point be of owning a copy.. the whole point for me about collecting is having the item that was produced at the time for that specfic event. Yes, they only cost a small amount to print at the time, but if they are now hard to obtain they are worth more to me as a collector because I want it and it will be worth as much as me or another bidder is willing to pay.
: Your point about them all being fakes, well from an art point of view.. fair enough.. but I'm not so interested in the art, I'm interested in the flyer and what it represents. So a reprint of a flyer is well just a fake flyer..
: Will my collection be worth anything in the future? I doubt it and don't care, but as I said, for me it has nothing to do with monetary worth.
: I agree that if anyone is buying flyers for future investment they are almost certainly in the wrong game.

good post. you raise a fair point Jon and i agree with what your saying about image infringement and authenticity - your right. but i think Wigs is right and flyers wont have any real value outside of rave culture - just amongst ravers, i suppose if i take your point, then people are creating a false market price for something that doesn't have true credentials and originality, but i bet you'd get ravers prepared to pay good money for say 1989 2000ad flyer, but because its got an image nicked from artist Rodney Matthews [I checked what you said] then because of this, its not a legitimate, original flyer piece beyond rave circles. but just checking through some of those artists, against rave flyers i recognise, there was a lot of it going on by promoters. i guess they just got away with it and cheaper than paying someone to put a flyer together and paying for someone like pez i suppose. steve

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