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Posted by lew ( on 22:48:59 09/November/10

In Reply to: Re: fake flyers - you all need to read! posted by Higguz

you cheeky. daz is it ! they werent fakes. they were simply prints. i meant was i never bought a suspected copy/print when it should be real. that better for ya ! is that better for ya !!!!! is it ?

f.y.i. A fake is something your trying to pass off as real. and just to correct you higgz. itsallaboutflyers scans are too low resolution to print. and never lifted as you say any stuff that is good enough to print from wigs. pritty nice of wigs to share his stuff thou aye higgz. even if they are low rez. how dare you say i lift/steal anything. to be fair, pritty asshole of you to assume so much and post it.

brings me to another topic. lifting flyers. let me ask you something higgz. do you own the copyright ? if someone puts stuff online unwatermarked id say thats generous of them and cool and nobody actually lifts.steals as u have there permission. its called sharing. so dont imply i lift shit when u dont have a clue man what i have and from where. alright bud !

: Never heard of fake flyers!! You were selling copies (to be fair you did say they were copies/reprints) on ebay of flyers using scans that you lifted from Its All About Flyers.
: : : Excellent summary Weed. It seems this is the debate that just keeps on and on and on....
: : :
: :
: : clever reply there weed. pissed on the dude fire quite nice. can see u got a high i.q. i tend to agree all with ya. i think flyers are alot rarer than people think. specially pre 91. if rave cave werent about, or paybacktime, ebay would be a pritty poor market. decent stuff harder to get. my reasons for collecting are for art and knowledge too. fav is art created for the rave and not pilfered art like boris.
: :
: : i gave neal a few spare prints i had done for myself. i dont think i gave him any sunrise. or energy ! im sure he didnt flog em and does have geniune stuff. ive had some off him. is all been original.
: : I know the dude. hes alright. honest.
: : if anything im sure hed refund anyone not happy.
: : anyways,
: :
: : I did some prints for myself. mostly of art i cant get. I had some spares. gave some spares as gifts only. didnt have spares to make money or sell. just swap or gifts. other than my own prints i never heard of fake flyers. i dont think neals are fakes. i would be surprised anyways. if they are.

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