Second summer of love, '88 and '89

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Posted by Francesca Harris ( on 22:43:51 07/December/10

Hi all,

I'm a third year photography student doing a project on the second summer of love. I'm going to photograph landscapes of some of the places; fields and warehouses, where the raves happened in those two years. I'm mainly interested in the big players or the raves that people unanimously agree were amazing! I'm thinking Energy, Sunrise, World Dance, and also smaller things like Labrynth, Shoom etc. I've been able to find vague descriptions of the places but without exact locations. As I was not around myself I wouldn't know what to look for if I turned up in the areas! If anyone can help me I'd love to hear from them. My project deadline is looming now and I need to shoot asap. You can get touch with me via my email address or on 07793417635. Thank you :)



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