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Posted by Weed ( on 08:01:23 13/January/11

In Reply to: Ny Sushi posted by rosco

: I am after the ''coming to Sheffield'' flyer, I think it was a summer ski village event. Any joy just hit me up

hi rosco -- sorry i don't have spare of this, but wondered whether you could help with id
there's 2 NY Sushi "Come To Sheffield" flyers in price guide (18 Jun and 20 Aug), both with the same pic
info came from eBay sales, so may be wrong
do you know if there's just the one flyer, and if so which is the right date?
and do you know for certain what year this was?


(i checked beach's site, cos i think he's into Designers Republic but i couldn't see any Sushi flyers there)

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